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									Does Your Parking Lot Look Busy? Your Prospects are Watching

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What's even funnier is that the food at those places isn't even great,
but I keep thinking I must be missing something since so many other
people like it!

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Twice a week I go to a great little massage place in the neighborhood,
and right next door is a tiny Indian restaurant. The food always smells
delicious when I walk by, and the owner excitedly waves at passersby. But
there's a reason why I've never gone in and given it a chance...

The restaurant is always empty!

When I walk by, I always think, "Hmm, maybe I'll try that place for
takeout one night." But in five years I never have. I always end up going
two doors down to the bustling Chinese place or the sushi place with the
line out the door - even though I have to usually wait 20 minutes for my
food to be ready.

What's even funnier is that the food at those places isn't even great,
but I keep thinking I must be missing something since so many other
people like it!
The saying is true... no one wants to eat at a restaurant where there are
no cards parked outside.

We all go by the feeling of "safety in numbers" and look for what some
people call "social proof" that something is good or works before we try
This is why it's extremely important to use testimonials on your website,
brochures, and marketing materials, and even in your talks and
And it's even MORE important for people like us whose businesses don't
have parking lots. It's up to US to show prospects they won't be the
first person ever to hire us or buy our products!

Simple idea, yes, but many people forget to use it in their marketing.
(Even I forget sometimes, too.) But it's extremely important. Whether
conscious or subconscious, seeing testimonials for a product or service
makes us feel "safe" when deciding to buy.

But please remember the big difference between a good testimonial and a
lame one. Let's look at two examples:
Example 1: "I've really enjoyed being a part of Alexandria Brown's Gold
Mastermind program and have found it great value for the money." - E.B.
This one's all right, says nice things, and gives the person's initials.
Problem is, there are no actual *results* shared here, and using
initials-only leaves doubt about the authenticity of the testimonial.

Example 2: (and a real one, too!): "Since joining Alexandria Brown's Gold
& Platinum Mastermind programs last year, I've doubled my revenues and
can directly attribute at least $100,000.00 to her ideas and advice.
Believe me, you WANT to be a part of this exceptional group of
entrepreneurs!" -- Christine Kloser, Founder of "The Conscious Business
Circle", Red Lion, Pa., www.ConsciousBusinessCircle.com

Now, let's look at the second one. Much more effective because it's
results oriented. That is, it shares actual results the client/customer
has gotten. Do whatever you can to include numbers, dollar amounts,
and/or percentages -- these will grab your prospect's attention, let them
know this is the real deal, and dramatically increase your response.

Also, the more information you provide about your clients and customers,
the more believable and effective their testimonials will be. Include
full name, occupation or company name, city and state they're from, web
address (if applicable), and a PHOTO. (Even a poor photo, if that's all
they have. It's important to make them REAL to your reader.)

If you're in a sensitive industry and clients don't want their names
revealed, then share as much as you can about them otherwise. For
example, "-- female Fox News executive, 38, Studio City, Calif." While
it's not as good as giving their names, it's better than nothing.

And remember, one of the best things about using testimonials is it's
much more effective for your clients and customers to rave about YOU than
for you to rave about yourself. So let them "rave" and have fun with it!

BONUS TIP: Use Testimonials to Address Common Objections

If you really want testimonials to dramatically improve your response,
make a list of the common objections your prospects usually have to
buying your products or services. And then have at least one testimonial
that addresses each. For example, when I first started selling my Boost
Business with Your Own <a href="http://www.ezinequeen.com/">online
newsletter</a> system, I learned that some folks weren't buying it
because they thought they needed a website to get started. So I found a
success story from one of my customers who had used the system and never
even had a real website. And we created a testimonial that made sure to
share that fact.

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