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									Wall Plugs
Wall plugs essentially come in 4 sizes and colours. You will see
various grey and other coloured plugs on the market and each have a
job to do, but for the purposes of assisting you in getting a good fixing
to a brick, block or concrete wall or ceiling, we will just deal with the 4
major ones.
• Yellow
• Red
• Brown
• Blue

                  Yellow plugs fit into holes made by a 5mm drill bit
                  and are for screw sizes 4 – 8.

                  Red wall plugs fit into a hole made by a 6mm drill bit
                  and are for screw sizes 6 - 10

                  Brown wall plugs fit into a hole made by a 7mm drill
                  bit and are for screw sizes 10 - 14

                  Blue wall plugs fit into a hole made by a 10mm drill bit
                  and are for screw sizes 14 - 18
Fixing to Plasterboard
In order to fix to plasterboard you need one of the following:

                  This is called the Redrive. It is the strongest of all
plasterboard      fixings.

                  Next comes the hollow wall anchor. Again used
                  individually these are not ideal for fixing heavy
                  objects but as with the toggle shown next and the
                  spring toggle below, anything that creates a pulling
                  effect from the wall is ideally held at the top with

Toggle Wall plug

                  This is inserted (8mm hole for a medium toggle but
                  always read the hole size on the packet first.)
                  through a pre-drilled hole after squashing it flat.
                  When a screw is inserted it goes through the hole in
                  the back of the fixing and as you screw it, it pulls the
                  back up to squeeze the fitting against the back of
                  the plasterboard.

                  Once again anything can be screwed to the wall
                  now. This fitting is also very strong but, if used on its
                  own, heavy items can tend to "tilt" the actual fixing
                  in its hole and while they will not fall off, can
                  become a little loose after a while. Ideal for shelf
                  brackets which create a pulling force from the wall
                  as well as a weight force downwards.
Fixings for lighter loads
Below are fixings used for picture frames, dado rails and general
lightweight duties.

                 Gold hammer in fixing medium load bearing

                 Plastic high load bearing plug

                 Plastic wall plug medium/low load bearing

Screw sizes
Screws come in all shapes and sizes. The larger the number of the
screw, the larger the diameter.

 For example a number 8 screw is smaller than a number 10. 10 is
the gauge number of the screw and is measured using the head of
the screw rather than the diameter of the shaft. Numbers 8 and 10
are the most popular screw sizes and suitable for most fixings at

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