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                                                                                   Flex-C-Ment™ Wall Mix-G
Product Name                                                   PRECAUTIONS
Flex-C-Ment™ Wall Mix-G                                        IMPORTANT! READ      BEFORE   USING.
Size: 50 lb bags
                                                               This product contains portland cement. Contact with
Manufacturer                                                   cement, freshly mixed concrete, or mortar can cause severe
Yoder & Sons LLC                                               burns. Avoid direct contact with skin. Wash skin exposed
1810-1 E. Poinsett St. Ext.                                    to freshly mixed concrete or mortar directly or through
Greer, SC 29651                                                soaked clothing promptly. If this product burns your skin,
(864) 877-3111                                                 see a physician immediately.
Fax: (864) 877-2794
www.flex-c-ment.com                                            If this product should contact eyes, immediately flush with
                                                               water and consult a physician.
Flex-C-Ment™ Wall Mix-G is a lightweight product               This product may contain silica. Silica dust if inhaled may
specially formulated to support the rock textures and          cause respiratory or other health problems. Prolonged
other designs with incredible thickness on vertical            inhalation may cause delayed lung injury, including silicosis
surfaces.                                                      and possibly cancer.

Installation                                                   Dust mask, eye protection and rubber boots and gloves
    • Apply only to clean surfaces.                            are recommended when using this product.
             o For each bag of Wall Mix-G, add approx          KEEP   OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

               1 ¼ gallons of mixed Flex-C-Ment™
               Modifier                                        Manufacturer’s Warranty
             o After adding mixed Flex-C-Ment™                 The data, statements and recommendations herein are the
               Modifier, add water until desired               results of tests we believe to be accurate and reliable, but
               consistency is achieved                         do not constitute a warranty, expressed nor implied.
    • HAND MIXING:                                             Installer assumes all liability for the use of this product and
             o Empty bags into a suitable mixing               must use their own information and testing to evaluate its
               container                                       proper use for the desired result.
             o For each bag of Wall Mix-G, add approx          It shall be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer/seller
               1 ¼ gallons of mixed Flex-C-Ment™               to replace that portion of this product which proves
               Modifier                                        defective during the three year period following it’s purchase,
             o Work the mix with a shovel, rake or hoe         and neither shall be liable to buyer or to any third person
               and add water as needed until desired           for injury, direct or indirect loss, or damage related to this
               consistency is achieved                         product.
             o Be sure all material is wet                     Statements and recommendations are binding upon the
             o Do not leave standing puddles                   manufacturer/seller only when in writing and properly
                                                               signed by an officer of the manufacturer.

          Yoder & Sons LLC 1810-1 E. Poinsett St. Ext. Greer, SC 29651 Ph: (864) 877-3111 Fax: (864)877-2794

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