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					South Aust Trade                                                                                                          Directory 2009

         ot all regions in Australia are served equally in some                 than you might think, with abundant enthusiasm and experience to
         industries, including the automotive trades. People outside            look after your car, prepare vehicles for competition or give resto
         urban areas in particular may feel slightly marginalised               projects a boost. Some businesses are generalists with diverse
when seeking specialist help on restoration and repair work.                    staff who can save you searching for help on every detail, while
Therefore, it╒s worth finding out what just what is available before            some have specialised knowledge beyond the others' experience.
travelling long distances or deciding to look interstate. Fortunately,          Read through the listings in your state to find the services, products
South Australia has more expert businesses, services and suppliers              and advice you need.

14 Nightingale Avenue, Magill SA 5072
T 08 8364 4988 F 08 8361 3553
Leyland really didn't appreciate what they had in the V8 powered MGB. However Adrian Akhurst
of the MG Adelaide Workshop certainly does. Adrian's business offers a full restoration service,
V8 conversion and upgrades to the MGB. He also manufacturers a RHD dash for the B and
carries rubber bumper front and rear Sebring replacement panels. Adrian's interests just don't
finish there as he has also restored and set up a Falcon Sprint for historic racing and restored
an Elfin Clubman.

                                                  A CLASS METAL FINISHERS
                                                  6 Waddikee Road, Lonsdale SA 5160
                                                  08 8384 4331 F 08 8384 4266
                                                   Brothers Greg, Phil and Rod Wood of A Class Metal Finishers provide high quality chrome and nickel
                                                   restoration for classic, vintage and other vehicles. The business is quality assured and has earned a
                                                   reputation for quality work. Many customers have become show winners including Ron Tebby's GTHO 03
                                                   "Vermillion Fire" (pictured). Ron says without a doubt A Class provides an exemplary standard of highest
                                                   quality chrome work. A Class also provides quality chrome plating, polishing and other services to
                                                   manufacturers and motorcycle restorers. A Class has earned a top reputation among auto restorers
Australia wide and services customers across the nation. We can provide a good chrome job or right up to the "Concourse" quality. Metal finishing is a
unique and rare skill. A Class have preserved and developed the 'art' over many years. Services include chrome restoration, metal stripping and polishing
repairs, dent knocking and spray finishing. Other plating services are also available.

                                                                                                                                                                                            sistemi elettronici

                                                                                                                                                                                             ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS

Units 7/8 - 95 Osullivans Beach Road, Lonsdale SA 5160
                                                                                                                                                     IL PRIMO CENTRO ELETTRONICO DI DIAGNOSI... E NON SOLO.
                                                                                                                                                     THE FIRST ELECTRONIC CENTRE OF DIAGNOSIS... AND NOT ONLY THIS.     2.01

T 08 8186 3066 F 08 8186 3055

                                                                                                                              DIAGNOSI - DIAGNOSIS
They have been operating in Adelaide servicing the trade, crash and insurance industry and private
sector for the last 14 years. The business was established by both Tony and Warren in 1995, however
both have been involved in specialised underbody repairs for their entire working lives - Warren has 33
years experience and Tony has 25 years. They both are passionate about classic cars - Tony is a
                                                                                                   DIAGNOSI - DIAGNOSIS

member of the FJ Car Club and Warren is a member of the FB-EK Holden Car Club. Being specialists
and in demand, they have the luxury of choosing their clientel. Most weeks they accept 1 or 2 vehicles
that they can dedicate their time to over and above their general work load - for example they had a
39 Chev Hotrod in their workshop which required final setting up and safety checks prior to registration. They often have something unusual in their
workshop - whether it is a speedway/race vehicle, a variety bash car, an off road vehicle such as an Iveco or someone's restoration project. They do this on
top of the 30 or so vehicles that pass through their workshop doors on a weekly basis. Their workshop is fully equipped and they are preferred repairers and
suppliers for insurance companies such as the IAG Group, RAA, Allianz, Just Car, Ansvar, Lumley and Cuna. They also work for many of South Australia's
crash repairers, mechanical workshops and underbody specialists. Most of their work comes via referral. They only accept work from those who either make
the time and effort to come to us or have been referred through someone that we may have dealt with in the past. We've never professed to be cheap nor
highly competitive as the price shouldn't even come into the equation when it comes to the safety and well being of any and all road users, particularly
when you're talking steering and suspension.

                                                      ADELAIDE HILLS PANEL WORKS
                                                      11-15 Woodside Road, Nairne SA 5252
                                                      T 08 8388 0755 F 08 8388 0766
                                                      Robert Ephgrave and Ian Lock have been working in the industry for the past 27 years. They restore
                                                      custom/street rod, classic and muscle car restorations, modern classic restorations, vintage/veteran
                                                      restorations, modified and performance cars, vintage anc classic motorsport vehicles and exotic car
                                                      restorations. They do part restorations through to complete restorations with full seam and spot
                                                      welding, rotisserie restorations, double sided rust repair, lead wiping and panel fabrication.Digital
                                                      images of all work provided. They are a member of the MTA.
SA trADe Directory 2009
 Australia Wide
 T 1300 797 003
 For expert advice on all your radiator and air conditioning needs. Specialising in a wide range
 of makes and models.

                                                        AMERICAN HEMI SPEED CENTRE
                                                        PO Box 1505, Willaston SA 5118
                                                        T 08 8523 4392 08 8522 7607
                                                        What started out as a hobby for owner Rob Thompson, has grown into a thriving business over the
                                                        past 13 years. Rob imports V8 hemi engines, cars and parts from the USA, specialising in Chrysler,
                                                        Dodge, Desoto V8 hemi engines and parts to suit. they cater for hemi engines from 1951 to 1969.
                                                        They also import cars, parts and restoration items from the USA. They also import boats, race cars
                                                        and drag cars to Australia.

 10 Langford Street, Pooraka SA 5095
 T 08 8349 8311 F 08 8349 8421 or
 Auto Tranz Diff Parts Pty Ltd has been one of Australia's leading suppliers of spare parts to the
 transmission, power steering and differential repair industry for the past 20 years. They stock a
 comprehensive range of parts dating back from 1935 to the current year. Parts available for AMC Motors,
 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, Ford, Imperial, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile,
 Plymouth, Pontiac, Studebaker. They specialise in automatic transmission parts; manual transmission
 parts; differential and axle components & power steering parts.

                                                             BEVEN D YOUNG
                                                             68 Somers Street, North Brighton SA 5048
                                                             T 08 8298 5548, mob 0411 287052 F 08 8376 0296
                                                             Beven Young stocks a comprehensive catalogue of automotive, karting and motorcycle books
                                                             and software. Retail, mail order and internet sales are welcomed. His Susprog3d suspension
                                                             software is a kinematic automotive suspension design and analysis tool for road and track
                                                             suspensions. Download the free evaluation program from the website or request it on CD. Mota
                                                             V6.10 2 stroke engine simulation software offers millions of tuning variations.

 PO Box 187, Welland SA 5007
 T 08 8346 9838 F 08 8340 9898
 Classic Fasteners have been trading 15 years, with Leanne and Derek Milne as
 managers for 5 years after first working on motorcycle restorations. From an
 extensive range of fastener products, BSF and cycle threads and raised head trim
 screws are specialties. Most fasteners restorers are likely to need can be found
 here ╨ from nuts, bolts and washers to trim screws, Veltex and Tenax fasteners with
 available finishes including silver, zinc, chrome, satin chrome and stainless steel.
 They stock thread types to suit British, American and European vehicles with 2, 3
 or 4 wheels, complemented by taps, dies, recoil kits drills and spanners. Their catalogue is supplied free.

                                                    CLASSIC & VINTAGE BULBS
                                                    82 Cumming Street, Blackwood SA 5051
                                                    T/F 08 8278 4393
                                                    You would need quite a few light bulbs and lights if you have MGs. So thought Anthony Pearson when he
                                                    started Classic & Vintage Bulbs just over eight years ago. Now Anthony specialises in the production of
                                                    all types of Halogen bulbs for classic and vintage cars from the 1920s to the 1970s. He also supplies
                                                    Lucas spotlights and accessories as well as carrying a large range of six-volt bulbs and flasher units.
                                                    Anthony also offers a rebuild service on Lucas indicator switches and headlamps.
SA trADe Directory 2009
45 Gardiner Street, Goolwa SA 5214
T 08 8555 3338
Michael Finnis has up to 45 classic cars on display manufactured from 1920 to 1970 - from Goggo's
and Zetas to E37 RT chargers, pacers XK Jaguars and Packhards. Michael found an E38 Bathurst
Charger and 34 straight 8 Hudson 6 wheel equipped coupe in sheds. Both of these are now owned by
Clem Smith, the owner of the Mallala Race Circuit.

                                                   FISHER PERFORMANCE EXHAUST AND DYNO
                                                   12 Elm Street, Hampstead Gardens SA 5086
                                                   T 08 8261 3922 F 08 8367 9613
                                                   Fisher Performance is the leader in performance exhaust systems and dyno tuning. They have qualified
                                                   mechanics taking the best possible care with your pride and joy. They are the one stop performance shop
                                                   - servicing, dyno tuning, exhaust, suspension, air conditioning, brakes and now tyre and wheel
                                                   packages. If you want the best you know they will give you the best. Fishers has been trading for over 60
                                                   years and know what their talking about. Don't get fooled by fly by night shops, trust in them - they offer
                                                   the best quality and prices hands down. A more complex list of services can be found under products
                                                   and services on this site. Discounts are offered to car club members of up to 25%.

Unit 1a/135 Mooringe Avenue, Camden Park SA 5038
T 08 8295 2822 F 08 8294 2665
Starting in 1972 as a small plating shop, this business has become a leading industrial chrome plating
shop in SA, servicing companies Australia wide. Cylindrical grinding and finishing are also available.
These combined services assist a wide range of industries from earthmoving and mining to motor
vehicles and aircraft. Both corporate and individual customers receive the same high level of service
and a quick turnaround on their jobs.

                                                   JP PISTONS
                                                   25-33 Innes Road, Windsor Gardens SA 5087
                                                   T 08 8261 7222 F 08 8261 9171
                                                   JP Pistons make pistons for almost all makes of British and European cars and motorcycles as well as
                                                   the most popular American Cars. They not only sell to the Australian market but to the UK, Europe and
                                                   North America. Should you need to raise the compression slightly in your vehicle or are rebuilding a
                                                   specialised engine, or have some other piston requirements, JP Pistons can help.

356 Torrens Road, Kilkenny SA 5009
T 08 8268 7303 F 08 8268 5712
For more than 30 years Gerard Miller has been restoring motor vehicles of all makes and models.
Recently with his team of 8 staff they have built bodies to client specifications for Alfa, Chrysler
Special, Morgan, Riley Special. They also undertake extensive insurance accident damage repairs
bringing vehicles to better than prior accident condition.

                               MOTOR RADIATORS - ADELAIDE
                               15-19 Halifax Street, PO Box 6146, Adelaide SA 5000
                               T 08 8231 6256, 131723 F 08 8231 9236,
                               Trevor Story is passionate about radiators. He rebuilds, repairs and recores rads of all types and for all vehicles. He'll
                               custom build in either brass or aluminium and also repair petrol tanks - nothing is too much trouble. A new product is the
                               bush buddy, an on-vehicle hot water system for camping shower facilities.
SA trADe Directory 2009
                                                    NEIL PERRIN OIL COLLECTABLES
                                                    PO Box 165, Fullarton SA 5063
                                                    T 08 8271 4313 F 08 8271 3497
                                                    Classic car enthusiasts' collections can be fascinating and, fortunately, Neil Perrin is able to supply
                                                    petrol bowser globes, decals, parts and literature to the many collectors in Australia. He regularly
                                                    attends automotive swap meets across South Australia as well as major National swap meets, looking
                                                    for elusive parts or components. His clients include state and specialist museums, theme restaurants,
                                                    clubs and private collectors.

 24 William Street, Beverley SA 5009
 T 08 8345 0707 F 08 8345 0707
 Rad Rides specialises in restoration of paint, panel and resprays. Rad Rides are a small team who focus
 on one job at a time whilst providing flexibility to suit their customers' budget. Your car will stand out
 from the crowd with their attention to detail and quality workmanship.

                                                                          RAINSFORD COLLECTABLE CARS
                                                                          96 Richmond Road, Keswick SA 5035
                                                                          T 08 8293 3191 F 08 8293 8452
                                                                          Garry Rainsford opened his veteran, vintage and classic vehicle and sports car
                                                                          dealership four years ago with over 30 years of experience in car sales and a
 lifetime devoted to older vehicles. He is always buying and selling vehicles, and runs the business himself without extra staff. He and his wife belong to
 the Sporting Car Club and Bentley Drivers Club and Garry competes in local hillclimbs.

 384 South Road, Richmond SA 5033
 T 08 8354 0900 F 08 8354 1888
 Andrew and Pat Heywood have been in the spare part supply business for over
 eighteen years and now proudly say that they offer a unique and comprehensive
 service to customers. They can assist in taking their customers restoration projects from a basket case to a show winner. From mechanical parts to rubber
 components to trim pieces, all can be supplied by the Restorers Hotline. Andrew and Pat are the Rare Spares outlet for Adelaide. They can also help the
 model collector and now carry a huge range of collectable models from Biante, AutoArt, Minichamps, Exoto, Ertl, Hot Wheels and others.

                                                    RUBBER SEALS AUSTRALIA
                                                    384 South Road, Richmond SA 5033
                                                    T 08 8351 9999 F 08 8354 1888
                                                    For over seven years Andrew Heywood and Richard Schneider have been manufacturing automotive
                                                    rubber in South Australia. They also manufacture specially made screen seals on a one-off nature and
                                                    custom fits for the most obscure of classic cars. Both Andrew and Richard are avid participants of
                                                    classic car shows and events throughout the state.

 41 Lindsay Road, Lonsdale SA 5160
 T 08 8322 5200 F 08 8322 1319
 Mark Webster has been operating Southern Powder Coaters for 16 years. They offer a green and cheap
 way to coat metal. With their sand blasting, priming and powder coating service, old car parts are
 brought back to near new condition. They have specialised coatings for mag wheels to give them that
 unique look. Offering fast turnaround and a large colour selection, quality and service is their trademark.
 Discounts are available to car club members.
SA trADe Directory 2009

22 Tania Avenue, Windsor Gardens SA 5087
T 08 8369 1233 F 08 8369 1230
If you're in South Australia and you need help with your Volkswagen, Volks Care of
Windsor Gardens is worth visiting. Robert Johanson established Volks Care just over
nineteen years ago and is now deeply concerned with building and reconditioning of
standard and performance engines, standard/close ratio gearboxes, engine ancillaries, 6
to 12 volt conversions, disc brake conversions and IRS conversions - in fact, anything to
do with VWs. Robert states, "If you care - we care."

                                                                     WILLSHIRE MOTOR TRIMMERS
                                                                     466 South Road Marleston SA 5033
                                                                     T 08 8292 2500 F 08 8292 2555
                                                                     At this trimmer's shop you can access the full range of trimming services, from
                                                                     leather and cloth trim and seat frame repairs to floor carpets, race seats, tonneau
                                                                     covers and child accessories. Customised items like cargo barriers, aircon curtains
                                                                     and fitted seat covers are also available and you can even add extra seats to your
                                                                     van or wagon. Special services are provided for disability access equipment. All staff
                                                                     are qualified to cater to your requirements.

516 Greenhill Road, Hazelwood Park SA 5066
M 0419 213 971
David Bion's passion for Jaguars got him involved in the business 5 years ago.
He is a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club of SA. David is a stockist of used
panels, mechanical components and trim and accessories for E-types. He is also
able to source parts for E-types and XK models. New parts are available to order.

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