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									Non Fiction for all ages

nOn FiCTiOn FOR ALL AGES                                                  Cartoon dave’s Fab Face Freak-out f
                                                                          Cartoon Dave returns with a new cartooning challenge: From
aleXander, StePhanie                                                      Prince Charles to our very own Guy Sebastian, and even
Kitchen garden Cooking with Kids f                                        your best friend, get your pencils ready to create your own
Stephanie Alexander’s philosophy is that there is no such thing           amazing drawings of the world’s most fabulous faces! This is
as special food for children: if food is good, everyone will enjoy it     an interactive drawing book that gives a step-by-step guide to
regardless of age. Here are 120 recipes with simple instructions,         creating your own cartoons and caricatures.
a colourful layout and lots of fast, fun facts. And while these           6+     48pp       9780143302896       $16.95
recipes can be made by a couple of eight-year-olds in aprons
– with a bit of adult supervision – the dishes are anything but
standard kids’ fare. Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids also
                                                                          Martin, SaM
tells the story behind the recipes of the Kitchen Garden at               the Curious Boys’ Book of adventure f
Collingwood College, which Stephanie set up in 2001 in the                With step-by-step illustrated instructions and detailed lists
grounds of a large inner-city school. The program has given               of equipment, this book is a journey into the dangerous and
hundreds of primary-school children the opportunity to plant,             courageous art of boyhood adventures. Learn how to skim
grow, harvest, cook and eat the very best kind of food – freshly          stones, throw a boomerang and build a raft, or get out your
grown, organic, unprocessed and delicious.                                science kit and grow your own crystals, or make creepy
                                                                          slime. With 100 things to do from camping and outdoor skills
8+     256pp       9781920989491          $45.00
                                                                          to science experiments – there’s something for everyone!
                                                                          10+    160pp      9780670071562       $24.95
FreeMan, Cathy
Born to run – My Stor y f j
                                                                          the Curious Boys’ Book of discover y f
When Cathy Freeman won a gold medal at the Sydney
Olympics, she became an Australian champion. Everyone                     With step-by-step illustrated instructions and detailed lists
knew her name. But she wasn’t always famous. When she                     of equipment, this book is full of exciting and fascinating
was growing up in Mackay in Queensland, she felt just                     experiments. Make models, be a detective, use chemistry
like everyone else. So how did she get to become one of                   to turn an egg into a mirror, or impress your friends with
Australia’s best-ever athletes? In her own words, Cathy tells             matchstick magic and flying teabags! With 100 things to do
the story of her amazing life. This is a book for anyone who              for every budding scientist or magician – there’s something
has the courage to follow their dreams.                                   for everyone!

8+     156pp       9780143302384          $17.95                          10+    160pp      9780670071555       $24.95

gillMan, Claire                                                           MortenSon, greg
the Curious girls’ Book of adventure f                                    three Cups of tea: young readers’ edition f
This beautifully illustrated book is a delightful compendium of           Failing in an attempt to climb K2 (Pakistan), Greg Mortenson
crafts and outdoor larks for adventurous girls. With step-by-             became lost. He wandered into a poor village and was
step instructions and detailed equipment lists, you can learn             restored, physically and emotionally, by the generosity of the
the basics of various sports, make your own beauty products,              villagers. The experience drove him to start a program of
or craft beautiful gifts for family and friends. Packed full of           building schools in recompense; this is the true story of Greg
100 fun projects and games for active and curious minds of                scaling and conquering that social mountain.
all ages, this is a girl’s guide to exciting adventures all year round.   12+    224pp      9780143304630       $16.95
10+    160pp       9780670072149          $24.95
                                                                          duBoSarSKy, urSula
haCKett, daVe                                                             the Word Spy f j
Cartoon dave’s no rules Cartooning f                                      Illus. Tohby Riddle
                                                                          Want to know a secret? Then let me introduce you to the
Would you like to create thousands of your own cool cartoon
                                                                          Word Spy, because has she got some secrets for you! Since
characters? Well, get ready to grab your pencils and dive
                                                                          the beginning of time, the Word Spy has been unravelling the
right in, because TV’s Cartoon Dave is here to share some
                                                                          secrets of the English language. She shares her discoveries
of the best tips, techniques and trade secrets on the planet!
                                                                          about the alphabet, punctuation, Pig Latin and more. Plus,
Dave’s No-Rules approach to cartooning will have you
                                                                          there are cartoons, riddles and a special code to solve along
creating all the characters you could ever imagine.
                                                                          the way.
6+     48pp        9780143501206          $16.95
                                                                          10+    256pp      9780143304487       $19.95


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