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NO 88

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									                                                         SAFETY ALERT
                                                                                        NO. 88
                                                         Issued 22/10/2002 by Mines Inspectorate, Safety and Health
                                                         Northern Regional Office, PO Box 334, MT ISA QLD 4825, Australia
                                                                   Phone +61 (07) 07 4747 2158 Fax: +61 (07) 07 4743 7165

                                                Vision: ‘Our Industries Free of Safety and Health Incidents’
                                        Incorrect Truck Service Manual
MINE TYPE: All Metalliferous Mines Including Quarries
INCIDENT: Uncontrolled movement
EQUIPMENT: Komatsu Haul Truck 830E
HAZARD: Uncontrolled movement
CAUSE: Incorrect service manual
An 830 Haul Truck was brought to the workshop with a “hard steering” fault. After connecting pressure gauges to the
hydraulic system and completing tests, it was determined that the steering pressure was low. This was probably caused
by hydraulic oil leakage in the steering circuit.
Following the instructions from the Komatsu service manual, the fitter then carried out a leakage test on the orbital valve
and the flow amplifier. He then commenced a leakage test on the bleed down manifold. The test as specified in the shop
manual work procedure L10-4 in service manual DG753 was initiated by the fitter who started the machine and left the
cabin to perform the leakage test. As he got to the bottom of the ladder, he heard a crash and noticed the tray of the truck
had come into contact with the workshop roof. The fitter shut the engine down using the ground level emergency stop
and the tray lowered itself under controlled speed without further damage.
During the investigation, it was found that the procedure being followed from the Komatsu workshop manual was
1.- Komatsu Australia Limited to revise procedure and rectify all service manuals currently on site and provide
     advice to operators of 830E’s with relevant serial numbers.

2.- That all mine and quarry operators of Komatsu trucks contact Komatsu Australia Limited to determine that the
   service and maintenance manuals relative to this incident are rectified.

Rob O'Sullivan District Inspector of Mines - Mt Isa
Acting Regional Inspector of Mines - Northern
Contact: Sergio Cespedes ,Inspector of Mines, +61 (07) 4747 2160

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