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									                                                                     Part 8
                                              Having your say and
                                         getting more information

In this section:
8.1   The Community Board
8.2   How does L&Q support different levels of involvement?
8.3   What is L&Q’s hard to reach strategy?
8.4   What is L&Q’s commitment to supporting Tenants’ & Residents’ Associations (TRAs)?
8.5   How has L&Q involved residents in developing the transfer proposals?

     Part 8: Having your say and getting more

     L&Q are committed to involving and supporting residents at every step
     before, during and after transfer. It believes that residents who are involved
     or who feel that they can influence service delivery and improvements will
     help us to create places where people want to live and stay.

     8.1 The community board                                  • Monitoring L&Q’s delivery of the promises
                                                                contained in this Offer Document
     L&Q will work with the Grove Park Steering Group to
     establish a Grove Park Homes Community Board             • Work with L&Q to recruit the right people to
     which will have real teeth and ensure that housing         work in Grove Park
     management services remain accountable to the            • Working with Tenants & Residents Associations in
     residents. The Grove Park Homes Community Board is         line with L&Q’s resident involvement strategy
     a formally constituted body and the main forum
                                                              This list is not exhaustive and may be added to by
     through which L&Q will consult with residents. It will
                                                              mutual agreement between the community board
     represent the interests of local people and will help
                                                              and L&Q.
     L&Q to shape and develop policies and strategy.
                                                              L&Q recognises that serving effectively at community
     L&Q will demonstrate its commitment to the
                                                              board level requires some specialist skills and
     establishment of the community board by ensuring
                                                              commitment and offers a range of training courses to
     that it forms part of the contract between the
                                                              help members develop the skills they need. Examples
     Council and itself called the deed of transfer.
                                                              of training courses are project management, how to
     The steering group in conjunction with L&Q will          manage meetings effectively, time management and
     develop the exact terms of reference and                 computer skills.
     constitution for the community board. The main
                                                              In addition, L&Q will provide:
     responsibilities of the board will be:
                                                              • Support for the shadow board for a period of at
     • Agreeing and reviewing the decent homes and
                                                                least 12 months after the ballot
       general business plan
                                                              • Resources for the servicing of the community board
     • Monitoring L&Q’s performance in delivering the
       housing management and maintenance service             • A budget to ensure the effective working of the
                                                                community board.
     • Agreeing budget priorities on management and
       maintenance                                            Additionally, the community board will:
     • Agreeing delivery programmes                           • Liaise with Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations
     • Setting targets for service standards which reflect      and the Leaseholder Association
       the priorities of residents and local needs            • Be fully accessible to all residents
     • Being involved in selecting contractors for            • Be visible and active in the community
       refurbishment work, standard repair and
       maintenance work
     • Monitoring L&Q’s performance in delivering all
       the works

information                                                                      Grove Park offer document       8
• Encourage participation from those groups and            Grove Park residents are welcome to join.
  individuals who are currently underrepresented in      • Focus groups – one off group where residents
  decision-making forums.                                  are invited to or wish to form a group to focus on
To ensure continuity of governance during the run          specific issues. We have a specific focus group for
up to transfer and during the initial phase of             residents from black or ethnic minority
improvement works, the community board will be             backgrounds.
formed from the existing Grove Park Steering             • Mystery shopping – residents are trained to
Group. The process of formally electing/selecting          observe, experience and test core L&Q services
members to the community board will take place no          with mock customer situations.
later than 12 months after formal transfer.
                                                         • Estate inspection – Individual residents who
                                                           take part in regular estate inspections with staff
8.2 How does L&Q support different                         to identify areas that need improving
levels of involvement?                                   • Residents’ associations – elected and fully
L&Q recognises that residents want to get involved         constituted groups who are representative of their
at many different levels according to their own            area or estate. Members work closely with L&Q
needs and interests. It has a special team                 staff to identify local needs, develop strategies
committed to neighbourhood investment and                  and action plans.
resident participation. It will work with residents in   • L&Q boards and committees – residents who
the following ways :                                       would like to take greater responsibility can
• Individual residents can call or e-mail L&Q or           become involved in one of the L&Q regional
  register their comments using the residents online       boards or committees.
  website www.residentsonline.org.uk or write to
  them at the following address: Neighbourhood           8.3 What is L&Q’s hard to reach
  Investment Team, L&Q Renway House, 36-38
  Artillery Place, London SE18 4AB.
                                                         L&Q are committed to providing services that
• Surveys and questionnaires – residents are
                                                         respond to the needs of all residents, including the
  either randomly selected or targeted to offer
                                                         hard to reach. As part of L&Q’s continuous
  feedback on core L&Q services.
                                                         improvement programme, they are developing and
• Editorial boards – residents can get involved in       refining their strategies for engaging with those
  the production of our divisional newsletters and       residents and residents’ groups who do not
  Homelife, the magazine for all L&Q residents.          traditionally engage with them. These sit alongside
• Forums – meet quarterly with L&Q staff and are         L&Q’s equal opportunities policies and are
  consulted on region wide issues. Regional              collectively designed to ensure they offer accessible
  committees and divisional members are elected          and inclusive services.
  from regional forum.
• Steering groups/panels – an un-constituted
  group usually formed in response to issues
  identified within a specific local area. L&Q has
  recently set up a anti-social behaviour panel and

     L&Q set up the Silwood cybercentre in 2002 to train       8.4 What is L&Q’s commitment to
     and raise the educational levels of its residents. In a   supporting Tenants’ & Residents’
     baseline survey in 2000 it was noted that there were
     low levels of educational attainment and high levels of
                                                               Associations (TRAs)?
     unemployment in Lewisham. L&Q wanted to address           TRAs are really important to tenant involvement in
     this and with the support of L&Q’s neighbourhood          Grove Park. L&Q will continue to support TRAs by
     investment team they began training residents via         providing:
     residents online and the cybercentre. Both worked
                                                               • Training courses to help resident representatives
     with residents who were traditionally regarded as hard
                                                                 acquire the skills and experience they need to
     to reach, such as single parents, people from minority
                                                                 make the most effective contribution
     ethnic groups, long term unemployed, those not in
     education, employment or training, and those on long      • Staff resources to help you take minutes, compile
     term benefits. In collaboration with the local colleges     reports and manage your organisation
     in the borough of Lewisham and Southwark the centre       • An increase in the current grant that Tenants’ and
     has offered a variety of courses to help get local          Residents’ Associations receive. A total of £10,000
     people back into work or further education.                 per year to be shared by TRAs in Grove Park for
     In 2004 the centre became a OCR basic skills                the first 10 years after transfer. After this period
     examination centre and ran various levels of free           the sum will return to current levels of support
     courses to local people throughout the borough.           • Financial help and support for new tenants
     Courses are delivered in playgroups, local primary          associations to get them started
     schools and libraries throughout the borough of           • Community Growth Fund Grants of up to £5,000
     Lewisham. The cybercentre has trained over 2000             for local groups to develop their own projects.
     people and encourages residents to sign up for              There are no limits to the number of times which
     their courses.                                              grants can be applied for
     By providing these different levels of involvement        • Support from L&Q’s Neighbourhood Investment
     L&Q targets hard to reach groups and those who              Unit in developing community initiatives.
     don’t normally get involved. L&Q offers a full
     translation and interpretation service.
     L&Q also works with specialist partners who have
     the right skills to support specific groups of people
     such as black and minority ethnic organisations and
     Help the Aged.

                                                                             Grove Park offer document      8

8.5 How has L&Q involved residents                   • Organised football events and youth bus
in developing the transfer proposals?                • Regular consultation with the Tenants’ and
                                                       Residents’ Associations
L&Q has been listening to residents views and
opinions through a number of consultation events.    • Consulted with leaseholders group
L&Q has already:                                     • Consulted with other community groups.
• Met regularly with the Grove Park Steering Group   If tenants vote in favour of transfer L&Q will
• Held sub-group meetings with the Grove Park        continue to listen to and work with residents after
  Steering Group to discuss specific issues          the ballot period so that they are able to start the
• Created two show homes to demonstrate              refurbishment work quickly after the transfer has
  the improvements they will carry out               been completed.

• Distributed two DVDs of the improvements
  for all residents
• Held open days and exhibitions to meet
  and listen to residents
• Produced posters and leaflets informing
  residents of the improvements
• Knocked on hundreds of doors to speak
  to individual residents
• Organised table top events
• Organised walks around the area with
  architects and key L&Q staff
• Organised an over 55s Christmas lunch
• Set up a Grove Park website
• Set up a weekly e-mail bulletin
• Arranged visits to L&Q properties and customer
  services centre


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