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					                                   NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                     25 March 2008

From the Headmaster

Old Boys’ Day
Just over a week ago, the School celebrated Old Boys’ Day, an annual event where past
students, many from the days when the school was located in Havelock Street, return for a
special assembly and lunch-time gathering. Each Old Haleian present is acknowledged at the
assembly whereupon they stand as the names of others from their time at school are read
A visual presentation is shown, including historical photos from the Hale Archives. This year,
Robert Drewe, acclaimed author and School Captain at Hale in 1960, flew from northern
NSW to add his school day memories to the event.

In the Cygnet magazine of 1958 (the School’s centenary year), a remark made by a teacher a
few years earlier was reported. The teacher had said, “There will come a day when the
volume of Old Boys attending a school assembly will leave little room for school students.”
Two hundred and fifteen old boys attended Old Boys Day in the school’s centenary year,
rightfully the largest attendance to that point in time. Last week, nearly 400 turned up and
the statement made by that teacher rang true as two Year groups could not be
accommodated in the Memorial Hall.

In an age where we are always planning for the future and looking forward it is a worthy
exercise to acknowledge those to whom we as current custodians of the values of Hale
School owe a great deal. Whenever I attend Old Haleians’ functions I hear about the history
and the characters of the school. The most common topics of conversation at these
functions invariably revolve around teachers, school mates and sport. Most of the stories
that are told usually end in a plea from me for them not to be re-told within earshot of
current students. But they are always told with passion, with a clarity that at times belies the
age of the teller and with pride no matter whether it involved getting ‘six of the best’, being
caught smoking in the toilets, their tales of admiration for Tom Hoar, Fizz Lutz’ playing of the
piano at school assemblies, the antics of Mac or lifting a certain Deputy Head’s car and
placing it between two trees.

I was reading the history of another school celebrating a significant milestone recently and
was impressed with a report by the School Captain in the 1987 magazine which included the
observation that in his eyes the school could be “distinguished by the number of people who
love it.” That’s a wonderful thing to say about a school but how does it come about? Time,
of course is important. But quantity of life is not enough. Time alone leads to decay. Quality
of life is the essence. The qualities of dedication, service, generosity, care and loyalty
promote the sense of community and sense of belonging that make a school distinguished
“by the number of people who love it”. We only have to look at the number of Old Boys who
attended the assembly, or the disproportionate level of financial support from Old Boys
during fundraising campaigns, or the enthusiasm with which I am grilled about our sporting
results against Aquinas or Christ Church at monthly Old Boys meetings. An enormous
number of Old Boys love this school and it distinguishes us as a school of enduring character.
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

The Inters Swimming
While continuing the theme of Old Boys, it is wonderful to have an Old Haleian Tjad
Dorrington as Head Coach of our school swimming team. A school leaver in 2004, Tjad has
moulded the Hale Swim Squad into one possessing spirit and determination. Over 100 ‘PBs’
were swum on Inters night as they finished 3rd behind Christ Church and Wesley. Highlights
for the team abounded: Ryan Pallas, Tom Enright and the other Year 8s doing so well at their
1st Inters; the Year 9 swimmers hardly losing an event all night; Liam Hughes from Yr 9
swimming in the Open 200m; Harry Garland winning the Open 200m and for me, the
function afterwards where the boys acknowledged the efforts of the teaching and coaching
staff, especially Mrs Pearce and Mr Hunt and the coaches Mel Tantrum and Tjad Dorrington.
The spirit of this team was uplifting and I congratulate all associated with the squad this

Finally, we welcome Jane Wyndham to Hale School as the new Community Relations
Manager. I am sure many of you will get to know her well in the weeks and months ahead
and will enjoy working with her.

With best wishes

Stuart Meade

SIDE BAR - Student Achievements

Alexander Ninkov (Yr 11) has been awarded an Australian Rubgy Union Referee Scholarship
for 2008.

The following boys in Years 8 and 9 have been to Sydney contesting the National club water
polo championships – Tom Enright, Marcus Jockel, Liam Hughes, Morgan Hughes, Nicholas
Hughes, Ryan Atkinson, Jack Webster, Craig Law, Brendan Lim, Adam Birman, Marcus

Rob Harvey (Yr 12) recently won the WA U18 High Jump

The results of the very entertaining interhouse senior Theatre Sports were: 1st – Buntine, 2nd
– Haynes, 3rd – Riley



Wednesday 26 March – Yr 8 PCL Parent/Teacher Interviews continued
Thursday 27 March – Whitgift Cricket Game Yr 9A Craig Oval. 1.00pm
Thursday 27 March – Year 12 Geography Excursion
                                   NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                     25 March 2008

Friday 28 March – Hale vs SC, Year 8 Home, Year 9 Away
Friday 28 March – Year 10 Geography Excursion
Saturday 29 March – Hale v SC Away
Monday 31 March – Year 12 Biology Excursion (all day)
Tuesday 1 April – CareerLink
Tuesday 1 April – Hale Music Photo, John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre, 3.40pm
Wednesday 2 April – Yr 12 Day Boys Parent Teacher Interviews, Memorial Hall, 6.00pm –
Thursday 3 April – Yr 11 Day Boys Parent Teacher Interviews, Memorial Hall, 6.00pm –
Wednesday 2 April – Hale Music Scholars’ Recital, John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre,


Last week, Heads of House distributed to all Year 12 students their Year 11, 2007, Statement
of Results. The Statement of Results is produced by the Curriculum Council and details
students' final school results at the end of Year 11.

Year 11 Statements of Results have been carefully checked, but if an error is found, students
should report this to their Head of House as soon as possible. Boys should retain these
documents, as corrected Statements will not be issued to them unless they are leaving
school. Corrections will be made by the Curriculum Council and added into Year 12
Statements of Results, issued by the CC to all current Year 12 students in December 2008.

For Year 12 subjects, the last date for subject changes is Tuesday 29 April (first day of Term
2). For Year 11 subjects, the last date for subject changes is Friday 9 May. Ideally, subject
changes should occur much earlier than these deadlines because of the requirement to
complete all missed work in the new subjects in which students enroll. All subject changes
should be discussed with Heads of House and must be approved by the Director of

Reports will be completed for all students in Years 8-11 at the end of this term. Term 1
reports are interim reports, intended only to signal matters of concern. Parents of boarders
will be able to collect their son's Term 1 report at Parent-Teacher Interviews on Friday 11
April. Reports for parents of day boys will be posted out during the Term 1 holidays.

Year 12 students will complete a self-assessment report which parents will be asked to
review prior to Parent-Teacher interviews on Wednesday 2 April (day boys) and Friday 11
April (boarders).
                                   NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                     25 March 2008

All students, Years 8-12, will receive a full report at the end of Semester 1.

All Year 12 students will complete a self-assessment report in Weeks 8 and 9, between
Tuesday 25 March and Friday 4 April. They are required to enter results for all subjects so
far, obtain their teachers’ signatures beneath the results for each subject, identify areas of
strength and weakness and set out a brief plan for any needed improvements.

Day boys’ parents are asked to read the self-assessment forms and discuss the contents with
their sons. Heads of House will review each self-assessment and discuss with students and
parents as needed. We ask that parents sign their son’s self-assessment report in the space
provided. The report should be returned to Heads of House by Friday 4 April.

For boarders’ parents, Heads of the Boarding Houses will collect self-assessment reports by
Monday 7 April. Copies of the reports will be available for parents at the Parent-Teacher
Interviews (boarders) on Friday 11 April 1.00-3.30pm and may be collected from the desk by
the Memorial Hall entrance before interviews begin.

Year 12 day boys
6.00pm to 9.00pm on Wednesday 2 April in the Memorial Hall.

Year 11 day boys
6.00pm to 9.00pm on Thursday 3 April in the Memorial Hall.

Years 8 to 12 boarders
1.00-3.30pm on Friday 11 April in the Memorial Hall.
Last day of Term 1. Classes finish at 12.25pm.

Year 10 day boys
6.00pm to 9.00pm on Thursday 1 May in the Memorial Hall.

Year 9 day boys
6.00pm to 9.00pm on Monday 5 May in the Memorial Hall.

Year 8 day boys
6.00pm to 9.00pm on Thursday 15 May in the Memorial Hall.

Information letters and students' appointment sheets have been posted to parents of Year
9, 11 and 12 day boys and boarders in Years 8 to 12. Letters to parents of Year 8 and 10 day
boys will be posted in due course.

There are no formal examinations for students in Years 8 and 9. There will be major
assessments in some subjects, as appropriate.
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

Year 10: Semester 1 examinations are held from Wednesday 18 June until Friday 27 June.

Year 11: Semester 1 examinations are held from Monday 16 June until Friday 27 June.

Year 12: Semester 1 examinations are held from Wednesday 21 May until Friday 30 May.

The ICS Learning Group will conduct a study skills course at Hale School during the Term 1
holidays. The course will consist of two three-hour sessions on consecutive days (Monday 14
and Tuesday 15 April). Two classes are offered: Senior (Years 10, 11 and 12) and Junior
(Years 8 and 9). All enrolments should be made with ICS Learning Group direct. An
enrolment form is included in this newsletter.


Academic Task Force offer Saturday classes for Years 8-12 students at Churchlands and
Rossmoyne SHS. TEE Revision programmes are conducted in the January, April, July and
October school holidays. For details, phone 9317 4421 or visit the website:

TEE Consultants will hold intensive study courses at UWA during the July school holidays
from 7-11 July. Full board accommodation is available in the university residential colleges,
if required. See Mr David Bean to obtain an enrolment form or phone Colin Chinnery on
9387 2106.

TEE Specialists publish study guides which are revised by WA authors at the start of each
year, to keep in-line with current events and changes to the syllabuses as set by the
Curriculum Council. Order online at: or phone TEE Specialists on
0433 434 283.

TEEtotal tutorials for between 4 and 10 students will run during the Term 2 holidays (July)
and the Term 3 holidays (October) at Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont. For details,
phone 9442 1678 or visit the website:

The Curriculum Council can supply past years’ Tertiary Entrance Examination papers and
solutions over the counter at their offices, 27 Walters Drive, Osborne Park 6017. Telephone
9273 6340 for further details or download an order form from the website:

Term 1 ends on FRIDAY 11 APRIL at 12.25pm. Parent-Teacher Interviews for parents of
Years 8 - 12 boarders will take place in the Memorial Hall from 1.00pm - 3.30pm.
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

School commences again on TUESDAY 29 APRIL at 8.35am. All students must attend school
on this day.

In Term 2, all students will be required to wear winter uniform. Blazers are compulsory to
and from school and during Periods 1-3. Year 12 students wear the Cambridge Blue (light
blue) blazer with a long-sleeved white shirt. Years 8-11 students wear the Oxford Blue (dark
blue) blazer with the blue school shirt.

David Bean
Deputy Headmaster
Director of Curriculum


Year 10 & 11 2008: 20 Hours of Community Service


All Year 10 and 11 students who have completed any Community Service hours must now
complete and submit their Community Service records sheet.

Completed records sheets are to be handed in at the Roundhouse where they will be
recorded electronically and securely filed. Students will receive a completed portfolio
detailing their 20 hours of Community Service at the end of Year 12.

Students can register for a variety of Community Service projects through the Hale School
Community Service website.

Upcoming Projects:

       Relay for Life: Volunteers needed to assist with general duties from set-up to pack-
        up on the weekend on 29 and 30 March.
       Australian Surf Life Saving Championships: Volunteers are needed to assist with
        beach duties, rubbish collection, catering, deliveries and other general duties at the
        “Aussies 2008” from 31 March to 7 April.
       WCE Rookie Training Day: West Coast Eagles Football Club is holding a Rookie
        Eagles training day at Hale School on 16 April. Student volunteers are needed as
        team leaders to escort a group of junior Rookie Eagles from one station to the next
        at the training day.
       XII FINA World Master Championships: Volunteers are required to assist with
        various tasks at the swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open
        water swimming events at the Championships from the 15 to 25 April.
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

       Bird Box Project: The National Heritage Trust requires students to participate in a
        research project that investigates and addresses the needs of the local bird
       Wearne Hostel: Year 10 student volunteers are required on Wednesday afternoons
        for Semester 1 to visit the elderly patrons of Wearne Hostel as part of the Student
        Service Learning programme.

Places are limited so register your interest soon!

Don’t forget all Community Service activities must be validated and recorded using the
Community Service record sheet. Spare copies of the record sheets are available at the
Roundhouse or electronically on the Community Service website.

For further information regarding the Community Service Programme, please contact the
coordinator Ms Maureen O’Brien on phone: 9347 9796 or



This year is Hale School’s 150th Anniversary, and an important time for celebration and to
remember our history. Many Old Haleians have been involved in different campaigns of war
over the last century, including one very close to our shores on the infamous Kokoda Track.
Among many activities and events taking place this year, we are gaining expressions of
interest from students to participate in a Kokoda Track walking expedition during the 2008
July school holidays.

One of the greatest treks of the world, the Kokoda Track crosses the Owen Stanley Ranges in
Papua New Guinea. A journey through Australian history, the track stretches 96 kilometres
through what is arguably some of the most rugged and wild jungle in the world. This is a trek
that you can feel proud to say you’ve completed; as a mark of respect to Australian wartime
history, and of course, as a physical challenge.

What’s involved:

        Who:   - A group of around 14 students in Year 11 (2008)
               - Two Hale School staff will accompany the group
        When:- Dates (at this stage) are 6 – 18 July 2008
        Cost: - Hard to say at this stage, though we would like to keep it as close as
               possible to $3,900, inclusive.

More information: visit
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008


In the April School holidays, we are again visiting Vietnam as part of our Student Service
Learning programme. Fifteen Year 12 students, accompanied by Jill Maskiell and Maureen
O’Brien, will be involved in voluntary work at the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in
HCMC and the Hoi An Orphanage in the coastal town of Hoi An. It would be appreciated
greatly if the Hale School community could once again support our visit by donating items
which we can take to Vietnam and distribute to the children. This year we are looking for the
following donations –

Children’s car seats (new)
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Nit lotion
Personal hygiene items
Alcohol hand sanitizer gel

Please leave donations with Wendy Corbitt in Administration. If you have any questions re
our Vietnam visit, please contact Jill Maskiell on 9347 0162.



There has been significant parent interest in the proposed run.

We are currently gaining quotes from various bus companies for the following route:

Starting corner of Ocean Reef Road and Oceanside Prom-Northshore Drive-Whitfords
Avenue-West Coast Drive-Karrinyup Road-West Coast Highway-(Elliot Road-Pearl Parade)-
West Coast Highway-Hale Road-Unwin Avenue.
The run will take approximately 50 minutes departing at 7.25am and leaving Hale at 3.40pm.
It will be the reverse in the afternoon run. Cost is $1.50 per ride ie $3 per day.

The section past St Mary's, as well as straight along West Coast Highway, are currently being

If parents could please pass feedback to Ross Barron on about the
proposed route and if they have siblings that attend St Mary's that may want to use the bus
service. The route is direct as the time added to go off the coastal section will make it an
earlier departure for the first passengers.

                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

When dropping off and picking up your children from school please remember to adhere to
the speed limit of 40 km/h. Speeding in school zones is not only breaking the law, but more
importantly putting at risk the safety of children.


This is just one of the many questions that Paul Dillon from the National Drug and Alcohol
Research Centre in Sydney will be answering when he makes a special visit to Hale School in

Paul will be conducting workshops with some of the boys and discussing the risks involved in
taking drugs and the impact consuming excessive alcohol can have.

Hale School has invited Paul Dillon to also address parents for a special one-night only
presentation. Parents can listen to his expert advice as well as learn about some practical
methods when trying to talk to your children about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

The information evening is free to all parents, however numbers are limited, so you will
need to reserve your place now!

Date:    Monday 12 May 2008
Time:    7.15pm (for a 7.30pm start)
Where:   Auditorium , John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre
RSVP:    Jane Wyndham, Community Relations Manager or 9347



Your public library now offers a very useful range of online services which neatly
complement Hale School Library Services.

Links to these services are provided through the Hale Portal. Simply click on Information

    1. Individual Homework Help

        The City of Stirling Libraries now offer access to homework help through the Library
         website. Students in Years 4 - 12 can link to tutors who can assist them with
         homework and assignments. The tutors are specialists in English, Maths, Science,
         essay writing and research skills, and the service is available from 4.00 – 8.00 pm,
         Monday to Friday. If you'd like more information, go to
                                     NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                       25 March 2008 - you can click on the second dot point to
        view a demonstration of how your tutor works. All you need to have a go today is
        your City of Stirling library card!

All Hale students are eligible to join City of Stirling Libraries. Join online at

       AskNow is a virtual reference service offered by National and State Libraries of
        Australasia (NSLA). Users can submit a question and chat to a librarian who will help
        find high quality information. The chat session is an opportunity for users to learn
        how to find information for themselves. During a session, the librarian can “push”
        websites and other information directly to the user’s computer while chatting.
        Librarians can also initiate a co-browse session with a user, which allows both
        parties to see the same screen.

To begin chatting, fill in the form at

    2. Online databases

The State Library of WA provides access to online databases licensed under a state-wide
agreement and available for use from home using your Western Australian public library
membership card number.
Individual public libraries provide their members with access to even more databases. See
Cambridge Library for instance


Medical Information Updates:
A reminder to Parents that any changes or updates in your son’s medical history or
prescribed medication, should be forwarded to the Health Centre in writing.

Head Lice Information:
Head lice information can be obtained from the following website:
Hale School Health Centre recommends following the 10 day conditioner treatment as
outlined in the Head Lice Fact Sheet from the Department of Health.

Cold and Flu Season:
Useful information on the prevention of common colds can be obtained from the following
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

Flu Vaccination- Boarders:
Parents of students in boarding who would like to have their son vaccinated against
influenza, are to forward a request in writing, or via email to Health Centre staff.
Vaccinations will be given by the school appointed Doctor- Dr Douglas Smith.


Accidental Damage
It is very important that if a student’s computer is damaged or appears to be faulty, it is
brought to the Help Desk as soon as possible. Physically damaged computers often display
small cracks (in the casing) but more serious problems associated with the physical damage
(such as hard drive failure) may not be obvious to the user for some time.
The insurance company and the Comshield Protection programme require an accidental
damage report to be made in a 'reasonable amount of time'.
Once accidental damage to the computer is repaired under a claim, the full warranty is
reinstated and any future component failures would be covered by Toshiba. Therefore, we
urge parents to periodically check their son's computer for signs of damage and reinforce
the need to report such damage to the IT Department Help Desk, promptly.
If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk on 9347 9709 or email me at
Janet Krueger


Applications Close Friday 11 April 2008

Parent/Guardian who holds a Centrelink Family Health Care Card, Centrelink Pensioner
Concession Card or Veterans' Affair Pensioner Concession Card who has student/s in Years 8
- 12 can claim the allowance up to and including the year the student turns 18 years of age
(not eligible if born 1989 or before).

All enquiries to Mrs Janet Sampson (Credit Manager) on 9347 9706.

There is always a need for volunteers to work with our students in Curriculum Support.
Parents, grandparents and university students are all welcome to join us in helping to
strengthen skills in reading, spelling and mathematics. The boys are assisted mostly on a
                                   NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                     25 March 2008

one-to-one basis, but assisting in class is also encouraged where appropriate. The lessons
last for 45 minutes.

If you feel that you could assist this year, please contact June Richardson or Nat Ragus on
9347 9746 (email as soon as possible so that we can include you in our
volunteers’ timetable.

In 2008, all the following options are open to boys in Years 8-12.

Kayak Club           Terms 1 & 4
Climbing Club Terms 2 & 4
Surfing Camp         Terms 3 (Year 8 & 9 only)
Scuba Diving Course  Term 4 (All years)

Please see the Outdoor Education notice board for details or contact Tim Harley or Luke
Harben in the Outdoor Education Office on 9347 9776.

SCUBA Diving Trip Rowley Shoals 2009.

An exciting opportunity exists for current and potential SCUBA divers to join a Hale School
diving trip to the Rowley Shoals - 5 to 11 October 2009. This is becoming more popular as a
dive location with the likes of St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School and St Hilda’s Anglican School
for Girls also running trips to this site. As a dive site, it is considered second to none inside
Australian waters and ranks very highly amongst dive sites worldwide.

The Hale School trip will be accompanied by up to four Hale School staff, two of whom are
PADI Divemasters and who reconnoitred the Rowley Shoals trip in October 2005.

The cost will be approximately $3700, fully inclusive of return flights Perth to Broome, dive
gear, and six nights living aboard a luxury fully catered 24 metre catamaran in twin share air-
conditioned accommodation. (Cost is currently calculated on 2008 air passage prices and
will be cheaper for participants with their own dive gear). For more information on the
Rowley Shoals or the live aboard boat “The Odyssey”, visit:
The trip is open to students and parents of students who will be in Year 10 or 11 in 2009.
There are only 18 places available. To register your interest, please either collect an
information pamphlet from Gaye Wilkin at the Roundhouse, or call Gaye direct on 9349
0159 to request a form by fax or email.

Students who are not yet certified SCUBA divers will have the opportunity to undergo an
open water course at Hale School in Term 4, 2008 or Term 2, 2009.
                                     NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                       25 March 2008

Surfing Camp Term 3, 13-14 Sept and SCUBA course, Term 4
Dates will be advertised early in Term 2 via the newsletter and also the Outdoor Education
notice board - we will be taking bookings from Term 2 onwards.

KAYAK CLUB - YEARS 10/11/12: TERM 1, 2008

Insert Pic

Are you interested in joining the new Hale School Kayak Club? We are one of the first
Western Australian schools to have a fleet of “playboat” kayaks. These kayaks are
lightweight, stable and designed to be highly manoeuvrable.

A focus of the Club will be the development of skills to play kayak polo.

In Term 1, the Club will meet at the Hale School Pool from 3.45pm to 5.30pm on the
following dates:

       Friday 4 April (possible inter-school match versus Scotch College – TBC)

Due to the limited number of places (12), it is expected you will be able to commit to ALL
sessions to gain the most from the activity and not deny another student the opportunity.
Kayak Club should not clash with Hale sport and is aimed at Year 10/11/12 boys.

Kayaking is a potentially dangerous activity. Students will undertake a swim test before
participating and should be in good physical condition. Students will always be provided with
helmets and a buoyancy vest.

Limited Places
Places are limited to 12 on a first in, first served basis.

Interested students should sign up at the Pastoral Care Centre (Roundhouse) ASAP or see
Tim Harley in the Outdoor Education Office.


The first edition of the Hale Football Supporters Newsletter for 2008 is now available for
viewing. Click here to view the Football Newsletter. (Link to hale footy newsletter pdf)

For your chance to win big money and great prizes, take part in the Hale Football Tipping
competition. Click here for details. (Insert link to footy tipping pdf)

                                   NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                     25 March 2008

The NEW 2008/2009 Entertainment™ Books are coming soon…

Due to the overwhelming demand in the 2008/2009 season, make sure you secure your
copy today! Books cost only $65.

After a sensational finish to the 2008 swimming season, the Hale Swim Team is raising funds
by selling the 2008/2009 Entertainment™ Book. Now selling for $65, a portion of the
proceeds from the sale of the Entertainment™ Books will help fund the 2009 swim season.

Entertainment™ Books contain hundreds of 25-50% off and two-for-one offers from popular
restaurants, cafes, cinemas, hotels, the arts, cosmetics, day spas, magazines and sporting
events and more.

Order your new Entertainment™ Book now as they are sure to sell out quickly. To reserve
your copy of the Entertainment™ Book, place your cash or cheque (made out to Hale School
Swim Team) in an envelope and address it to: Ms Jo Fordham, Hale Swim Team Fundraising.
On the back of the envelope put your name, your son’s name and your son’s House. Those
people who get in early with a paid pre-order will receive some vouchers to use while they
await the arrival of the books. When the books arrive in late May, they will be delivered to
you (via your son). We look forward to your continued support for the Hale Swim Team.


       Photographs will be available soon. The cost is $15 for each A5 photograph.
       The River Cruise is on Saturday 29 March, tickets are selling fast – please see your
        year group coordinator. Tickets are $30 each, BYO nibbles.
       The donations box for the Hale Regatta raffle is at Deep Water Point.
       Advance notice: The Hale Regatta is on 29 March – we need your support to make it
        work. All parents are required to assist on the day in shifts, plus we ask each family
        to bake a cake, muffins, slice or batch of biscuits for the morning tea. Please bring it
        along Saturday morning to the kitchen upstairs at WA Rowing. Thank you for your
        assistance – we really do appreciate all the help we get from you.

The annual River Cruise is confirmed for 29 March on the MV Captain Cook from 7.30pm –
10.30pm. Tickets will be available at the regattas from your year group coordinator. Tickets:
$30. BYO nibbles.

Next Meeting: Rowing Parent Support Group Season 2007/2008 report and handover to
Parent Support Group Season 2008/2009:
Date: Wednesday 14 May 2008
Time: 7.00pm
Where: Function room upstairs in the Administration Building
Drinks and nibbles post meeting for a brief time to thank all those who have attended.
                                   NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                     25 March 2008

Sharon Zaunmayr
Hale Rowing Support Group

Congratulations to Alexander Ninkov Yr 11 who was one of only four West Australians
awarded an Australian Rugby Union Referee Scholarship for 2008. Alexander received an
exclusive Western Force Rugby pack at last week’s assembly.

Insert pic of Alex ninkov

Insert link to “Snapshot” PDF


Did your children ask you or have you ever wondered why we do what we do at Easter? Why
do many of us eat too much chocolate and dye eggs or give gifts? How are these traditions
related to Christ's resurrection?

For Christians all over the world, Easter is a time of great joy and great celebration. Some
aspects of our Easter celebrations stem directly from the biblical account of Christ's death
and resurrection, while others do not. Like all holidays, Easter's traditions have a long and
rich history.

Eggs, Bunnies and Hot Cross Buns
The Egg, which represented fertility and re-birth in pagan times, was adopted as part of the
Christian Easter festival and it came to represent the 'resurrection' or re-birth of Christ after
the crucifixion and some believe it is a symbol of the stone blocking the Sepulchre being
'rolled' away. The earliest were painted and decorated hen, duck or goose eggs, a practice
still carried on in parts of the world today. As time went by, artificial eggs were made and by
the end of the 17th century, manufactured eggs were available for purchase at Easter, for
giving as Easter gifts and presents.

It was around the early 1800's that the first chocolate Easter egg appeared in Germany and
France and soon spread to the rest of Europe and beyond. The first chocolate eggs were
solid but were soon followed by hollow eggs.

Although rabbits have long been a symbol of spring in Europe, chocolate bunnies are a
relatively new phenomenon. Easter bunnies made of pastry and sugar first became popular
in southern Germany at the beginning of the 1800s as well.
The rabbit and coloured eggs are connected with the story of a poor woman who could not
afford sweets for her children at Easter. She coloured some eggs and hid them in a nest for
her children to find. During the hunt, the children spotted a large hare in the bushes. They
                                    NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                      25 March 2008

told their friends the bunny had left the eggs, and so the Easter bunny story began along
with the Easter Egg hunt.

According to Sue Ellen Thompson's Holiday Symbols 1998, hot cross buns have a long
springtime history. First-century pagans worshiped the goddess Eostre, after whom Easter
was named, and served her small cakes, often decorated with a cross, at their yearly spring
celebration. Today, hot cross buns—small buns decorated with a sweet icing in the shape of
a cross—are associated with Good Friday.

The Paschal Candle and The Empty Tomb
Each year at Easter, Christians gather around the lighting of a large candle. This candle is the
paschal candle, sometimes called the Easter candle or Christ candle; its name comes from
pasach, the Hebrew word for Passover. Churches may have different Easter celebrations and
very different-looking paschal candles, but the meaning and symbols are universal.

We also light this special candle for baptisms, signifying the Holy Spirit to those being
baptized. From this flame, a member of the congregation lights another candle, which is
given to the newly baptized along with these words: “Let your light so shine before others
that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Just as we light the paschal candle at the beginning of life, we also light it at the end of life.
Its presence at the head of a coffin reminds us again that Christ triumphed over darkness
and death.

The empty tomb is the focal point of Easter. It is usually depicted with the stone rolled to
one side of the opening and an angel guarding the entrance. The empty tomb announces to
the world, "He is not here, He has risen!" He has risen indeed.
I hope your Easter was one in which you and your family connected with some of its symbols
and so celebrated life in all its abundance.

Don’t forget the next Family Service on Sunday 25 May at 9.30am.


For full Careers Information, please refer to the Careers Newsletter on our website:
Newsletter Page

Summary of contents:

       Murdoch University – 2008 Events Coming Up
       The National Careers & Employment Expo
       UWA Sports 2008 Campus Challenge
       Medicine/Dentistry
       University Open Days 2008
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008

       Hale School – CareerMate
       Student Exchange Australia
       Gap Activity Projects 2009


Music Scholarships and Music Bursaries
Applications are invited for Music Scholarships and Bursaries for boys entering Years 9, 10
and 11 in 2009. Music Scholarships offer part remission of academic tuition fees in addition
to free musical tuition: Music Bursaries offer free music tuition. Candidates will be expected
to demonstrate outstanding musical ability and potential and the enthusiasm to make a
leading contribution to the musical life of Hale School.
Detailed information and application forms are available from Mrs Waltham in the Hale
Music Department or by contacting her on 9347 9726, email

Hale Music Scholars’ Recital
The Music Scholars of Hale School are proud to be presenting a recital of music on
Wednesday 2 April at 7.30pm in the John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre. The recital
includes performances from our music scholars in all years and you can look forward to an
evening of very high quality musical performances.
This is a free seating event, so please come along and support our Music Scholars and be
witness to their wonderful talent and performance skills.

Friends of Hale Music 2008
With the continued development and level of excellence in music at Hale School, the Music
Department has a Friends of Hale Music Committee, to assist with the promotion of
excellence in music at the School.
There is a committee of parents in place and we are always looking for expressions of
interest from parents to become part of the wider network to assist the committee and the
department in a variety of ways, such as refreshments, hosting visiting musicians, publicity
of the Hale Visiting Artists’ Programme etc.
We would like you to know that being part of the wider network of the Friends of Hale
Music is not intended to be onerous or time consuming. It would take the form of a
committee member contacting you to assist at one or two concerts in the year and we
spread the load over as wide a group of parents as possible.
If you are interested in being a part of the group, please contact Mrs Maria Waltham at Hale
Music on 9347 9726. The Committee would really appreciate hearing from you and look
forward to your support.
                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 4
                                    25 March 2008


Friday 28 March – 7.30pm to 9.00pm
All Year 12 parents are invited to a function upstairs in the Functions Room. Please mark the
date in your diary and come along to share a drink and a chat with your friends.


SARAH ASHFORD - 0411 164 206
PIP MURDOCH - 0417 952 076

Year 8
Bada Bing Cafe - 84 Rosewood Avenue Woodlands – 9.00am
3 April and continues the first Thursday of each month.

Please come along, particularly if you haven’t met many people at Hale yet.

CONTACT: Lynn Salter 9285 0107

Year 9
Costa Azzurra Floreat Beach – 9.00am
Friday 4 April

Year 10
Delish Floreat Forum – 8.30am
Friday 28 March
Friday 11 April

Years 11 and 12
Costa Azzurra Floreat Beach – 9.00am
Friday 28 March

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