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									                                                       News Release
                                                                                  21 February 2007

Baby brown snakes out and about
Baby brown snakes can pose a real danger and should be treated with as much respect as an adult
brown snake, Dr Deb Kelly from the Department for Environment and Heritage said today.

“It seems to have been a good year for brown snakes to breed, because there are lots of baby
brown snakes out and about in Adelaide, especially in the northern suburbs,” said Dr Kelly.

“The Department for Environment and Heritage has received reports of children catching baby
brown snakes and either bringing them to school or taking them to pet shops.

“This is very dangerous. Baby brown snakes can inflict a fatal bite from the moment they hatch.

“If people see a snake they should leave it alone, even if it is a baby.

“Brown snakes are shy by nature and will try to avoid people. However, they will bite if taken by
surprise. Almost all snake bites occur when people try to handle, kill or harm a snake.

“If a person finds a snake and is worried about its presence they should contact a professional snake
removal agency, which can be found under ‘snake’ in the White Pages,” Dr Kelly said.

Dr Kelly offered a number of other tips for reducing the chance of being bitten by a snake.

•   Clean up rubbish around your home

•   Keep your garden tidy

•   Take steps to reduce mice and rats

•   Wear solid shoes and trousers when bushwalking, and make plenty of noise so snakes know you
    are coming

•   Check your boots for snakes before putting them on

•   Never put your hand somewhere you cannot see

“In addition, if you live in or frequent an area where snakes could be common it is advisable to know
the first aid necessary to deal with a bite,” Dr Kelly said.

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