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									The Rise of The Titans
     By Caleb Compton
    For thousands of years, people have thought that aincient mythology were just old tales. That is until
gateways to the underworld are found all over the world. James Carter and Arthur Jones are studying alien
technology - a group called Archangel. They are about to give up on the project until the big cities all
around the world come under attack, but by what?

Tokyo, Japan: 11.12pm 1/3/07
    “Run for your lives!”

    CRASH!!!!!! Buildings fly everywhere as some kind of monster attacks the city.

Chicago, U.S.A.: 11.30pm 1/3/07
    “Hey James!” said his freind Arthur. “Look on the news, your work finally paid off!”

    “What?”, exclaimed James.

   “Look on the news”, replied Arthur, as he flicked a button on the remote control. A man running
towards a huge shadow came up on the screen.

     “Urgent news!”, screamed the news person, his hair blowing around furiously in the wind. “A monster
is attacking Tokyo city, it is reported that the creature came straight out of the water.”

    CRASH!!!!!!!!!! A building flew on to the floor like a ragdoll just off screen. The camera flew in that
direction so you could see the debree flying out.

    “Oh no!” said the newsman, “there are hundred of people running in our direction and fleeing from
there homes. I think the monster is comeing! Wow! Its here. Oh my gof! Its like an octopus, like the
aincient titan Hyperian.”

    “Chlakscrokenslok!” shouted the titan.

    “I think the creature is choking” said the newsman.

   SLAM CRASH!!! The monster fell over into a skyscraper just a few hundred metres away from the

    “Oh no. The skyscraper is falling! AAARGH!!!”

    There was a huge crash, and the screen went fuzzy. Then the news came on again. “Erm, that was
David Ashburg with the latest earth-shattering news, now Bert, it looks like the er monster that David
encountered looked like the aincient Greek mythical story about the titans, David said it looked like the
titan, Hyperian.”

    “Well yes Barry, it...”

    Arthur turned off the news. “You were right James”, said Arthur excitedly, “the links with aincient
mythology were true and those gateways into Tartaras. Do you think more things will come out of the

   “It is likely that the titans will come out of the two gates we found.” replied James, “but we dont
know if Hyperian came out of any gates, none were found.”

    “Maybe the gate was underwater.” Suggested Arthur, “he probably died because he couldn’t breathe
on land”

    “Yes that’s it, you got it” said James. “We need to guard the gates that we have found. There should
be one more gate we havent found yet. Phone Archangel network, I’ll tell them to find the other gate and
guard the ones we have found.” said James.

    “What, tanks, planes, heli-?”

    “Anything, everything.” ordered James.

    “Okay” replied Arthur picking up the phone.

Paris, France: 9.30pm 17/3/07
    “Chrios, Chrios le aincient monseur!” Screamed a helpless French man as a feed down the road with
thousands of people.

     Tanks flew across the city and helicopters whirred through the sky as the titan Chrios smashed the city
like peices of lego. Chugachugchugachua. The helicopter screeched as they attempted to blow up the
monster with heat seeking missiles.

    They were no match for the monster as he grabbed for one and threw it to the floor. The tanks fired
their cannons but it did not work. The monster merely stood on the tank and crushed it.

    Then the titan jumped through the thick black sky, leaving devastation in its path.

Chicago, U.S.A: 4.45pm 18/3/07
    “Another attack on a city just yesterday as people are saying that this is the end of the world.
Thousands of people died yesterday and now Paris and its people are haveing a rememberence day of the
people who have died.”

    The remote flicked off the T.V. At Archangel Head Quarters as an important person turned around in
his black chair to talk the people around the table. “The second attack, on Paris was a huge loss to the
city. The titan is still at large.” said the man in a stern voice.

    The Archangel group were sitting around a big table in a sky high building. The place was modern
looking and there were big T.V.s everywhere. There were science labs with scientific people in them,
putting chemicals into tubes.

    “Erm, may I suggest, that we secure the gates and look after the big cities all around the world!”
Suggested a woman in a black suit. She had blonde hair tied up in a bun and a briefcase under her chair.

    “Yes, I have been doing research about this and there are two more titans to come out of those gates,
Themis and Kronos.” Added James. “The Titans are a race of huge aliens. They rebbelled against the
rules of the universe, and the god-like being, Zeus, sealed them into Tartaras, and until he died they would
remain there.” said James. “Zeus is dead. The world and universe is in jeopardy.”

   “Okay,” said the important man in the chair, “we will guard the gates, find Chrios, kill him and the
world will be a happy place once again, you’d better hope this works James, you know the consiquences.”


    “Hi, I’m James”, said James as he talked to the woman after the meeting.

    “Jane,” she said quickly.

    “So, you have been researching this too, have you?”

    “Yes, I have,” replied Jane as the important man strolled into the room.

    “Ah, good to see you’re getting on,” said Mr Rudley gladly, “I have assined both of you on this mission,
allong with Arthur, do you know where he is?”

    “Toilet,” said James, “he’ll be out in a minute.”

    “What is our mission?”, asked Jane.

    “Your mission, of course, is to kill the Titans.” said Mr Rudley, “you will be there where the Titans are,
along with the army of course, and tell them where and how to kill him.”

    “Right,” said James, “best be off then.”

    Arthur comes out of the toilet. “Hi, what did I miss?”

London, England: 10.25pm 2/4/07
   “Yo, man,” said a teenager on the street, “how’s it hanging, you know what I’m saying?”

    “Yeah man, we’re going to the par, you know,” said another teenager.

    “Let’s go man, innit,” said the first boy. They walk down the land to the park.

    “Bloody hell, man what the __ is that, you know?” said the second boy.

    “Man, I’m out of here, you know, could be a bomb, you know what I’m saying?” said the first boy,
running off.

    “Na, I’m staying, what is it?”

    An arm burst out of the burning rubble, then another, than a head slowly emerged. It then let out a
silent lions’s roar.

    “Man, I’m out of here, you know.” said the remaining boy, running away.

   Tanks paraded through the city, and helicopters whirred through London sky, heading towards the Titan.
James, Arthur and Jane are being driven in an army Jeep just at the back.

    “Look,” said Arthur pointing, “Themis, he’s there in the park, he’s just come out of the gate.”

   The tanks went in formation around the Titan, fireing cannons. He swooped his great arms at them,
making them fly in all directions. He grabbed for the planes and helicopters like they were flys. Crushing
them in his huge hands.

    “Aim for the brain,” shouted James into the walkie-talkie.

   “Oh, hell with this,” said Arthur getting his own gun out, and leaning out of the window aiming at the
head of the Titan. BOOM!!! The gun shot.

    The bullet fired right through its flesh. It looked stunned. More shots fired. It wobbled, rocking from
side to side. Then, SMASH! Themis fell right over into loads of trees and bushes. The second Titan is dead.

Chicago, U.S.A.: 2.51pm 10/4/07
    “Well done people,” said My Rudley, “Themis is dead, if we hadn’t got him then, he would have
destroyed everything.” Mr Rudley, Jane, Arthur, James and loads of important people, from Archangel, MI6,
Area 51, and all of the important people, are all sitting around the table in AA H.Q. “Now, we all now why
we are here-” he said.

    “Le Titan!” said an important Frenchman.

   “Yes, Proffessor Blane, the titans, now your here to express your veiws on this. There are two titans
who are in hiding, Chrios and Kronos,” said Mr Rudley.

    “I think you should evacuate all the big cities all around the world,” said a member of parliement from
England, “send them to the country.”

    “Yes I agree,” said a man from Africa, “our cities are in danger, we need to act now.”

    “Evacuation is the answer,” said a german in the front row.

    “So all agreed that we should evacuate the big cities around the world,” said Mr Rudley.

    The whole room including Arthur, James and Jane agreed.

    “Okay, meeting over,” declared Mr Rudley.

Madrid, Spain: 2.40pm 12/4/07
    “El Tore a dorez!” screamed a Spanish woman in the crowd of a bull ring. The matador (bullfighter)
had killed the bull, and was now being thrown roses and other flowers down at him.

    CRASH!!! The bull ring shattered at the roof and it wobbled. Everyone screamed and ran for there
seats. Then it stopped. Everything stopped. Everyone calmed down. Then the roof was pulled up, and
peices of rubble crashed down to the floor. A huge head appered, rouring.

    The place was empty now, apart from the dead bull and the matador, staring up at the Titan, amazed a
scared, trembling from head to foot. The Titan looked down at him, and then slamed his foot down on the
man, like a kid squishing an ant. There are now tanks, coming up to the Titan, and army vehicles, ready
for an attack. The Titan is Chrios, and is now running away, through buildings and trees. The people
haven’t evacuated yet, and people are screaming and swearing, and running into buildings, trying to get to
a safe place. Chrios climbs a huge hotel, trying to get away from the guns, swinging from the building like
King Kong.

     A missile hits his arm. It knocks him off balance. He trys to grab the building but can’t get any grip.
He plummets to the ground, and lands with a big THUMP!!! Chrios gets back up, grabs a tank and hurtles it
towards a helicopter. He takes out more tanks. Helicopters crash as he swoopes for them. Then a tack
fires his cannon straight at his chest, and he falls over dead.

    “Sorry, we couldn’t get here in time,” said Jane as she gets out of a helicopter that had landed. James
and Arthur get out too.

    “So now Chrios is dead,” said Arthur.

    “Yes, we just killed him, here in Spain, the war is nearly over.” said the general, coming out of a jeep.

    “We’re in for a battle if Kronos comes out of a gate,” said James in dismay, “he’s the leader of the
Titans. He will stop at nothing, until the universe is destroyed.”

New York, U.S.A.: 11.30pm 13/4/07
   “I have six beers, please” asked a boy in a bar.

    He went back to his table where his mates where. “They will be here soon” said the man to his mates.


    Something flew into the road. All the people in the bar and the night clubs came out to see what
happened. Shouts and screames where heard all through the city. The head of the statue of liberty was
lying on the floor. Everybody crowded around the head, taking photos of it, and talking and shouting.

    Then all of a sudden, the empire state building collapsed, in the background. Rubbel spurted out of
the fallen building and now, everyone was running. Meanwhile, Jane, James and Arthur, are travelling in a

   Army men ran behind sandbags, and tanks prepared to fire, as the last Titan, Kronos, lurched forward
towards them.

    The helicopter landed dropping them off.

    “Jane, get back on the helicopter, get out of here, it’s too dangerous,” persuaded James.

    “No James,” said Jane, “I am going with you, I’ve bee doing research on this for years. Now I want a
peice of the action.”

    “Fine,” said James giving up, “but be careful.”

    The Titan lifted his arms, making a beam of light. Out of the beam, came little Titan offspring. Small
titans ran across the city killing anyone in there sights. Shots fired, killing some offspring, but it was no
use. Every time they died, the Titan made more of them.

    “Aim for the Titan,” screamed Arthur as he shot a Titan offspring.

                                                                                            to be continued...


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