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									                Where are the
                Children’s Centres?                                                                               Your Guide to
  Acorn Children’s Centre at
  Ackton Pastures Primary School
                                                Maypole Children’s Centre at
                                                Gawthorpe Community
                                                                                 Stanley Children’s Centre
                                                                                 Long Causeway,
                                                                                                                  Wakefield District
                                                                                                                  Sure Start Children’s
  College Grove, Castleford                     Primary School                   Stanley, Wakefield
  WF10 5NS                                      High Street                      WF3 4JB
  Tel: 01977 723038                             Gawthorpe, Ossett                Tel: 01924 303181

                                                WF5 9QP
  Airedale Children’s Centre                                                     Sunbeam Children’s Centre
                                                Tel: 01924 302990
  The Square, Castleford                                                         9-11 Lupset Crescent
  WF10 3JJ                                      Michaelmas Children’s Centre     Lupset, Wakefield
  Tel: 01977 724044                             at St Michael’s Primary School   WF2 8RH
                                                Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield         Tel: 01924 302333
  Ash Tree Children’s Centre at
                                                WF2 9JA
  Smawthorne Henry Moore                                                         Sunflower Children’s Centre at
                                                Tel: 01924 303747
  Primary School                                                                 Moorthorpe Primary School
  Ashton Road, Castleford                       Oakhill Children’s Centre at     Regent Street, Moorthorpe
  WF10 5AX                                      Girnhill Infant School           South Elmsall
  Tel: 01977 723012                             Hardwick Road                    WF9 2BL
                                                Featherstone                     Tel: 01977 723872
  Butterflies Children’s Centre at
                                                WF7 5JB
  Newlands Primary School                                                        Sycamores Children’s Centre at
                                                Tel: 01977 722680
  Wakefield Road, Normanton                                                      Simpson’s Lane J & I School
  WF6 1BB                                       Orchard Head Children’s          Sycamore Avenue, Knottingley
  Tel: 01924 307835                             Centre at                        WF11 0PL
                                                Orchard Head Junior,             Tel: 01977 722527
  Castle Children’s Centre
                                                Infant & Nursery
  255 Barnsley Road, Sandal,                                                     Upton Children’s Centre at
                                                Orchard Head Lane
  Wakefield                                                                      Upton Primary
  WF1 5NU                                                                        Waggon Lane, Upton
                                                WF8 2NJ
  Tel: 01924 303211                                                              Pontefract
                                                Tel: 01977 723466
                                                                                 WF9 1JS
  Cedars Children’s Centre
                                                Pinmoor Children’s Centre        Tel: 01977 723835/8
  Barnsley Road, Hemsworth
                                                Eastmoor Road
  WF9 4PU                                                                        Children’s Centre Central
  Tel: 01977 722215                                                              Support Team
                                                WF1 3SQ
                                                                                 Rear Exit,
  Havercroft Children’s Centre at               Tel: 01924 302646
                                                                                 Snapethorpe Primary School
  Havercroft Junior & Infant
                                                Pomfret Children’s Centre at     St George’s Road, Lupset
  Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield
                                                Chequerfield Infant School       Wakefield
  WF4 2BE
                                                Rookhill Road                    WF2 8AA
  Tel: 01226 726478
                                                Pontefract                       Tel: 01924 306851 or 304269
  Little Owls Children’s Centre at              WF8 2DD
  Common Road Infant &                          Tel: 01977 722644
  Nursery School
                                                Sharlston Children’s Centre at
  Common Road, South Kirkby
                                                Sharlston Community School
                                                Hammer Lane, Sharlston Common
  WF9 3EA
  Tel: 01977 723868
                                                WF4 1DH
                                                Tel: 01924 303930

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What are Children’s Centres?

                      Surestart Children’s    We also offer a range of services which
                      Centres offer           will vary from time to time, including:
                      access to a range       •   Support for parents – including
                      of support for              advice on parenting, local
                      families with               childcare options and access to
                      children under 5.           specialist services for families.
                                              •   Child and family health services
                                                  – ranging from health screening
                                                  and health visitor services to
                                                  breastfeeding support.

What will be there?
                                              •   Helping parents into work – with
                                                  links to the Jobcentre Plus
                                                  and training.
 Services that Surestart Children’s           •   Integrated Childcare and Early
 Centres offer give children the best             Education 0-5 on site or through
 start in life and help them to reach their       linked providers.
 potential – and parents benefit too.
                                              What now?

                                              Come and visit your nearest
                                              Children’s Centre (details overleaf)
                                              and fill in a registration form.
                                              Registration is FREE.

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