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									                                                                                        June 2009

VTPS                     Video Train Positioning System
Welcome to this edition of the RDS newsletter, in which we highlight
the main developments in Video Train Positioning.

New! Camera housing                                High integrity design
                                                   Following industry discussions at our exhibition
                                                   stand at the ERTMS Global Conference held in
                                                   Malaga, we are now starting R&D into a failsafe
                                                   version of VTPS. The objective is to provide a low
                                                   cost positioning system that can be used as the
                                                   basis for train control. If you are interested in
                                                   participating in this project, please contact us at:
The housing is designed for straightforward
installation on a cab windscreen, the unit is
environmentally sealed, but provides easy access
for maintenance. It houses two cameras in a unit
100 x 50 x 150 mm. For more information on
system components see:
www.rdsintl.com/3.0/Components.php                 IRSE ASPECT
                                                   We exhibited VTPS at the ASPECT 2008
New! Applications                                  Conference organised by the Institution of Railway
                                                   Signalling Engineers at the end of September
VTPS is able to measure train position and to      2008.
read data from trackside markers. These two
capabilities provide a powerful combination to     Richard Shenton gave a presentation to the
enable low cost solutions for many applications    conference on the development of the system. A
such as:                                           copy of his paper is available on the web site:
       ETCS odometry                               www.rdsintl.com/3.0/downloads.php
       GSM-R enhanced call routing
       Selective door opening
                                                   New! Contact details
                                                   We have recently moved offices. Our new
                                                   address is
                                                         Reliable Data Systems,
                                                         March House,
                                                         Lime Grove,
                                                         West Clandon,
                                                         GU4 7UH
For demonstration videos of these applications,
                                                   Phone +44 (0) 1483 225604.
please see www.rdsintl.com/3.0/applications.php

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