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									MCA Spring Newsletter
Munster Community Association Annual General Meeting Edition April 2007
  President’s Report
Munster Rant
There was a General lack of respect for the Hockey change room this year. Our
volunteers had to pick up broken beer bottles, garbage and a lot of discarded
hockey paraphernalia. We need to treat this area as our own. Beverage
containers can easily be put into garbage cans or can be taken home for easy
disposal. Let’s try & keep this area clean & safe. I have a great deal of respect
for those volunteers that go out into -25 C temperatures and flood the rink at
night. These people are hard to find and the last thing we want is to tick them off.

Hats Off award
My hat goes off to John Hale & Ian Oracheski this year for making one of the
best ice rinks in Ottawa. These are the guys who organize the crews that flood
and maintain the rink. John and Ian will receive a voucher for a free snow cone.

Community Centre Vandalism
The reward for information leading to an arrest/conviction is now up to $ 550.00. I
had a number of calls after our last newsletter offering more cash as a reward. I
would like to thank these people for stepping up to the plate to try and catch
these people. We need to find the/some individuals that broke into the storage
shed and decided to vandalize the MCA snow blowers and then proceeded to
break windows at the community centre. I have had a couple of phone calls
mentioning a name but no witnesses so far. Who ever did it, we are watching

Christmas lights
With the help of some very good volunteers we will be taking down the Christmas
lights some sunny weekend this spring. Let me know if you are interested in
helping out. Didn’t they look great this year?? Perhaps we can do this on Green
day if we have enough volunteers.

Green Day
Winter certainly has left its fair share of dirt & garbage around our little hamlet.
It’s time to do our annual clean up day. We will meet at the community centre on
Saturday April 28th at 9:00 A.M. to clean up Munster. This is a great opportunity
for High School students to get in some volunteer hours. We will be serving a
BBQ lunch starting at 11:30 at the community centre.
                             Peter Smith, President
                             Munster Community Association
Munster Golf Day
 June 16th, 2007 at Glen Mar Golf Course, starting at 12:30 p.m. Call Peter
 Smith (613-838-3995) or Glen Cordick (613-838-4716) for more details.

 Munster Community Association News

Annual General Meeting
Our annual General meeting will take place May 9th this year. It will be hosted by
yours truly and all the fun starts at 7:30 at the community centre. This is when the
executive gives reports as to what we have done this year and what we hope to
accomplish in the upcoming year. It’s also time to elect/re-elect new/old directors.
If you would like to come out and throw you hat in the ring please do as we
always are looking for fresh thinking people. Why not try for the president’s job??

Membership Director
 We are in need of a new Membership director. This job involves organizing the
annual membership drive in the fall, updating, producing & distributing the
Munster phone book and a seat on the MCA Executive Board.

 At a Glance
  Green Day Saturday April 28th, 9 AM at the Community Centre.
  Munster Community Association Annual General Meeting Wednesday
   May 9th, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the Munster Community Centre.
  Community Garage Sale Saturday May 12th, 2007 - at your house!
  Munster Race Night at Rideau Carleton Raceway Friday June 15th, 2007
   from 5:30pm to Midnight.
  Munster Golf June 16th, 2007 at Glen Mar Golf Course.
  Munster Summer Social Rideau Carleton Race Night Friday June 15th,
   2007 at 5:30 p.m.

   Community Garage Sale
It’s time to get rid of your junk!!!
Saturday May 12th 2007
8a.m. – 12noon
On Saturday May 12th we invite all Munster residents to fill your driveways with
treasures for others to buy. The Munster Community Association will take care
of all the advertising including a map posted at Mac’s Convenience Store
indicating where the sales are; you are in charge of the selling and removal of all
unsold items.
To have your house marked on the map as somewhere to stop please contact
Tracey McIntyre 613-257-7070 or, if you indicate what kind
of treasures you plan to sell (children’s toys, clothes, kitchen, furniture etc.) I will
add that too.
For those rural residents who would like to participate, you are welcome to use
the Munster Community Centre parking lot (first come first served) to sell your
treasures or let me know and I will add your house to the map.
**Please note that you are responsible for taking all of your unsold treasures
home with you, nothing is to be left in at the community centre.

Green Day in Munster
The MCA is hosting this year's Green Day event at the community centre with a
community BBQ. Pitch-In Canada will be supplying the garbage bags, all we
need is YOUR HELP to clean up Munster! The participants come to the
community centre and pick up their garbage bags and head out to the park,
library area and other community spaces to pick up the winter collection of litter.
They then return to the community centre for the BBQ thank you. The better the
turnout, the more fun we all have and the more garbage we collect! Garbage
collection runs from 10 a.m. - 12p.m. and the BBQ runs from 11 a.m. - 1
p.m. on Saturday April 28th.

Munster Summer Social
Presented by the MCA
Friday June 15th, 2007
5:30p.m. – 12midnight
On Friday June 15th, in cooperation with the Rideau Carleton Raceway the MCA
will be hosting a Munster Summer Social at the Raceway.
Your $35 ticket includes:
· Transportation to and from the event.
· All you can eat buffet at the panoramic restaurant
· Complimentary racing program
· and a $5 betting voucher
ALL local businesses who wish to attend may
call Lisa Richardson, Marketing
Representative R.C.R. at 613-822-2211 ext.
340 to pre register their business, and receive
free advertising, on June 15th at the track.
This includes:
· A race dedicated in each business name.
· Advertisement with their business logo in the racing program as well as a
    mention on the cover.
· Business logos will be displayed repeatedly throughout the evening on in-
    house televisions and broadcast over 200 off-site businesses across North
· Business name in lights on the in-field tote board
· A welcome message by the track announcer.
For tickets and more info please contact Shannon Morrow at 613-838-5413.
Councillor’s Message
With the 2007 Budget passed, I am preparing for the 2008 Budget by looking at
the Long Range Financial Plan 111. The importance of this up-dated Plan cannot
be over-emphasized. I will be conducting information sessions in all Ward 21
community centres this summer.
Ward 21 Council's initial meeting is scheduled for March 26 at the North Gower
Client Centre on Roger Steven's Dr. beginning at 7:15 p.m. I have asked all
community associations to send a representative. This Ward 21 Council will meet
once a month across the Ward.
I have set aside the month of April to visit former Goulbourn residents. Your
comments are important to me. If not at home, I shall leave my card.
Councillor, Ward 21
580-2424 ext. 31310

Munster Online

The MCA web site continues to evolve and expand. I try to update the "News /
Coming Events" section once a week, so please bookmark and visit the site
regularly. Additionally, we also post the MCA Newsletters and monthly Executive
Meeting Minutes. So, if you lose a copy of the Newsletter or need an Itinerary for
an upcoming MCA event, chances are it will be on the site.
New Spring Recreation items
Information and links on the site have just been added for:
Munster Leisure Lob-ball Information and links to Registration, standings,
Goulbourn Soccer Club
Links to Registration, maps to fields, schedules…
Local Golf Courses
phone numbers and links…

Something to add? Send me a note:
Duncan Toswell,
Munster Online Webmaster

Sports & Recreation
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with the rink this year. Mother Nature
was not always on our side, but we still got a great rink in this year.
The tennis nets will be put up as soon as the weather is ready and we get the
courts cleaned up from winter.
Anyone who is interested in playing Ball Hockey should call Ian 613-838-8335 or
John 613-838-4978 . Ian Oracheski, Recreation Director, MCA.
City of Ottawa
Employment Opportunity

Instructors Needed!
The City of Ottawa is currently hiring staff to run its Spring and Summer
programs. Spring programs in Munster are listed in this newsletter. Summer
programs include various day camps and other events. If you would like to apply,
contact Kelly Kaiser at or phone 613-580-2424 X 33271.

 Munster Library
Monday – Thursday: 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. – 8:30p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
7749 Bleeks Rd.

Story time
Children of all ages are invited. There are stories, finger plays, songs and crafts.
Join us Wednesday’s at 9:30 a.m. (30 min.)

What's New?
Express Reads
Although Ottawa Public Library orders many copies of best selling books to meet
the requests from their members, long waiting lists of several hundred
reservations can be somewhat disheartening for readers who are anxious to read
the latest book from the best seller lists, a little quicker. Readers would like to find
these books on the shelves as they did in the past before electronic borrowing
systems. So in response OPL has introduced “Express Reads”.
This is a collection of frequently requested titles, identified by a brilliant sticker
and spine label, and stored on a separate shelf so readers can browse for a
great read to take home with them immediately. They are called “Express Reads”
because they move faster between readers. They move faster between readers
because they cannot be reserved and can only be borrowed for one week
instead of three. The late fee for an “Express Read” books is $5 per day to a
maximum of $35. Be sure to check it out the next time you visit the library.

Did you Know?
Munster Library has a defibrillator on site in case of emergencies.
 Munster Community Association Membership

 The Member phone books are at the printers and should be delivered to your
 home within the next few weeks.
 If you missed our Membership Drive please contact Denise Kahle 613-253-
 3134. You will be then be able to pick up your copy of the phone book at Mac’s
 Convenience Store when they are ready.
 Membership is $10.00.

  For any questions regarding membership,
please call Denise Kahle 613-253-3134
Munster United Church
Service Times:
April 9:30 a.m. May 11:00 a.m.
Sunday school
We have a large and active Sunday School for all ages through to Grade 7 with 3
Youth Group meets every second week on Thursday at the school from 4:30 to
6:30 p.m.
Holy week services include: Maundy Thursday in Munster at 7:30 p.m.,
Good Friday Service with Communion in Ashton at 10:00 a.m.
Easter         Sunday        in      Munster         at        9:30       a.m.
There will be a breakfast Easter Sunday at 8:30 a.m. All are welcome.
For more information on our activities please check our website at

Coffee Time
There has been a good turnout at the Church on Wednesday mornings. The
Church is open every Wednesday morning from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Many
parents, caregivers and grandparents go to the Library first for Story Time from
9:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. and then come to the Church. You are most welcome,
whatever time you are able to come, or need to leave. Coffee, tea, juice, and
cookies are available and as always the children's play is unstructured so
everyone gets to play/visit with old friends or meet new ones. Hope to see you
there. Pat Lindsey

Fair Trade Organic Coffee and Tea. Munster
                                    United Church is both using and selling Fair
Trade Organic Coffee and Tea. Providing it at our own activities began as a small
contribution towards making better working conditions and lives for the farmers
who produce these crops. Of course, we pay a little more than the grocery stores
charge, but we know that the farmers receive a higher proportion of the
production costs. Our prices compare very favourably to those in specialty shops.
As a result of large orders through the Church, we are able to purchase it at very
reasonable cost. We now are making it available to members of the community
who might be interested or who may already buy Fair Trade Coffee or Tea at
another location. If you would like to find out more about it, feel free to contact
Jenn Turk at (613) 838-5956 or Pat Lindsey (613) 838-2868. Orders may be
placed online at or by calling Pat.
Our prices are listed below. If there is a special kind or flavour you like, ask us.
No guarantees, but we will try!

Coffee: Medium or Dark Roast: Beans or Ground $7.50 for 3/4 lb.
Coffee: (Decaffeinated) Medium or Dark Roast $8.00 for 3/4 lb.
Beans or Ground Tea: Black, Earl Grey, Honey & Lemon, Green $7.50 for 25

   Christ Church Anglican- Ashton
Rector: The Reverend Jim Kirkpatrick - 613-253-2878
A warm welcome waits all at our weekly services at 8 am and 10 am. Sunday
school is held during the 10 o'clock service and coffee, refreshments and
fellowship follow this service.
Annual Beef Supper - Saturday April 28 from 4 - 8pm
Everybody is invited to join us at our annual Beef Supper - with our famous
home-made pies for dessert. Take out is available for those with busy schedules.
Tickets are available at the door.
Easter Services
Palm Sunday services (April 1) 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. with Sunday school during the
ten o'clock service.
Maundy Thursday Service 7:30 p.m. on April 5.
Good Friday Service 10 a.m. April 6
Easter Day (April 8) 5:30 a.m. Great Vigil of Easter.
8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Easter Eucharist’s.
(Sunday school during 10 o'clock service.)
Youth Group
Christ Church Ashton's thriving Youth Group hosted a very successful Shrove
Tuesday Pancake Supper on February 20th and generously donated the
proceeds to the Parish. They also enjoyed a visit to watch Ottawa 67's hockey
game against Kingston Frontenacs in February and the special event for March
was bowling at Visions Bowling Lanes in Carleton Place.
New Church Cookbook
Our new Church Cookbook is now available at $10 per copy. This would make a
great gift for wedding showers or birthdays and can be obtained from Joy Price at
613-838-2039 or from any parishioner.
Harold Barr
It was with great sadness that we report the death of Harold Barr on February 14
this year. Harold and his wife Cathy and family were long time residents of
Munster and Harold was organist at Christ Church Ashton for over twenty years.
He will be greatly missed.
   School News
Munster Cooperative Nursery School (M.C.N.S.) News
Spring is a busy time of year for the nursery school, with registration opening up
for the 2007/8 school year, an Open House, and our 3 rd Annual Family Fun Fair,
hosted again this year by Saunders Farm.
Our Spring Open House takes place on Tuesday, April 24th , 2007, from 4:00
p.m. to 6:30 p.m., in the classroom at Munster Elementary School. It’s a great
opportunity to see the classroom, meet the teacher, and get information on our
2007/8 programs. Bring your child along to check out all the great activities we
On Tuesday, May 8th,2007, M.C.N.S. hosts its annual A.G.M. in the classroom at
7:00 p.m. It’s a short meeting to plan activities for the coming year, and all new
and returning M.C.N.S. parents should attend.
On Saturday, June 2nd , M.C.N.S. presents the 3rd Annual Family Fun Fair. It’s a
fun-filled day for young and old, featuring favourites such as the bike parade,
bake table and dunk tank. Volunteers at this event have lots of fun, so if you’d
like to get involved and help out, we’d love to have you. There are plenty of tasks
suitable for both kids and adults – contact the school at 613-838-8754 for more
M.C.N.S. offers programs for children aged 18 months to 4 years, offering a fun,
positive learning and playing environment. The school offers flexible options to
suit every family, from non-duty, non-fundraising, to lunch and drop-in programs.
For more information about the school, drop by our Open House, or visit
   More Sports and Recreation
Yoga Classes
Munster Community Centre
Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m.
New Session Starts March 21
Monday nights at 7p.m.
New Session Starts March 26th

Cost:$8/class for 8 classes
Drop Ins Welcome
$10/class Drop In Rate
Joni Newman
Community Centre News
The Munster Community Association is now responsible for the management of
the community centre. The locks have been updated, we have a new stove, and
the kitchen will be renovated in June. The centre is a handy, inexpensive place to
hold your meetings or parties. We are also looking for ideas for programming
from the community. If you have suggestions or want to book the centre: email
Joni Newman at or call 613-838-3964.
The new rates for renting the community centre are:
Group Meeting No Charge.

Group Event               $5/hour

Private Function $30 up to 4 hrs./
No Liquor        $60 4 hrs or more.

Private Function $50 up to 4 hrs/
With Liquor     $100 4 hrs or more.

For other activities, contact Joni Newman at 613-838-3964
*There will be a $25 damage/cleaning deposit required for all events and functions.*

  Munster Mosaics

  Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Community Centre
  For more information contact:
  Sheila Cain-Sample: 613-838-4220
  Wendy Southin: 613-838-2869
  Joni Newman: 613-838-3964

  March 21 - Angelina Beads
  Create unique large beads for earrings, necklaces or just for fun. All materials included. $10 (Joni)
  March 28 - Apple Study
  Draw this realistic apple with colour pencils. $15 (Sheila)
  April 4 - Butterfly
  Paint a Butterfly on canvas. All materials included. Bring your own brushes if possible. $15 (Wendy)
  April 11 -Quilted Binder Cover 1
  Cover up an old binder or special memory book. All materials included. Sewing machine and thread
  required. $20 (Joni)
  April 18 - Primitive Painting
  Paint a wall hanging with a primitive look. $20 (Sheila)
  Apr. 25 - Accordian book
  Make a mini scrapbook. All supplies included. Bring 6-12 photos (optional) $8 (Wendy)
  May 2 - Quilted Binder Cover 2
  Finish your binder cover. (Joni)
  May 9 - No Class
  May 16 - Photo colouring with Coloured Pencils
  Colour a photo with coloured pencils - a twist on photo tinting. $15 (Sheila)
  May 23 - Butterfly
  Paint another Butterfly on canvas to match your last one. All supplies included. Bring your own brushes if
  possible. $15 (Wendy)
  May 30 - Party
*To help us prepare supplies and plan our classes, registration and payment must be received at least one week before
the class date. Also, you can drop in and work on your own project any week at no cost. *
Thank you …
Winter Carnival Pancake Breakfast
Following years of supervising this event, I always find myself over
procrastinating in writing Thank You Notes to those that help make it a success
year after year. This time is different, less than 4 hours before this newsletter
print deadline, I have found enough time to make public the names of those that
helped in so many ways. These are our family members & neighbours
volunteering to make our community a better place. In the kitchen were: Sandy
Baillie, Duncan Toswell, Brian Gray, Jay Alma, Mike Rivoire, Lloyd Carr, John
Hale, Ian Oracheski & Steve Day. Returning this year to serve us once again
were the Girl Guides: Alana, Miranda, Emma, Kylie, Shannon, Madison along
with their Leaders Kelly Maheral & Karen Tremblay. Special thanks go to the
Carnival Ambassadors, Megan, Emma & Lexie who served and carried many
duties over the weekend. Without the help of those mentioned above, this event
(and many others) would not be possible. So, please take some time to
personally thank them. I also encourage you to take advantage and participate in
the many events brought to you by the MCA. Get involved; share your ideas,
spare some of your time to keep this community as vibrant as possible. Without
your commitment, a lot of the community events we all enjoyed in the past will be
jeopardized. Contact us @ the MCA for more details on how you can lend a
hand. We hope to hear from you, believe me, it’s a great way to meet great
people and have a LITTLE fun.
Mario Tremblay.

  ---------cut here--------------------------cut here----------------cut here----------------------
 TAKE NOTICE that a member may vote in person the proxy of ONE other member,
on the authority of the form provided below only.
                        Munster Community Association Inc.
                             Per. Peter Smith, President.
   PROXY – Munster Community Association Inc. Annual General Meeting
I, the undersigned member of the Munster Community Association Inc. hereby
appoint……………………………. as my nominee to attend and act at the meeting of the
members of the Munster Community Association Inc. to be held on Wednesday May 9th,
2007, at 7:30 p.m. and at any adjournment(s) thereof. This proxy shall cease to be valid at
the conclusion of the said meeting or sooner if revoked by me in writing.
Dated this……………of……………….2007.

Witness signature …………………………… Appointer’s signature …………………

(print name)          ……………………………. (print name)                              ………………….
 Munster Movie Nights
A reminder that the MCA and the City of Ottawa host movie/activity nights every
second Saturday from 6:30-9 pm at the community centre. The Movie Nights are
open to youth from 4-14 years old. On select evenings there will also be other
programs offered including crafts, karaoke and games. The Movie Nights are
being run and staffed by the City of Ottawa enabling parents to drop off children
should they choose to. Admission is $2 and there will be a canteen for snacks.
Come out and enjoy a movie in our very own Munster Community Centre

Movie Nights in April-May: April 14, 21 and May 12, 26
 1 Munster Scouts
 3oth Annual Spring Fundraiser
 Garden and Pool Supplies
 1st Munster Scouts are presently canvassing the area for orders for our only
 annual fundraiser.
 We make your spring chores easier by delivering your order to your home!!
 Our Beavers and Cubs ask that you return your orders to them by Tuesday,
 April 4th, 2007.
 Your Order will be delivered to your laneway on Saturday morning, April 14th,
 If you have any questions about the campaign, please call Kathy Ventura, 1 st
 Munster Scouts Fundraising Coordinator 613-838-2443.
 Happy Spring!

Jock River Girl Guides
  Thanks to all who supported our local Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides in our
  annual Spring Cookie Drive. The girls were out in the rain last week selling our
  traditional chocolate and vanilla Girl Guide cookies at $4 a box. We appreciate
  your continued support! We will see you in the fall with the mint chocolate
  cookies. Thanks also goes to the girls and their committed parents for
From the Editor
The next MCA Newsletter will be published in May/June 2007. Please send your
submissions to in a plain font for easier editing. Any
advertisements should be sent in a .doc or .jpeg format. Watch the
website for due dates. Thanks, Kathy.
    City of Ottawa Preschool Programs
      Spring 2007
    Twinkling Toes
    Through creative movement with basic ballet and jazz, the dancers will develop grace and
    creativity while allowing their personalities to flourish. (3-5 yrs)
    Apr 3-May 22 Tue 4:30 am-5:15 pm $37                       303276
    Soccer and T-Ball
    Introduces preschoolers to the sports of soccer and T-Ball in a fun, non-competitive way. (3-5 yrs)
    May 26-Jun 23 Sat 10:45-11:45 am $46.25                   290259
    Crafty Creations
    Children will make unique and creative crafts. Bring home a different masterpiece each week! (6-
    10 yrs)
    Apr 5-May 24 Thu                      4:30-5:30 pm $45              303277
    Home Alone
    Children learn about home safety when not being supervised by an adult. (9-13 yrs)
    May 26              Sat 10 am-4 pm           $55           290069
    Babysitting Course
    Learn good babysitting techniques with topics on rights and responsibilities, ages and stages,
    emergency procedures and introductory first aid. (12-16 yrs)
    Jun 2- 9         Sat     9 am-3:30 pm           $63.25             290086
    Sign Up Now!!
    For Information contact: or 613-580-2424 x 3327

     Summer Positions at
       Saunders Farm
 Saunders Farm is gearing up for our 6th
Summer Mazes Season and we are looking
  for enthusiastic, friendly and energetic
          people to join our team.
    Full and Part-time positions
available for adults and students in:
               Guest Relations
                Food Service
                Farm Labour
             General Maintenance
        To apply send your resume to:
   7893 Bleeks Rd. Munster, Ont. K0A 3P0
                 or email to:
                                                             Hair Design
                                                     Catherine Devine
                                                     7750 Jock Trail, Richmond, On K0A 2Z0

                From raw land to sprawling farms,
               town-homes to executive properties         1st MUNSTER SCOUT GROUP
               and every-thing in-between …call me
                                                     TONER   CARTRIDGE           RECYCLING
 Helene Hutchings                                    PROGRAM

   Realtor …. For all your Real Estate needs!            Call: Rorry Harding at 838-3791
                    831-9628                               or Gary Belding at 838-2585
   Email –
      2 Hobin St, Stittsville, On. K2S 1C4                         Thank you
      Proud to be Buying and Selling
          Munster Real Estate!

If your advertisement is missing from these pages, please send your card to in a .doc format that I know how to work with. I am only a novice
and can not work with Adobe files.
Thank you for your patience and understanding while I learn this new job.
Kathy Ventura.

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