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Much More than a Sporting Chance


Much More than a Sporting Chance

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									   250 Kooyong Road Caulfield VIC 3162
   T 03 9258 5000 F 9258 5055 ABN 16 007 342 412

                                                                 March 2007

   In this issue                Much More than
1 Much More than
  a Sporting Chance
                                          a Sporting Chance
                                Jamie Drivas’ life sounds
2 Clinical Trials Update
                                like a movie script. Only
2 Loyal Volunteering            5 years ago, after three
  Throughout the Decades        years on dialysis, Jamie
                                underwent a combined
3 Sixty Years of Living         kidney and pancreas
  with Diabetes                 transplant. In September
                                2006, through strength
3 Take the Right Steps this     and determination,
  Year to Protect Yourself      Jamie competed at the
  against Serious Winter        Australian Transplant
  Respiratory Infections        Games, held in Geelong,
                                and achieved third
4 A Day in the Life of a
  Diabetes Nurse Educator       place in the 5k time        Prof Paul Zimmet AO and Jamie Drivas, wearing the medal
                                trial cycling event.        he won at the Australian Transplant Games.

4 Making Healthy
  Choices Easy Choices          “I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was a kid, and I
5 Lift for Life Goes from
                                eventually developed kidney damage leading to renal failure,
  Strength to Strength          which meant I needed dialysis or a transplant to stay alive.”
5 Our AusDiab Study             During Jamie’s time on dialysis, his diabetes became extremely difficult
  Wins Major Public             to manage, his eyes were affected and he lost a great deal of self
  Health Award                  confidence. Fortunately, an organ donor became available, and Jamie
                                underwent the combined transplant. Such a serious procedure necessarily
6 Leading the Way               involves a lengthy period of recovery and for Jamie, the first 18 months
  in GI Testing                 after the transplant were difficult.
6 Shop at our NDSS Outlet
                                “When I first left the hospital I couldn’t even walk. It was the
7 Improving the Health of       support and encouragement of my family and friends that
  Indigenous Australians
                                got me through”.
7 A Delicious Low GI
  Autumnal Recipe               Another positive constant in Jamie’s life has been Professor Paul Zimmet
                                AO, to whom Jamie feels immense gratitude.
8 Raising Funds for the
  Institute’s Vital Work        “I’ve known Professor Zimmet since I was 12 years old.
8 International Diabetes
                                The precious thing about Professor Zimmet is his knowledge
  Institute’s Bequest           and his optimism.“
                                ...continued on page 3
                                                                                                             inside IDI 1
  Clinical Trials Update
  Clinical trials are the key to future diabetes                  Cocoa Study
  treatments and therapies. They are the fastest
  and safest way to find treatments that work                     Cocoa and chocolate contain naturally
  in people and consequently improve health.                      occurring compounds called flavanols.
                                                                  Cocoa flavanols have been shown in
  Below is an outline of three innovative                         previous short studies to reduce blood
  clinical studies which the Institute is                         pressure, improve blood flow and blood
  currently involved in.                                          vessel function, and possibly also improve
                                                                  blood sugar control.
  Keryx Study
                                                                  In a new trial, undertaken jointly with
  Protein in the urine indicates early signs                      Monash University at the Alfred, we will
  of kidney damage (diabetic nephropathy).                        examine the effect of cocoa flavanols in
  As part of a worldwide trial being undertaken                   more detail. The 6 month study will focus
  by Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, the Institute                      mainly on blood pressure control, and will
  will be testing the safety and effectiveness                    involve people with high blood pressure
  of a drug known as sulodexide, which in                         aged between 35 and 70. People with and
  previous trials has been shown to slow                          without diabetes can take part.
  down the damage to the kidney(s) caused
  by diabetes.                                                    If you are interested in participating in
                                                                  this study, please contact Libby Prior on
  If you have type 2 diabetes and early signs                     9258 5076 or Dr Anne Reutens on 9258 5043.
  of kidney disease, and you would like to take
  part in this research study, please contact                     ENDORSE Study
  Libby Prior on 9258 5076.
                                                                  Combining two treatments to control blood
                                                                  sugar is sometimes found to be more effective
                                                                  than a single treatment. This longer-term
                                                                  study aims to determine the effectiveness
                                                                  and safety of two combinations of diabetes
                                                                  treatments which are available: gliclazide
                                                                  MR combined with metformin, compared
                                                                  with rosiglitazone combined with metformin.
                                                                  If you are currently taking metformin tablets,
                                                                  and your diabetes is not well controlled,
                                                                  you may be eligible to participate in this
                                                                  study, where you will be asked to take
                                                                  a second medication for diabetes: either
                                                                  gliclazide MR or rosiglitazone. Please contact
  Three of the researchers leading the Cocoa Study: L-R Dr Anne   Maria or Libby on 9258 5095/5076 for
  Reutens, Professor Henry Krum, Professor Jonathan Shaw.         further information.

Loyal Volunteering Throughout the Decades
Definitions of what it means to be a volunteer                    a special organisation
are usually based around people who perform                       worth supporting.
a service of their own free will, often without
                                                                  Over the past 12 months,
payment. This is of course true; however missing
                                                                  thirty five volunteers
from this description is the commitment, energy
                                                                  have worked a tremendous
and generosity involved in being a volunteer.
                                                                  8,320 hours for the
All these qualities define Bronka Kaplan who has                  Institute (an average
been volunteering with the Institute for over 25                  of 160 hours per week
years. Bronka works in our Opportunity Shop,                      or the equivalent of
which she greatly enjoys:                                         just over four paid
                                                                  full time employees).
“To be able to give is very important to me”.                     We are privileged
                                                                                             Bronka Kaplan, one of our
                                                                  to have Bronka and         volunteers at the Institute’s
While Bronka does not have diabetes nor does                      all our volunteers         Opportunity Shop – 798
it run in her family, she believes the Institute is               working with us.           Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South.

2 March 2007
Sixty Years of Living                                           Take the Right Steps this
with Diabetes                                                   Year to Protect Yourself
Glenys Prescott,
a client of Professor
                                                                against Serious Winter
Paul Zimmet AO at our
diabetes clinic, recently                                       Respiratory Infections
celebrated 60 years of
victory over diabetes.                                          Influenza and pneumococcal disease can affect
                                                                anyone; however people who are older or who
Glenys was diagnosed           Glenys at the age of 3 on her    have particular medical conditions, such as
                               farm in Meeniyan, just outside
with type 1 diabetes                                            diabetes, are generally more at risk of developing
                               of Leongatha, Victoria.
at the Royal Children’s                                         complications as a result of contracting either
Hospital when she was                                           of these illnesses.
only 18 months old.                                             Simple measures to ward off influenza and
Living in rural Victoria,                                       pneumococcal diseases are:
her father had to sell
                                                                • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
the family’s best cow
                                                                • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing
to cover Glenys and her
                                                                   and sneezing
mother’s Melbourne
                                                                • Keep your hands away from your mouth
expenses. During her
                                                                   and face
stay in hospital, Glenys
was found to also have                                          • See your doctor for an influenza and
                                                                   pneumococcal vaccination
celiac disease, and her
doctor predicted (very
wrongly) that Glenys
would not reach the
age of 3.
                                                                Much More than
Glenys says she has
                                                                a Sporting Chance
                                                                ...continued from page 1
been a fighter all her      Glenys today, celebrating 60
                            years of victory over diabetes.
life. When she was 8                                            “He has taught me how to look after my
years old she attended
a camp for children with diabetes, run by the
                                                                diabetes properly, kept me up-to-date with
Royal Children’s Hospital, and there Glenys learnt              the latest diabetes technology and treatments,
how to self inject insulin. And, she has been                   and given me the confidence I needed”.
doing it ever since. Glenys estimates that she
has had about 39,000 insulin injections so far.                 A significant effect of the combined transplant
                                                                is that Jamie no longer has diabetes. While he
“Everything is trial and error with diabetes,                   is delighted by this fact, Jamie is mindful that
                                                                he needs to look after his health so that his
although we have come a long way with                           pancreas continues to function properly. To this
treatment since I was a young girl”.                            end, he continues to see Professor Zimmet for
                                                                heath monitoring.
Due to the celiac disease, Glenys has had to be                 Jamie recently completed a personal training
particularly careful with her diet, as she is unable            course, and he would like to eventually work
to eat any foods that include gluten. However,                  with people who have diabetes.
Glenys has never allowed her medical conditions
to be her major focus, living a full life. She has              “Physical activity and diet have really helped
a son, Craig and three teenage grandchildren,                   me to get my life back on track.
and she assists others whenever she can. To
acknowledge her triumph over diabetes, Glenys                   I fully understand their importance to
was recently awarded the Kellion Victory Medal.                 good health. Working as a personal trainer,
This medal is awarded annually by Diabetes                      I would like to help others to develop sound
Australia to recognise and commemorate
Australians for having survived with diabetes                   levels of physical activity”.
for 50, 60 and 70 years or more.
                                                                The World Transplant Games will be held in
For further information on the Kellion Victory                  September 2007 in Thailand. Jamie may be a
Medal, please refer to the DA website:                          contestant to look out for there.
                                                                                                      inside IDI 3
A Day in the Life of a Diabetes Nurse Educator
An interview with Brett Fenton, Credentialled Diabetes Nurse Educator
How would you describe your typical
day working at the Institute?
I think it would be fair to say there is no typical
day. Each day, I spend time educating and
providing support to clients who have diabetes,
preparing for lectures that I present to health
professionals or clients, and undertaking health
promotion projects. However, while working on
health promotion activities I can be called away
to see a client, if something urgent crops up.

What does your diabetes education
work involve?
The majority of my work is with people who
have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
                                                        Brett with one of his clients, Gillian Plummer.
My duties involve teaching them how to test their
blood glucose levels and to administer an insulin
injection, providing diabetes information, and          their diabetes self-management, and the majority
then following up to ensure that they begin             of my clients do well.
managing their diabetes treatment effectively.
When I first meet clients, an important part            Who are the health professionals
of my work is to alleviate their fears associated       that you train, and what training
with being diagnosed with diabetes. I outline           do they receive?
the principles of sound diabetes management
and do my best to assure them that most                 They come from a variety of health fields
people with diabetes can carry on with their            including Nurses, Dietitians, Diabetes Educators,
lives without too many limitations.                     GPs, Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists etc.
                                                        We provide training sessions here at the Institute
How effective is your work?                             and externally, which can include rural regions
                                                        and even overseas.
We certainly help people to better manage and
understand their diabetes. When stabilising clients     What do you like best about your work?
who take insulin, the real trick is staying in touch
regularly during the first month and adjusting          Every day I feel that I make a difference to
their insulin to keep their blood sugar levels within   people’s health and wellbeing. Educating people
the target range. I try to make contact at least        about how to improve their diabetes management
once a week. I increase their confidence about          means they often leave feeling better. It makes
                                                        my job very worthwhile.

Making Healthy Choices Easy Choices
                   Newly developed by the               Gigle helps you to:
                      International Diabetes            • Lose weight
                        Institute, Gigle is an          • Achieve a healthy balanced diet
                         innovative nutritional         • Find out the nutritional properties of a food
                         software product that          • See International Diabetes Institute
                        will help you control your        recommended foods
                      weight and diabetes.              • Create your own list of personal favourites
                                                          and know their nutritional properties
Gigle contains nutrition information and
International Diabetes Institute advice on healthy      • Create your own healthy meals
food alternatives for over 4,000 different foods.       • Plan ahead and take control with the Gigle Diary
Gigle makes diet management simple and                  • See your success and much more!
convenient for adults, parents and teenagers            Gigle is simple to install on your personal
14 years and over.                                      computer and easy to use every day.
                                                        Visit to obtain your
                                                        free 14 day trial version of Gigle.

4 March 2007
Lift for Life                                           Our AusDiab Study
Goes from Strength                                      Wins Major Public
to Strength                                             Health Award
Trained and equipped with new up-to-date
resources and the slogan Exercise made easy,
thirty providers in Victoria are now starting
Lift for Life™ classes in their own gyms across
the state.
Renee Slade, Lift for Life Program Manager,
and her team are thrilled that Lift for Life
will soon be available nationally.

“The roll-out of Lift for Life means that
many more Australians with diabetes                     Members of the AusDiab research team: L-R Elizabeth Barr,
and those who are at risk will be able                  Professor Jonathan Shaw, Shirley Murray, Adrian Cameron,
                                                        with The Hon. Bronwyn Pike MP (centre).
to participate in this beneficial strength
training program. Our goal is to have
                                                        Confirming the merit of the Institute’s research,
20,000 Australians participating by                     our Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle
the end of 2008.”                                       (AusDiab) study received the 2006 Victorian
                                                        Department of Human Services Public Health
Having a number of providers brings further             Research Award for Excellence.
flexibility to the program and select providers will
run classes in ‘out of hours’ time slots for those      Presented by the Minister for Health, The Hon.
people who cannot make daytime sessions.                Bronwyn Pike MP, the award was accepted by
                                                        Professor Jonathan Shaw, who co-manages the
“All Lift for Life accredited providers will            AusDiab study with Professor Paul Zimmet AO,
deliver the program in a way that reflects              together with members of the AusDiab team.
our medical research findings – ensuring                “This award acknowledges not only our
individualised, safe and effective programs             dedicated team of skilled researchers
for all participants. People can feel                   but also the thousands of volunteers who
                         confident they are             have participated in the study so far.”
                         participating in a
                         program that is not
                e x e r c i s e   m a d e   e a s y     The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle
                                                        (AusDiab) study is the first ever national
                         only developed by              ongoing survey of diabetes and related
                         the International              diseases. Currently, preparations have begun
                         Diabetes Institute             for the third stage of AusDiab. This will involve
                         but which the Institute        the researchers re-visiting all the study’s
                                                        participants, and recruiting another 11,000
                         continually monitors,”         people, so that we can again benchmark the
                         confirmed Renee.               nation’s health and conduct comparisons on
                                                        the rate of diabetes and related conditions,
                             Free sessions are being    such as obesity and kidney disease.
                             held at all new Lift for
Margot, the new face
                             Life providers in late     If you would like to support our work, please
of Lift for Life.                                       refer to the section called ‘Raising Funds for
                             February/early March.
                             These sessions will give   the Institute’s Vital Work’ on page 8.
people a chance to find out more about Lift for
Life, meet the trainers and decide if the program
is right for them. To find the closest provider near
you, please call Lift for Life on 1300 733 143.

                                                                                                          inside IDI 5
Leading the Way in GI Testing
We are now all becoming familiar with the
acronym GI, which stands for Glycaemic Index,
and describes the ranking of how different
carbohydrates affect our blood glucose levels.
Low GI foods are beneficial for people who have
diabetes because they don’t raise blood glucose
levels quickly. For a food to have a low GI it must
have a GI rating of 55 or lower.
The Institute operates one of the two major            Members of our GI testing team: L-R Deanna Pattieson,
GI testing sites in Australia, the other being in      Dr Carol Robinson, Dr Fiona Kelly.
Sydney University. The Institute’s Food Science
Manager, Dr Carol Robinson says,                       The second method is in vitro (Latin for ‘in
                                                       glass’), and describes laboratory testing. The
“Our service provides food companies                   results obtained by this method are estimates
                                                       and can only be used in product development.
with scientifically valid information
                                                       Carol leads a team of 10 staff, and they test
about the GI levels of their food products.            many different foods including breads, cereals,
This is useful in the development of new               muesli bars, yoghurts and muffins.
products to ensure that they meet the                  “We have worked hard to ensure the
standards that consumers now expect                    quality of our testing is high, and we liaise
or as a validation of the GI of familiar               with major food companies who have a
brands. The manufacturers can include                  high regard for our service. We believe
the GI rating on their labels and this                 the Institute’s GI testing service provides
independent test builds confidence                     valuable information to manufacturers
as to the accuracy of the claim”.                      and people with diabetes as we all strive
The testing process takes approximately one week       to make healthier food choices.”
for each product. There are two types of testing,
the most accurate being the in vivo method, which      We are always looking for volunteers in the GI
is a Latin phrase meaning ‘in life’ and describes      testing of food. Conditions include not having
the testing of a product using human participants.     diabetes and being under the age of 45. If you
                                                       are interested, please call Deanna on 9258 5923.

Shop at our NDSS Outlet
      (National Diabetes Supply Scheme)
The outlet is located                                  The Institute operates the NDSS outlet as
within our D’Café on                                   a subagent for Diabetes Australia. Products
the Kooyong Road                                       available through the NDSS are subsidised
side of our Caulfield                                  by the Australian Government but the staffing
site. Here you can buy                                 costs are met by the Institute. We are most
your diabetes supplies                                 grateful to the volunteers who assist in the
including syringes,                                    NDSS, who together with Faye Browne, our
needles for special                                    NDSS Coordinator, provide an informative
injection pens and     Faye Kirkwood, one of our       and efficient service for our clients.
test strips at         fantastic volunteers, with
                       Faye Brown, NDSS Coordinator.   Opening hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am to
subsidised prices.
                                                       5:00pm. The outlet is closed on public holidays
Registration to purchase from this outlet is free      and during the Christmas/New Year break.
of charge, and is available to people with diabetes
                                                       For more information call Faye Brown on
who live in Australia and hold, or are eligible
                                                       9258 5921.
to hold, a Medicare card. Registration forms
are available at the Institute or online from
Diabetes Australia.

6 March 2007
Improving the Health                                               A Delicious Low GI
of Indigenous Australians                                          Autumnal Recipe
The International Diabetes Federation Conference on                Hearty tomato & olive pasta soup
‘Diabetes in Indigenous People’ was held in Melbourne
late last year. During the Forum, Professor Paul Zimmet            2 teaspoons olive oil
AO reported that the Australian Aboriginal community               2 cloves garlic, crushed
has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world.
                                                                   1 medium onion, chopped
“An estimated one in five Indigenous Australians                   100g shaved 97% fat-free ham
has diabetes. And, for every diagnosed case of                     1 medium red capsicum, seeded and chopped
diabetes, up to four are undiagnosed”.                             1 kg ripe tomatoes, chopped
Professor Zimmet believes the alarming rate of diabetes            4 cups (I litre) reduced-salt vegetable stock
within Aboriginal Australians is due to their social               1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
disadvantage, including inadequate access to health
care and the adoption of the western lifestyle.                    400g can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
                                                                   155g fettuccine, broken into small pieces
“Many Indigenous people eat a diet rich in
                                                                   1/3 cup (50g) Kalamata olives in brine,
fatty foods and refined sugars instead of                          drained and roughly chopped
their traditional foods. Then you also have                        2 tablespoons finely shredded fresh basil
Indigenous people who leave their homeland
and come into the city, where fast foods and
                                                                   1. Heat the oil in a large pan, add the garlic
an inactive lifestyle contribute to high levels of                    and onion and cook over medium heat
obesity and type 2 diabetes. This really is the                       for 5 minutes or until the onion is golden.
biggest epidemic Australia’s ever faced in our                     2. Add the ham and chopped capsicum
                                                                      and cook for 5 minutes or until the
Indigenous community.”                                                ham is browned.
At the Forum, Professor Zimmet added his voice to the              3. Add the tomatoes, stock and vinegar.
                                                                      Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and
campaign asking the United Nations to declare diabetes
                                                                      simmer for 20 minutes or until the
an international disaster. In December 2006 came news
                                                                      tomatoes are pulpy.
                                     that the UN General
                                     Assembly adopted              4. Add the chickpeas and fettuccine.
                                     the landmark                     Simmer, stirring occasionally, for
                                     resolution declaring             7-10 minutes or until the pasta is
                                                                      cooked. Stir in the olives and basil
                                     each November 14
                                                                      just before serving.
                                     as the UN World
                                     Diabetes Day.
                                                                   Serves 6
                                              This initiative
                                              will help increase   Per serve: fat 5g, protein 13.5g,
                                              global awareness     carbohydrate 31.5g, fibre 5g,
Christine Anu (3rd from right) led delegates  of diabetes and      cholesterol 14mg, energy 955kJ (230 Cal),
from the Diabetes in Indigenous People       its complications.    GI 35 M low
Forum, including Prof Paul Zimmet AO
(left) and Prof Peter Little, President      A targeted
Diabetes Australia (second from left),       campaign with
on the Australian leg of a global walk       the involvement                      From the recipe book
to mark World Diabetes Day on 14             of more than 150                     Diabetes 2 by Jody Vassallo.
November 2006.                               countries will                       To buy this book, please
                                             benefit people with                  access our online shop at
diabetes and those at risk across the world, hopefully                  
providing further assistance to our Indigenous people                             and then click on the
and all Australians with diabetes.                                                IDI Shop button.
Find out more by logging onto:
and you too can unite for diabetes.

                                                                                                      inside IDI 7
Raising Funds for the Institute’s Vital Work
A common misconception is that not-for-profit                                       Other ways you can directly support the
organisations which provide services to the                                         Institute include participating in our:
community are funded by Government. Many
readers may be surprised by our graph below,                                        Gift in lieu program – ask your family and
which shows how the Institute is funded. In total,                                  friends to make a donation to the Institute
government funding makes up less than 20%, with                                     instead of giving you a gift. This can be used
fundraising being our greatest source of revenue.                                   for any special occasion including birthdays,
                                                                                    anniversaries, weddings, and bar mitzvahs.
         Institutes sources of revenue 2003–2006                                    In memoriam program – a significant way
                                                   Fundraising 32.8%
                                                                                    to remember a loved one is to make a donation
                                                   Business Initiatives 29.3%
                                                                                    in their name. For many, supporting their
                                                   Victorian Government 6.1%        favourite charity is more meaningful than
                                                   Australian Government 12.2%      sending flowers.
                                                   Clinical Services 13.8%

                                                   Opportunity Shop and Café 4.1%
                                                                                    Please contact Catherine Amies on 9258 5026
                                                   Investment Income 1.7%
                                                                                    or if you would like further
                                                                                    information about our gift in lieu or in
                                                                                    memoriam programs.
The Institute relies heavily on the generosity of                                   Online shop – browse through
donors to support essential programs and research.                                  our extensive range of products
This is why our fundraising appeals (of which this                                  such as food, books, socks,
newsletter is one) and our raffles program are                                      insulin products etc and make a purchase from
so important to us. Funds raised through our                                        the comfort of your own home. Please access our
Appeal Program sustain our work and help us to                                      website: and then click
achieve our Vision: Finding a cure for, or a means                                  on the IDI Shop button.
of preventing diabetes and its complications, and to
provide care for those who have diabetes or are at risk.                            Our products are also for sale in our café
                                                                                    at 250 Kooyong Road, Caulfield.

 International Diabetes Institute’s Bequest Program
 A bequest is a gift written in your will for a particular person or organisation.
 It is a way you can make a lasting contribution to the work of International
 Diabetes Institute without affecting your current financial situation.
 The possibility of making a bequest is available to everyone, and it can take
 many forms including a sum of money, a percentage of an estate, property,
 shares, jewellery, artwork etc.
     My husband has received great care and support from International Diabetes
     Institute, so we decided we would like to leave the Institute a percentage
     of our estate. We discussed this with our children first, who thought it was
     a great idea, and then we went to see our solicitor to make the change to
     our will.
     – Anonymous bequestor
 Included with this newsletter is a copy of our new bequest brochure The will
 to beat diabetes, which provides information about making a bequest to
 the Institute.

  A big thank you to our supporters
  Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to us with their thoughts on the September edition
  of ‘Inside IDI’. We hope that you enjoy your pair of Red Robin Circulation Socks, which were very
  generously donated by the manufacturers, Jockey Australia. Red Robin Circulation Socks are especially
  designed for people with diabetes, and are available from the D Café at the Institute, or via our website.

  Inside IDI is available by email
  If you would like to receive this newsletter electronically, please email

8 March 2007

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