WHF NEWSLETTER FALL 2008 by rvk23499


									FALL 2008

    "Leadership to me means duty, honor, country. It means character, and it means listening."
                                                                                          - President George W. Bush

              CLAY JOHNSON                                             WHITE HOUSE FELLOWS
                 WELCOMES                                           FOUNDATION AND ASSOCIATION
            THE 2008-2009 CLASS OF                                       ANNUAL MEETING
           WHITE HOUSE FELLOWS                                             October 23 – 25
                                                                           Washington, DC
                                                                   THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23
                                                                   US Chamber of Commerce│7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
                                                                   Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Lee Hamilton,
                                                                   George Stephanopoulos, Steve Inskeep, Brooks John-
                                                                   son, Jose Vargas, Mac McLarty, AMB Clayton Yeut-
                                                                   ter, , AMB Jack Matlock, AMB John Bruton, David
                                                                   Frum, Bob Shrum, Peter Godwin, and Dep. FDIC
                                                                   Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg.

                                                                   Willard Intercontinental Hotel │6:15 – 8:00 PM
                                                                   Welcome Reception for the WHF Class of 2008-09
                                                                   and Friends of the White House Fellows
Clay Johnson, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and
Budget, joined the new class of fellows for lunch at 712 Jackson   Class Dinners │8:00 PM
Place on September 9.
                                                                   FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24
Clay Johnson, Deputy Director for Management                       US Chamber of Commerce│7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
in the Office of Management and Budget is a                        Gen. Peter Pace, USMC (Ret), Dr. Cheng Li, Philip J.
long-time friend and supporter of the Presi-                       Zelikow, LTG Ann Dunwoody, LTG Douglas Lute,
dent’s Commission on White House Fellow-                           AMB Martin Indyk, AMB David Abshire, AG
ships. In his role as President Bush’s Assistant                   Michael Mukasey, Smart Power Commissioner Rick
for Presidential Personnel, Clay Johnson was                       Barton, and WHF Sharing Session
responsible for building a world class Fellows                     The Capital Hilton Hotel│6:30 PM
Commission and ensuring that the Program was                       Reception and 2008 Legacy of Leadership Dinner:
well understood by President Bush’s cabinet and                    Presentation of the 2008 John W. Gardner Legacy of
senior officials. In addition to having Fellows                    Leadership Award to Walter J. Humann (1966-67) and
work directly for him at OMB, he meets each                        Recognition of David Rockefeller as the Recipient of
week with the Program Director and has served                      the 2008 Jack Valenti Friend of the White House
as a personal mentor for many of the 119                           Fellows Award
Fellows he has come to know during his tenure                      SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25
in the White House. As is his tradition, he                        The Newseum│8:45 AM
kicked off the speaker series for the new class                    Behind the Scenes Tour of the Newseum and lunch at
with a candid discussion on life, leadership, and                  The Source by Wolfgang Puck
                                                                   Please visit www.whff.org for details and registration.

The class of l978 - l979 celebrated it's 30th anniversary with a reunion and retrospective in Napa, California
on May 29 – 31, 2008. Twelve of our fifteen members attended along with spouses and partners. The level
of participation was remarkable and bittersweet: One classmate, David Caulkins, passed away the previous
year and his spouse, Susan Rice, attended in his place. Another member, Mike Wheeler, missed the event
only due to his father’s illness. The extensive three day reunion of this unusually close class follows earlier
reunions on their 20th and 25th. The objectives for the weekend were threefold: to “check-in” and share
personal reflections about life, family and experiences; to derive lessons about leadership and civic
contributions gained over 30 years; and to discuss what the class should do during their third stage of life.
This reunion was based on the premise that the mission and purpose of the White House Fellows still
holds relevance in our lives and that the guiding words of
John Gardner, to serve and provide leadership, should hold
true, even in retirement.

The group's discussion illuminated an intriguing notion for
the White House Fellows Program — that as life
expectancy increases and the baby boomer cohort (heavily
represented among White House Fellows alumni) doubles
the number of older persons, the opportunity for leader-
ship into our elder years will increase. Coupling this fact
with the pressing concerns of the nation and challenging
                                                              Ike Leggett, Jim Padilla, John Saxon, Jim Scott and
issues that may be more pronounced in the next 20-30          Fran Harvey (L to R) let loose and sing along to
years, older and retired White House Fellows may have an "Duke of Earl."
increased obligation to continue providing leadership. This
30th reunion generated animated discussions and debates about the nature of this leadership and how to
continue being involved into one's latter years. Each member of this class has a litany of personal and
professional accomplishments, yet each has struggled to achieve a balance between family, personal needs
and leadership. Each has also faced adversity and the vicissitudes of life but has found in their WHF class
(1978-79) a support system and extended family.

The reunion and retrospective served to strengthen our class bonds and to reinforce the importance of stay-
ing involved while managing the next phase of our lives — one that may include retirement, leisure and
grandchildren but that can also continue to include volunteerism, activism, and community contributions.
                                                                     All was not work however. The class
                                                                     continued our tradition of fun and
                                                                     adventures with a wine tour of the
                                                                     Napa Valley and reminiscing over an
                                                                     August, 1978, Smithsonian magazine
                                                                     that profiled our final selection week-
                                                                     end as well as a long buried recording
                                                                     of the first – ever – satirical skit of that
                                                                     final selection weekend.

                                                                                   -Contributed by Fernando Torres-Gil
                                                          From top, L to R: Dan Schwartz, Teresa Schwarz, Fernando
                                                          Torres-Gil, Steve Hill, Susan Rice, Catherine Leggett, Ike
                                                          Leggett, Craig Ritchey, Kathy Hallsten, Jim Scott, John
                                                          Saxon, Sandy Hill, Judy Brown, David Ward Mary Harvey,
                                                          Elvira Castillo, Diane Wong, Betsy Saxon, Jim Padilla, Nelson
                                                          Dong, Fran Harvey, Cora Scott, Carolyn Chin, Alice Padilla

On the heels of Labor Day, the fourteen newest members of the
White House Fellows program each found their way to Washington,
D.C. For some, it was as simple as crossing the Potomac, while for
others it involved international flights and departures from combat
zones. Most arrived with images of things presidential and powerful,
but the first day was really about paperwork and passwords. We
had, however, advanced and arrived as the Class of 2008-2009. Our
first task: RETREAT!
While some military members of the class rejected the notion of retreating on principle, the truth is our
three-day trip to McLean and Warrenton, Virginia would become the longest time we had spent together as
a class since it all began. Regionals were disparate and Nationals were constrained by anxiety, but this re-
treat was singularly about coalescing fourteen into one. It worked.
                           I am not sure that every alumnus would be proud to hear that a few of us started our
                           adventure by swiftly changing clothes at 8 a.m. on the corner of Connecticut and H
                           Street, but the pending ropes confidence course tested our ability to adapt as we pre-
                           pared to load the bus. The staff of InnerQuest met us with enthusiasm at The
                           Madeira School (so did classmate Everett Spain, whose unexpected and top-secret
                           arrival straight from Baghdad made the rest of us smile). Thus began the team build-
                           ing exercises that culminated with “The Challenge Course” — a forty-foot climb to a
                           mid-air gangplank which tested us individually and collectively. Some were afraid of
                           heights. Others questioned knots and tensile strength. Several jumped with their
                           eyes closed while screaming expletives (the students passing by were not listening).
                           None of us looked good in the silly helmets, but it was hard not to admit that it was
                                 fun and good for the team.
  David Loaiza changes into
  his ropes course attire on the
                              Another bus-ride away, Airlie House awaited and seemed to be in a different
  corner of Connecticut and H.
                              time zone as the schedule began with “Free Time” that ended when the
                              “Welcome Reception” began. Rope burns aside, we relaxed as a group and got
about the business of getting to better know one another and preparing for the full year. We learned a great
deal over the next two days. There was a promise of love and respect, despite the absence of future birth-
day greetings from the program director. There was etiquette class (which three of us failed before even
sitting down). And, we even learned that one of us has chosen not to wear underpants for 15 years (we are
thankful he arrived at Connecticut and H already adequately dressed for the ropes course). Honestly, here
is what we agreed upon: we are lucky to be Fellows, we are humbled to be in Washington this year, and,
despite all the fascinating opportunities that might come before us, the best part of the experience will be
the 13 others we get to share it with.
We would like to thank everyone associated with
the White House Fellows Program and Alumni
Association for making the retreat possible and so
rewarding. It worked.
We are now ready to ATTACK!
                         -Contributed by Ryan Janovic

             Top, L to R: Dan Fletcher, David Loaiza, Ryan Jano-
             vic, Jason Snyder, Chris Meyer, David Rawlinson,
             Brian Alexander, Eyrique Miller. Bottom, L to R:
             Sarita James, Nicole Malachowski, Everett Spain,
             Mike Hayes, Margaret Angell, Nadine Gracia.

                    BRIAN ALEXANDER
                    Hometown: Southfield, Michigan. Brian Alexander most recently served as a physi-
                    cian resident at the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program and holds a Master’s Degree
                    in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Alexander was active
                    in clinical and translational cancer research with multiple projects published in peer-
                    reviewed journals and works as a policy analyst/consultant for the Massachusetts Divi-
                    sion of Healthcare Finance and Policy. He completed his medical training at the Uni-
versity of Michigan Medical School where he graduated in the top five in his class, received the Dean’s
Commendation for Excellence in Clinical Skills and the Art of Medicine and was inducted into the Alpha
Omega Alpha Honor Society. While at Michigan, Brian received multiple awards for research in the field of
oncology, chaired two health policy interest groups, acted as the student delegate to the American Medical
Association, served on a countywide health policy think tank and attended the Washington Institute for
Health Policy Leadership. He holds a B.A. in Health Sciences with a minor in Mathematics from Kalama-
zoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude in addition to
playing quarterback and wide receiver for the K-College Hornet Football Team. Work Placement: De-
partment of Veterans Affairs.

                    MARGARET ANGELL
                    Hometown: New York, New York. Margaret Angell served as the Special Assistant
                    to the Chief Operating Officer of Boston Public Schools, where she managed the op-
                    erational and financial responsibilities of rolling out universal preschool programs for
                    four-year-olds in Boston. Margaret was also an appointed member of Governor Deval
                    Patrick's Readiness Project, a statewide council developing a ten-year plan for improving
                    education in Massachusetts. She is a graduate of the Broad Residency in Urban Educa-
tion, a two-year management development program that trains graduates of business, public policy, and law
schools for leadership positions in school districts. Margaret previously worked for Take the Field, a public-
private partnership dedicated to rebuilding New York City’s public high school sports facilities. She began
her career in corporate finance, first in the investment banking division of J.P. Morgan, and then in the Stra-
tegic Planning Department of Time Inc. In 2004, Margaret raced in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials for
the Athens Summer Games, finishing in 2:44. She founded the ALS Marathon Team, which has raised over
$650,000 for research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Margaret received an A.B. cum laude in Economics
from Harvard University, an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, and an M.P.A. from the John F. Ken-
nedy School of Government. Work Placement: Department of Housing and Urban Development.

                    DANIEL FLETCHER
                    Hometown: Berkeley, California. Daniel Fletcher most recently served as an Associ-
                    ate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley and Deputy
                    Division Director of Physical Biosciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
                    His research focuses on the development of new biomedical technologies and the study
                    of cellular biophysics. Research honors include a National Science Foundation Career
                    Award, National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventors Award, and Hellman
Family Faculty Fund Award. He is also co-founder of a biotechnology company focusing on needle-free
drug delivery and has provided technical consulting for several high-tech ventures. Dan received a B.S.
summa cum laude in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Engi-
neering Science from Oxford University where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He received a Ph.D. in Mechani-
cal Engineering from Stanford University as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and
was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is part of the
Berkeley Biophysics program and Nanoscale Science and Engineering program and a Faculty Affiliate of
the QB3 Institute. Dan teaches undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley and founded The Sci-
ence Bus, an after-school science enrichment program for elementary school students. Work Placement:
Office of Science and Technology, The White House.
The fourteen members of the 2008-09 Class will to visit Chicago and Detroit for their first Domestic
Study Trip, October 27-30. The class and program staff owe a huge debt of gratitude to area WHF
alums—especially John Borling, John McCarter, Pastora Cafferty, Kathy White, Reggie Turner, Martha
Anne Donnelly, Jim O’Connor, David Webster, Barrye Price, Don Haider, and Paul Anderson

                   J. NADINE GRACIA Hometown: Novato, California. Nadine Gracia is a pediatri-
                   cian and violence prevention researcher. She was a general pediatrics research fellow at
                   the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and received a Master of Science in Clinical Epi-
                   demiology from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research addresses community-
                   level risk factors for violence and the evaluation of neighborhood interventions to reduce
                   violence. She is an associate of the Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Cen-
                   ter. She earned her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medi-
                   cine. She then completed pediatrics residency and served as Chief Pediatrics Resident at
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She is a National President Emeritus of the Student National Medical
Association and a past Postgraduate Physician Trustee of the National Medical Association. She is a moti-
vational speaker and career coach for thousands of students and physicians. She also conducts workshops
throughout the country on leadership development, diplomacy, and strategic planning. She serves the com-
munity on issues of political awareness, health, and educational achievement through Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority. Fluent in French and Haitian Creole, she earned a B.A. with honors in French at Stanford Univer-
sity. Work Placement: Department of Health and Human Services.

                    MICHAEL HAYES Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mike Hayes is a Lieu-
                    tenant Commander in the United States Navy and a United States Navy SEAL. His
                    fifteen year career has included deployments throughout South America, Europe, and
                    the Middle East in support of the War on Drugs, operations in Bosnia and Kosovo, and
                    Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. His most recent assignment at
                    SEAL Team TEN included seven months as the Deputy Commander for all Special
                    Operations Forces in Al-Anbar province, Iraq. In 2002, Mike was chosen as the Navy’s
                    “Politico-Military Fellow” and subsequently received his M.A. in Public Policy from
Harvard’s J.F.K. School of Government. Mike received his B.A. from Holy Cross College, where he was an
active Big Brother. His military decorations include the Combat Action Ribbon and the Bronze Star (with
“V”) for valor in combat. Mike’s work has been published by the RAND Corporation; he is active in the
Knights of Columbus, and fluent in German and Spanish.
Work Placement: National Security Council, The White House.

                    SARITA JAMES
                    Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sarita James most recently served as Senior Vice
                    President of the 50-person Strategy and Policy Division at New York City Economic
                    Development Corporation. Prior to NYCEDC, Sarita worked as a management consult-
                    ant for McKinsey & Company, where she advised clients in the technology and telecom-
                    munications industries. She began her career as a Program Manager at Microsoft Corpo-
                    ration, where she was awarded two patents and served on the board of its 2000+-
member women’s organization. In 1994, she received the Grand Prize at the International Science and En-
gineering Fair for her research on software speech recognition. Sarita’s humor writing has appeared in The
New York Times, and she has received a first offer on her upcoming memoir, Indian in Indiana: Adventures of a
Misfit from America’s Heartland. She has run the 2003 ING New York City Marathon and cycled in the 2000
Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, a 200-mile, one-day event. Sarita spent a formative summer volunteering
with Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Calcutta and serves on the board of Ankur Kala, a Calcutta-based
women’s non-profit organization. She received a B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard College and her
M.B.A. from Oxford University’s Said Business School.
Work Placement: Department of Energy.

                     RYAN JANOVIC
                     Hometown: Akron, Ohio. Ryan Janovic is a Major in the United States Army and a
                     credentialed Special Agent with fifteen years of experience within the national intelli-
                     gence community. He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he
                     worked political, military, and economic effects coordination within the U.S. Embassy –
                     Baghdad. He facilitated and directly participated in bilateral engagements with four of
                     Iraq’s neighbors, to include unprecedented talks in Syria and Saudi Arabia. Most re-
cently, Ryan was the Operations Officer for the Army’s largest strategic counterintelligence unit, responsible
for sensitive espionage and counterterrorism investigations and operations throughout the United States
and overseas. As a Captain, he was one of only eighteen officers throughout the Army selected to receive
the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award. As the youngest ever Eagle Scout in Summit County,
Ryan represented Ohio at the World Jamboree in Sydney, Australia. He remains very involved with Scout-
ing and assisting victims of violent crimes as part of the Victim Witness Assistance Program. A graduate of
the Army's Command and General Staff College, he holds an additional qualifier as an Army Strategist. He
received his B.S. degree from the United States Military Academy and his M.B.A. from Webster University.
Work Placement: Department of Agriculture.

                     DAVID LOAIZA
                     Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico. David Loaiza most recently served as a techni-
                     cal staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and an advisor to the Depart-
                     ment of Energy’s Office of Dismantlement and Transparency. He contributed to the
                     development of U.S. non-proliferation policy at the national and international level. He
                     worked as a technical team lead for U.S. Delegations monitoring the denuclearization of
                     North Korea and additionally provided technical briefs and training to the International
Atomic Energy Agency. David has fourteen years of experience leading research programs in radiation de-
tection and critical mass experiments. He has performed experiments with highly enriched uranium, pluto-
nium and neptunium to support the DOE Nuclear Spent Fuel, Nuclear Criticality Safety and Nonprolifera-
tion Programs as well as Yucca Mountain Project and NASA. He has published and presented his work at
national and international conferences. His interests include running marathons, playing polo, soccer, and
ballroom dancing. David is proficient in Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. He holds a B.S., M.S., and
PhD. in Nuclear Engineering and an M.B.A. from the University of New Mexico. Work Placement: Of-
fice of Management and Budget

                    NICOLE MALACHOWSKI
                    Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada. Nicole M. E. Malachowski is a Major in the United
                    States Air Force with over 2,100 flying hours. She flew the F-15E in three operational
                    fighter squadrons, gaining combat hours in Operation DELIBERATE FORGE and
                    Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, and was honored to provide air cover over Baghdad,
                    Iraq, on their historic election day. Nicole also flew the F-16C/D as Thunderbird #3
                    with the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron and was the first woman to fly on any
                    Department of Defense military jet demonstration team. She proudly served alongside
the United States Army 2nd Infantry Division, Republic of Korea, as an Air Liaison Officer. Malachowski
most recently served as Deputy Chief, Commander’s Action Group, at the United States Air Force Warfare
Center. She received her B.S. in Management, with a minor in French, from the U.S. Air Force Academy
and recently earned an M.A., with honors, in National Security Policy from American Military University.
Recognized for her community contributions, Nicole was honored with a Nevada State Assembly Resolu-
tion and inducted to the “Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame.” Dedicated to mentor-
ing the next generation of Americans, she is a frequent motivational speaker at local, state, and national
events. Work Placement: General Services Administration.

                    CHRISTOPHER MEYER
                    Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana. Chris Meyer most recently was a Health Policy
                    Fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. In 2004, he became a Teach
                    For America Corps Member in New Orleans, where he taught high school social studies
                    and coached basketball. After Hurricane Katrina, he led over 200 evacuee students to
                    achieve significant academic gains. In recognition of his teaching success and dedication
                    to the New Orleans community, Meyer was selected as a school principal for Teach For
America’s summer institute. Beyond the classroom, Meyer has served as a Policy Coordinator for Louisiana
Governor Bobby Jindal. He owns a small business in his hometown, Shreveport, LA, and has volunteered
and interned at the White House, in Congress, and in the Office of the Mayor of New York City. Meyer is
the youngest person to be elected as a Louisiana delegate to the Republican National Convention, where in
2004 he spoke about education reform. He recently received his M.P.P from Harvard’s Kennedy School of
Government where he was a Public Service Fellow and teaching assistant. He is a Phi Beta Kappa, summa
cum laude graduate of Tulane University where he received his B.A. in Political Science and Political Econ-
omy. He and his wife Alice are committed to working to strengthen Louisiana. Work Placement: Depart-
ment of Defense.

                     EYRIQUE MILLER
                     Hometown: Middletown, New Jersey. Eyrique Miller most recently worked on be-
                     half of Citicorp as the Director of Entrepreneur Services for Endeavor, a non-profit
                     focused on high-impact entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Prior to assuming this
                     role, Eyrique was a Vice President in Citi’s Global Technology Investment Banking
                     Group providing technology clients with advice on a broad range of transactions in-
                     cluding both mergers and acquisitions and financing, and was responsible for managing
all aspects of transaction execution. Eyrique earned an M.B.A. in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management
from the Wharton School. Prior to Wharton, he worked at Lucent Technologies as a systems engineer in
Optical Networking and Communications Software. He holds an M.S.E. in Telecommunications and Net-
working from the University of Pennsylvania. Eyrique graduated from Rutgers University cum laude with a
B.S. in Industrial Engineering as a NACME Corporate Scholar. In his community, he serves on the board
of The York Street Project, an organization that provides housing, education and daycare services to
homeless women and their children and has been a volunteer with Rising Tide Capital, a non-profit organi-
zation dedicated to the economic empowerment of low-income communities through entrepreneurship,
and New York Cares as part of their annual Secret Santa Program. Work Placement: Millennium Chal-
lenge Corporation.

                   DAVID RAWLINSON
                   Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina. David Rawlinson served as the class com-
                   mencement speaker at his recent graduation from Harvard Business School where he
                   earned his M.B.A. While attending Harvard, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of The
                   Harbus, the historic Harvard Business School weekly. Prior to enrolling in business
                   school, David practiced with the law firms of Locke, Liddell & Sapp, and Kirkpatrick &
                   Lockhart Nicholson Graham (K&L). His practice included representing Fortune 100
companies before domestic and international agencies and courts. David served as the associate representa-
tive to K&L’s management committee. He frequently presents on subjects related to his legal expertise,
including submitting testimony to the U.S. Congress. David received a J.D. from the University of South
Carolina. He received his B.A. in Political Science from The Citadel. David was appointed in 1997 to the
White House Conference on Youth, Drugs and Violence. He also served on the Dallas Tax Increment Fi-
nance Board, graduated from Leadership Dallas, and is a Truman Scholar. He has also served on numerous
non-profit boards of directors, including the board of Bryan’s House, a pediatric HIV/AIDS organization.
Work Placement: Chief of Staff, The White House.

                    JASON SNYDER
                                                         EVENTS AND SPEAKERS
                    Hometown: Los Angeles,
                    California. Jason Snyder most       President George W. Bush
                    recently served as a social stud-   October 2│The White House
                    ies teacher at Wakefield High
                    School in Arlington, Virginia.      Heritage Foundation Briefing
                    He has taught government, his-      October 7 │The Heritage Foundation
tory, and economics for six years in public secon-
dary schools and for one year at the China Foreign      Former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card
Affairs University in Beijing. Prior to teaching at     October 9 │712 Jackson Place
Wakefield High School, Jason practiced education
and appellate law at Hogan & Hartson LLP, where         Roger Porter, Kennedy School of Government
he advised school districts and drafted briefs in       October 22 │712 Jackson Place
appellate courts, including the U.S. Supreme
                                                        White House Fellows Foundation and Asso-
Court. He also served as a law clerk to a federal
                                                        ciation Annual Meeting
judge at the U.S. District Court for the District of    October 23-25│Washington, DC
Columbia. Among his community activities, Jason
founded a Cub Scout pack in a public housing de-        Domestic Study Trip
velopment, represented children as a guardian ad        October 27-30│Detroit, MI & Chicago, IL
litem, and served on the Board of Trustees of a
public charter school. Jason earned a J.D. from         Governor Jeb Bush
UC Berkeley School of Law, a M.Ed. from                 October 31│712 Jackson Place
U.C.L.A., and an A.B., with honors, in Public Policy
from Stanford University. He served as Stanford         US Chamber of Commerce President
student body co-president and Editor-in-Chief of        Tom Donohue Reception and Dinner
the California Law Review at Berkeley. Jason is cur-    November 13│US Chamber of Commerce
rently pursuing a doctorate in urban education
leadership from Columbia University Teachers            White House Fellows Founder's Month
College. He enjoys spending his free time with his      Events in New York, Seattle, Boston, Stanford
wife and young daughter. Work Placement:                University, Washington, and Chicago
Department of Education.                                Please visit www.whff.org for full details.

                   EVERETT SPAIN
                   Hometown: Pensacola, Florida. Everett S. Spain is a United States Army Officer.
                   He recently returned from 18 months as the Aide-de-Camp to the Commanding
                   General, Multi-National Force-Iraq. Previously, he served as an Assistant Professor
                   at West Point, where he designed the course Leading Organizations through Change,
                   served as the Director for the Cubbies Club (seventy toddlers), and volunteered for
                   the Orange County Special Olympics. As a Company Commander in Europe and
Kosovo, his unit received the Itschner Award, given annually to the most outstanding engineer com-
pany in the United States Army. As a junior officer at Fort Bragg, Everett won the 82d Airborne Divi-
sion Best Ranger Team Competition. An undergraduate at West Point, Everett competed on the Tri-
athlon Team, served as the Brigade Executive Officer, and received the Association of Graduates
Award for finishing third in his class. While earning his M.B.A. from Duke University, he was selected
by his peers for the Spaulding Award for Leadership. Everett has published several articles on leader-
ship and received the MacArthur Leadership Writing Award. Everett is also the recipient of the Com-
bat Action Badge, Bronze Star Medal, Master Parachutist Wings, and the Purple Heart. Everett and
Julia Spain are the proud parents of four children. Work Placement: Department of the Treasury.

Janet Abrams (94-95) is the Director of the Public Management Program at the Stanford
Graduate School of Business.

Bobbie Doorenbos (07-08) has been assigned as a speechwriter in the National Guard Bureau in
Washington, DC.

Dawn Dunlop (07-08) is the Chief of the Senate Liaison Division for the Department of the
Air Force.

Eric Greitens (05-06) Leading Authorities has just published his book, Strength and

Jonathan George (88-89) is the Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for Military Applica-
tions, Office of Defense Programs, in the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Ad-
ministration in Washington, DC.

Bob Johnson (87-88) is Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Ground Systems for BAE Corpo-
ration in Rosslyn, VA.

Fred Kacher (04-05) is the Commanding Officer of the USS Stockdale.

Sharon Kiely (94-95) is the Medical Director for Quality and Patient Safety at Allegheny General
Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine in Pitts-
burgh, PA.

Jerome Loughridge (03-04) is the Chief Operating Officer for Great White Energy Services in
Oklahoma City, OK.

Alan Marty (88-89) has been named Managing Partner of Legacy Venture in Palo Alto, CA.

Travis Matheson (07-08) has returned to the Washington State Patrol, where he is a Lieutenant
in the Criminal Investigation Division.

Pat McClanahan (04-05) has graduated from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces at the
National Defense University and is now assigned to the J-4 Directorate (Logistics), The Joint Staff,
in the Pentagon.

Mark Montgomery (98-99) is the Commander of Destroyer Squadron FIFTEEN
homeported in Coronado, CA.

Stuart Munsch (00-01) is the Commander of Submarine Development Squadron FIVE,
homeported in Silverdale, WA.

Sean O’Connor (97-98) has relinquished command of the USS Lake Champlain and reported to
the J-8 Directorate of the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, where he is Chief of the Program and
Budget Analysis Division.

Ed Rice (90-91) is the Commander of U.S. Air Force, Japan, and 5th Air Force.

Lois Scott (97-98) has been promoted from Managing Director to President of Scott
Balice Strategies, LLC in Chicago, IL.

Andy Smarick (07-08) is now the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education, OPEPD, in Wash-
ington, DC.

Dan Sullivan (02-03) is the Assistant Secretary of State for Economics, Energy and Business Af-

John Tien (98-99) has completed his Senior Service College Fellowship at the JFK School of
Government and reported to the National Security Council, where he is manning the Iraq/
Afghanistan desk.

Ariel Zwang (99-00) has left her position as Executive Director of New York Cares to become
the CEO of Safe Horizon in New York City.

                                   Staff Assistant Sally Griffith (pictured left) joined the staff on
                                   September 3. She graduated from Wake Forest with a BA in
                                   English and recently completed an internship in the White
                                   House Office of Communications.

                                   Congratulations to Education Director Page Kral and her
                                   husband Ted on the birth of their son, Winn, on
                                   Tuesday, August 5.


 The White House Fellows Program is a non-partisan program that offers exceptional young lead-
       ers firsthand experience working at the highest levels of the Federal government.

 Fellowship Selection Criteria:
  • A record of remarkable professional achievement early in one’s career.
  • Evidence of strong leadership skills and the potential for further growth.
  • A demonstrated commitment to public service.
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to contribute successfully at the highest levels of the
      Federal government.

 For more information, please visit our webpage at http://www.whitehouse.gov/fellows.
                 The President’s Commission on White House Fellowships
                            Phone: 202-395-4522 Fax: 202-395-6179
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