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									Focus on Development

   More than a pretty face

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                       Name: Madeline Heiner                   Shoe size: 10
                       Date of Birth: 15/5/87                  Favourite shoe colour: White and red
                       Place of Birth: Shellharbour, NSW       Most loved pair of runners: Nike Milers
                       Sponsors: None…my parents!
                       Currently living: Sydney                PB’s:
                       Occupation: Student 1st year Pharmacy   800m: 2:10
                       Height: 174cm                           1500m: 4:18
                       Weight: 52kg                            3000m: 9:29

When talking about junior athletes you          of training and knowing I’ve achieved          What is an average training week for you?
often hear people throwing around the           something. It definitely beats sitting in      At the moment:
term ‘Talented.’ Over the years it seems to     front of TV!                                   Monday: Rest day.
have lost its value, but when it comes to                                                      Tuesday: Light session. 15min warm up,
Madeline’s rapid rise to the top of junior      What was it that originally got you            20min threshold, 15min warm down.
athletics in Australia, the word ‘Talent’       interested in running?                         Wednesday: Morning gym session.
takes on a whole new meaning. R4YL sat          I played around a bit in primary school, as    Afternoon 40min easy run.
down with Madeline for coffee and a chat        most kids do, but it wasn’t until 2002         Thursday: 5 x 1km repetitions off 3min
in between her busy schedule of study and       when I had a great run at state schools        recovery.
training.                                       championships and made it to nationals         Friday: Morning gym session. Afternoon
                                                that I realized I could run and that the       30min easy run.
You’ve done well in various track and cross     sport was so much fun. After that I joined     Saturday: Hills
country distances, but what’s your favorite     a group in Wollongong for casual training      Sunday: 60min easy run.
event?                                          and one night David Chisholm saw me
It might sound strange but I like every         running around and said “You can run!” So      So what are you training towards at the
event equally, but for different reasons. I     for the past 18 months he’s been coaching      moment?
enjoy track running, 1500m in particular,       me.                                            Well, the focus is on improving my
because you can easily measure your                                                            strength through the winter and then
improvement and the races are so intense.                                                      running well at National Cross. If I run
But I also really like road and cross country                                                  well enough there, and then can manage to
because you can relax and times become                                                         run under 9:15 for 3k in summer, I will
almost irrelevant…sometimes it seems as                                                        hopefully be selected in the open women’s
though you can push yourself harder                                                            World Cross Country short course team.
because you don’t have a clock constantly                                                      Also I want to make World Junior track
reminding you how you’re going.                                                                champs in the 1500m and 3000m.

I know you’ve had a lot of success in the                                                      They’re some tough goals you’ve set
short time you’ve been in the sport, but                                                       yourself!
what would you consider to be the
highlights?                                                                                    Yeah, but I believe I can achieve them. You
It’s difficult to say because there have been                                                  have to set high standards if you want to
so many amazing things happen over the                                                         achieve big things…but as long as I keep
past couple of years and everything is new                                                     improving I’ll be happy.
to me! I would have to say the top three
experiences so far would be – Winning the                                                      Do you find it hard to maintain your
National Under 18 cross country title,                                                         commitment?
competing in the 2004 World Junior                                                             Not that much…I have variety in where I
Athletics Championships (Grosseto, Italy)                                                      train and what I do, plus I’m surrounded
and competing in the 2005 World Junior                                                         by supportive people. The only distraction
Cross Country Championships. I’ve learnt                                                       is Uni…especially at the moment with
a lot from each competition and have met                                                       exams, but training gives me a chance to
so many great people along the way.                                                            think about something else and is a bit of a
                                                                                               release, so after a days study it’s great to get
Is it the travel and social side of the sport                                                  out and have a run. Plus I have fun with
that keeps you motivated?                       It’s pretty amazing how far you’ve come in     the people I run with.
I would have to say the social aspect has a     such a short time! What do you attribute
major bearing! I do love the travel, but it’s   your success to?                               Do you think you are a shot at making the
the people you meet and become good             I guess hard work and having fun. Also,        Melbourne Commonwealth Games team?
friends with along the way that makes it        Dave is so supportive, not just of me, but     The chances are pretty slim, but I’d like to
such a fantastic sport. Sharing experiences     he likes to see everybody go well. He          think that if training goes well and I
with friends is pretty special…there’s also     really understands there’s more to life than   maintain my improvement that I could be
the challenge of pushing yourself…              just running, but he also has a way of         in the mix come the trials.
                                                keeping me focused without putting any
I knew there was more to it!                    pressure on me. Plus he has gradually          Well if your rate of improvement to date is
                                                increased my workload and kept me              any reflection on the coming season, I’m
Yeah…I’m pretty competitive too! More so        injury free … I guess the main thing is        sure you’ll be a chance!
against myself than others. I like trying to    getting the training done consistently and
find where my limit is and the satisfaction     focusing on the long term plan.                Thanks!


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