For Debt Free, Genifax Delivers Peace of Mind

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For Debt Free, Genifax Delivers Peace of Mind
Omtool’s network fax software increased employee efficiency, reduced costs and made it
faster for Debt Free clients to begin their journey to debt recovery.

The Challenge: Streamlining the Workflow                                    The Client
Debt Free, one of the nation’s largest credit counseling                    Debt Free, one of the
organizations, is in the peace of mind business. And for thousands          nation's largest credit
of people suffering under the weight of excessive debt, peace of            counseling organizations
mind is often a matter of time: “How will I pay next week’s bill?”
“When will the collection agency call again?” “How soon can I fix           Omtool Solution
this mess?”                                                                 Genifax, a network fax
                                                                            application built on a native
Debt Free successfully answers these questions for its clients again        Windows 2000 architecture
and again, and its business has more than tripled in 18 months.             that enables desktop-based
Yet, in the wake of this boom, Debt Free was forced to address              faxing
time -related questions of its own.
                                                                            Bottom Line
According to Chris Mause, IT director at Debt Free, “The time               Genifax enabled Debt Free
between a call for help and the delivery of our initial debt recovery       to increase its response
                              application is critical. If the application   rates and retention by
                              is delivered too late, the client’s sense     reducing document delivery
                              of urgency passes and it may take             times; relieve mailroom
                              another billing cycle or a threatening        congestion and costs;
                              call from a collection agency to begin        integrate its current fax
                              the process again.”                           server with the Windows
                                                                            2000 platform
                             Debt Free’s applications were originally
delivered by mail or fax. As business swelled, however, the volume of application requests
quickly overwhelmed the mailroom staff. Congestion was compounded by an avalanche of
completed applications that ended up being stacked by the fax machine – not on a
counselor’s desk.

The Solution: Genifax Network Fax
Chris knew that some workflow efficiency tuning was in order. He theorized that a network
fax system would enable counselors to send applications from their desktop at the same time
they were speaking to clients. This would not only solve response-time problems, but also
workflow, scalability and cost issues related to an ever-increasing demand. After careful
consideration, Chris decided that Genifax was his best network fax option.

Chris found that, “Genifax provided two important features that were missing in other
products. First, it was the only one designed specifically for Windows 2000. I was not
interested in old technology dressed-up in new clothing. Second, I needed to integrate our
custom desktop application with the fax server. Genifax’s Filescan feature allowed me to
seamlessly do this so counselors could automatically queue and send the debt recovery
application without launching a custom fax client. Genifax also paid dividends in terms of
reliability. I don’t have time to baby-sit an application. Genifax just sits there and runs.”

The Result: More Clients, Happier Employees
After adding desktop-enabled faxing, Debt Free has realized numerous benefits: its mailroom
bottlenecks virtually disappeared, response rates increased and turnaround times between
first contact and a signed contract were reduced by as much as two weeks. For Debt Free’s
clients, the streamlined application process means they can begin to experience the peace of
mind that comes from getting their debt under control a lot sooner than before. For Debt
Free, Genifax offers the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge they are serving their
clients in the most efficient manner possible.

About Genifax
Genifax is an enterprise fax server application that enables reliable high-volume faxing
through existing messaging systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Genifax is
built on native Windows 2000 architecture to maximize speed, scalability and fault tolerance.
Designed to serve the needs of any size network, Genifax saves time and money by
streamlining the document workflow at both the end-user and IT administrative level.
Importantly, Genifax incorporates secure transmission options that enable businesses to
comply with regulatory and internal security requirements.

About Omtool, Ltd.
Omtool provides enterprise document messaging applications that streamline workflows,
reduce costs and ensure secure, confidential e-document exchange. Omtool accomplishes
this by integrating with industry-leading e -mail messaging, enterprise resource and
document management systems to add secure document delivery and high volume fax
functionality to a company’s existing communication infrastructure. Because paper remains
an integral part of many business processes, Omtool also provides technology that
incorporates electronic delivery, security and billing functionality into industry-leading
multifunction and scanning devices. Based in Salem, NH, and with offices in the United
Kingdom, the company can be contacted at 800-886-7845 or

About Debt Free
Founded in 1976, Debt Free ( is an active nonprofit organization
dedicated to strengthening American families. Throughout its years Debt Free has been
involved in many special eve nts, ranging from small fundraising proceedings to much larger
educational and counseling programs. Over the past five years Debt Free's Board of Trustees
has taken note of the alarming growth in consumer debt. This growth has led to an all time
high in personal bankruptcy filings in the United States, over 2,000,000 projected filings
during 2001 alone. In 1997 these alarming statistics prompted the Board's recommendation
that Debt Free become involved in assisting the American public by educating them on how
to properly manage their personal finances. Since inception the program has grown
dramatically. We are now assisting tens of thousands of American families with their finances
by helping them save for the more important things in life; homes, children, education and
retirement. Debt Free is one of the nation's largest credit counseling organizations. Below is
a list of qualifications that demonstrate Debt Free's position as an industry leader in the field
of debt management.

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