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									                                            J. Fletcher Penn II
                                                (919) 518-0658

OBJECTIVE: Provide high quality custom software solutions to my clients using the most efficient tools and

                                    Summary Of Qualifications
   Proven track record in resolving complex technical problems while meeting an aggressive deadline.
   Demonstrated knowledge of the latest technologies in e-Commerce, SaaS, and Internet applications.
   Consistently maintaining a skill set in Object Oriented Programming principles and design standards.
   Strong experience in project management, team leadership, and developing innovative solutions.

                                 Technical Expertise (Highlights)
        Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Languages /       Visual Basic.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, T-SQL, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS,
Techniques:       AJAX, SOAP, WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, Custom Namespaces

Software:         Visual Studio 2008 / 2005, SQL Server 2005 / 2008, Vault Source Control,
                  Visual Source Safe, Crystal Reports, Oracle, TOAD
                  Server Applications: Exchange Server, Active Directory, Internet Information Server,
                  Domain Name Server, DHCP Server, .NET Framework 2.0 – 3.5
                  (Maintain active MSDN Premium Subscription)

Systems:          Windows XP, 2000, 98, 95 workstations; Windows 2003 / 2008 Advanced Server

Hardware:         Intel / AMD CPUs, motherboard assembly & integration with LANs, RAID 5 arrays,
                  Wireless Access Points, NAT Routers, 2.4GHz yagi PTP links

Education:        BS Electrical Engineering, Clemson University

                                         Professional Experience
1993 – Present
VISUAL SYSTEMS & SUPPORT INC.                Raleigh, North Carolina
President & Senior Software Architect
Providing high-quality Custom Software and Network Services to companies in the NC area.

E-Learning & CRM Experience (Recent)
   Total Resource Management Project
    Worked with small team of Microsoft .NET developers writing a new commercial application named,
       Bizability7, which is a total CRM solution for a wide range of business types.
    Created a context sensitive help system and dynamic control configurator for the Winforms application,
       which is accessed via a right mouse click menu.
    Installed namespace classes using one “Inherits” line in over 200 forms. Utilized custom base pages
       and recursive iteration to manage every control in the application.
    CRM software is based on VB.NET, C#,NET, Winforms, Webforms, Web Services and SQL Server
       2005. Tools utilized included Visual Studio 2008, SSMS, Infragistics controls, and Vault source
   SOMA Medical Education Company
   E-Learning Project
    Created a web application for Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation for professionals;
      Physicians, Nurses, and other health care providers.
    System provided online membership, event registration, and various methods of E-Learning.
    Learning methods managed: Live Symposiums, Teleconferences, self-paced courses, and Live
      Streaming Video.
    Administrator backend allows entry and maintenance of all users, events, courses, tests, and surveys.
    Automated Email Processor module utilizes Web Services, and Winforms to allow full management of
      Confirmations, Reminders, and Marketing emails.

   Association of IT Professionals (
   Membership Collaboration Project
    Designed and maintain an active Member Services site that allows member registration, meeting
      reservations, nametags, job listings and resumes to be accessed over the internet using secure logins and
      5 levels of security.
    System provides an additional method of Social Networking for Members and Guests to meet and
      discuss potential business with other IT Professionals and Service Providers.

E-Commerce Experience (Recent)
   Special Priority Project
    Created VB.NET application running as Windows Service to collect daily online ordering information,
      validate orders, export data files with detailed reports to multiple external Fulfillment Providers, and
      email summary of process success/failure to local System Administrators.
    Robust error handling, email alerts, and writing to the event log will keep the service running properly,
      despite the lack of a graphic user interface.
    Developed 2nd Windows Service, using the same techniques, to run a monthly Standing Order Process
      and export recurring product shipment files to the fulfillment company.
   Core Product Websites
    Worked with development team to enhance ASP.NET 2.0 web application that generates over 40,000
      separate private websites from one website project.
    Websites used by prospects (guests), independent business owners, and diamond level business
      managers to manage their businesses with modules for prospecting, client tracking, accounting, etc.
    Utilized Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 platform to develop Web Components, Web
      Services, and Web Sites for the Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) market.
    Technologies: (.NET version 2.0 throughout) VB.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, T-SQL Stored
      Procedures, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, custom Namespaces, custom Business Layer, custom Content
      Management, and Web Services.
    Administrator Website
    Created new Administrator Website for system admins, CRM managers, internal helpdesk staff and
      external fulfillment providers. All menus & page access rights are login-driven and linked to user and
      product data tables using Object Data Source controls and business layer methods (functions).
    Integrated gridviews & formviews with customized templates, stored procedures, and event driven
      logic to minimize coding and shorten development cycle while maintaining data integrity and system
    Versatile website design intended for easily maintaining database tables, and quickly adding new users,
      pages, and menus.
   Development Team Support
    Setup development server & workstations to allow T-SQL and CLR SQL single-step Debugging. Very
      helpful to all developers when passing multiple parameters to complex SQL procedures.
E-Commerce & Web Development Experience (Related)
    Major contributor in development of e-commerce web site for auction and sale of farm products such as
     agricultural chemicals, seed, and fertilizer.
    Developed Visual Basic and DHTML applications for internal office use; Orders, Purchases, Data
     maintenance and backup.
    Lead developer and architect for a private secured web site that delivers customized reporting and e-
     trade to independent Electrical Coops in NC, SC, and Va. (
    Utilized Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, SQL Server 7.0, ASP, Visual Source Safe, VBScript,
     JavaScript, HTML, Transact SQL, Crystal Reports and COM components to create interactive site
     with multiple levels of secure login routines. /
    Created re-usable JScript code module that allows field-by-field validation and database updating
     without re-submitting the page. Utilized RMS, DHTML, JScript, and IE Document Object Model.
    Developed e-Commerce site for company that builds LED lighting products for the Camping and RV
     industry. Utilized ADO.NET, C#.NET, and SQL Server 2000 to create online store.

Network Systems Support
    Installed and configured Windows 2003 Server software, Exchange, and Active Directory for a Novell
      to Windows network conversion. Setup all users, shares, mapped drives, custom login scripts, and mail
    Migrated 50+ workstations from Novell Server LAN with Groupwise email system to new Windows
      servers with Outlook email on schedule, without major complications for users or remote stores.

   Pharmaceutical Applications
    As Technical Lead of RAD group for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for 2 years, supported & mentored 8+
      scientists / developers in VB, VBA, ASP, and web application development. Provided walk-up-
      window support.
    Developed new Visual Studio.Net applications and converted existing programs to demonstrate proper
      programming techniques for my co-workers, and prepare for Windows XP desktop conversion.
    Presented ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET solutions to programmers.
    Conducted seminars and training sessions on Microsoft .Net features, advantages, and methods of
      converting existing VB / ASP applications.
    Highlighted the more efficient and cost-savings RAD environment of Visual Studio.Net to company
      managers. Convinced decision makers to purchase and implement new set of international mirrored
      servers using Windows 2000, with .Net Framework. Was designated as US System Administrator.
    Provided unique solution for encapsulating Excel within a frame using Office tools, VBA, VB, API
      calls and OLE Automation Servers. Received recognition for solving an ongoing 2 year problem in first
      30 days of the contract.
    Remediated Windows NT applications for operation on Windows XP desktop build. Modified code,
      wrote test cases, and re-validated a critical international application (Electronic Notebook).
    Designed, coded, and documented software applications used in laboratory conditions requiring CFR
      Part 11 validation. Established new coding standards and held Code Reviews with programmers.
   Manufacturing Facilities
   Worked On-Site at Caterpillar in Clayton & Sanford, NC for 2 ½ years developing and supporting over
   20 different PC applications using Visual Basic, Access, and SQL Server.
    Programs ranged from a Torque Analysis application for calibrating tools used to build the tractors, to a
       Data Acquisition & Control System / Dynamometer at Final Testing in a Tractor Assembly Plant.
    Developed system for bar-coding each Tractor’s position within the assembly line and reporting vital
       statistics for business analysis and display on closed-circuit TVs within the plant.
    Reports from bar-coding system were used for critical management decisions affecting all areas;
       Purchasing, Engineering, Inventory, New Products, Maintenance.

1983 - 1993
CREATIVE COMPUTING, INC.                                Apex, North Carolina
President and Senior Consultant
Provided computer hardware, software, technical support, and custom software development services to
companies in the SC, NC, and VA area.
    Established a profitable and reputable computer consulting firm with six employees.
    Increased the efficiency and profits for over 100 clients using technology and good service.
    Provided Computer Systems and Network Hardware custom designed and optimized for the Client’s
        business needs.
    Provided fully configured CAD Workstations for Architects and Engineering clients using AutoCad,
        DataCad, and MicroStation.
    Designed custom Windows/DOS applications using Microsoft Access, Foxpro, dBase, & Foxbase.
    Provided Network design, proposal, installation, administration, automated backups, remote modem
        access, and performance optimization for Novell, Lantastic, and Windows for Workgroups LANS.
    Resolved difficult network problems involving multiple protocols (TCP/IP, IPX, NETBEUI, NDIS3),
        multiple topologies, peer-to-peer access, NLM's, and multiuser custom software.
    Hired, managed, & trained technical support personnel to provide consulting services to a diverse
        client base.

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