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    Civil contingency                                                                Providing a hot meal
                                                                                     wherever it is needed…
    and hot food

          he need to prepare for facing     outside in difficult circumstances.      included in the pack. With cutlery, a
          a variety of emergency            Hot Pack and Action Pack Self            serviette and a dish, each Hot Pack
          situations has increased a        Heating Meals can help sustain           is truly self-contained, allowing the
    great deal over recent times. This is   energy requirements and offer            user to be able to produce and
    mainly due to the threat of terrorist   some sort of motivation to hard          enjoy a tasty hot meal in about 10-
    activity or extreme weather             stretched rescue or police               12 minutes. The Hot Pack non-
    conditions. The standard choices        personnel in a wide variety of           magnesium flameless heater is safe
    for contingency food storage (if        situations. The Metropolitan Police      and easy to use. Recently, we
    made) are long-life food items such     have been using our products             needed to assure one of our export
    as tinned or dried products.            since 1996 for these reasons, and        customers that the heater was not
    However, Hot Pack® Self Heating         many other police regions and fire       suitable for creating a destructive
    Meals offer a hot, good tasting meal    services around the UK, Ireland          device. We were able to give this
    inside 12 minutes, with no cooker,      and Canada have been doing the           reassurance because our heater
    microwave or fire required.             same over the past 10 years.             does not contain magnesium. The
                                            However, we now get corporations         long shelf-life and easy storage
     “WE NOW GET                            that are stocking Hot Pack in case       mean that Hot Pack is an ideal civil
                                            there is a terrorist attack or another   contingency item.
      CORPORATIONS THAT                     reason why they could be confined
      ARE STOCKING HOT                      to their offices. The Department for     The company
      PACK IN CASE THERE                    International Development (DfID)         Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd was
                                            keeps stock for emergency call-out       established in 1994, and Hot Pack
                                            of their personnel to overseas           was launched onto the market in
      ATTACK OR ANOTHER                     crisis points. Some Emergency            Canada and the UK in 1995. Since
      REASON WHY THEY                       Planners have started to take stock      then, thousands of people have
      COULD BE CONFINED                     or have placed us on their list of       used Hot Pack® or Action Pack®
                                            suppliers for civil emergencies.         regularly to help provide a morale
                                                                                     boosting hot meal anywhere it is
                                            The product                              needed. Canland UK is a member
    Background                              Hot Pack is suited to being stored       of APPSS (Association of Police and
    We are a company that originally        in a cool, dry place or on a vehicle     Public Security Suppliers) and is a
    set out to supply self-heating          for instant access wherever the          registered supplier to the UN.
    meals to the emergency services,        meals are needed. We use good
    where there was, and still is, a        quality ready to eat meals in our
    need to provide hot food at various     products, which have a shelf-life of
    incidents, or for duties where          three years from production. These
    personnel are required to work          taste good, are totally sealed in soft
                                                         aluminium pouches and        Philip Goding
                                                         are sterile until opened.    Managing Director
                                                         Each compact pack
                                                                                      Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd
                                                         weighs just over 400g.       Wellington House
                                                         We pack 24 meals into a      Lower Incknield Way
                                                         case, giving a total         Longwick
                                                         weight of 11kg.              Buckinghamshire HP27 9RZ
                                                       Every Hot Pack contains        Tel: 01844 344474
                                                       a recently developed           Fax: 01844 344474
                                                       flameless heater, which
                                                       is activated with a small
                                                       amount of water, also


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