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									                                           SURYA REDDY
Summary of Experience:

       Eight Years of Software Development experience as a lead consultant, application developer and team lead in
        design, development, customization, production support, upgrade and implementation of core and self-service
        oracle applications

       Functional and Technical experience in Oracle Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Projects,
        Human Resources, Payroll, and Oracle CRM modules

       Extensive application development experience and strong database knowledge

       Strong technical knowledge of different Oracle Core Applications (ERP Release 10.7 SC, 11 and
        11i), Self-Service Applications and Oracle Development tools.

       Excellent Oracle workflow skills.

       Contributed to requirement analysis, design concept definition, functional design, functional process
        analysis, technical design, technical process analysis, architectural compliance, systems integration,
        testing, release management, configuration and customization.

       Troubleshoot application issues and performance tuning

       Experience in different application implementation methodologies.

       Ability to work independently and as an effective team player.

Oracle Application Modules: General Ledger, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Fixed      Assets,
                     Project Accounting, Order Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Install Base,
                     Service, Contracts, Self Service HRMS ,Benefits, iTime, iExpenses, iReceivables
                     and iProcurement.
Versions :           Oracle ERP Application release 10.7SC, 11, 11i
RDBMS :              ORACLE 9i,8i,8,7.3
Development Tools and Languages: Developer/2000(Forms 4.5/6i, Reports 2.5/6i, Graphics), Oracle
                     Workflow 2.0/2.5/2.6, Designer/2000, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Shell Scripts, SQL
                     navigator, Toad, Clear Case, Clarify, Remedy, Chain link, Exceed, Discoverer
                     3.x, Pro*C, Java Script, HTML ,XML, Oracle Web Development tools,
                     Webmethods, ADI, ADE, AK Developer.

Detailed Employment and Project Experience in US

As Oracle ERP consultant, I have been working at different client sites implementing, upgrading and
customizing Oracle 11i functionality. Following are the list of clients and brief work description.

GE Access
   Currently, integrating external Warehouse Management System (Exceed) with Oracle ERP using

                                  725 Parthenon Court, Lafayette, CO 80026
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   Webmethods as application integration software. This involves
    Exporting SKUs, expected receipts, and open deliveries from Oracle ERP to Exceed through
    Capturing exceed receipts, receipt reversals, returns, inter org transfers, sub inventory transfers,
      moves and ship confirmation events in Oracle ERP.
    Customizing exceed event message XML files to capture all the data needed for the
      corresponding transactions in Oracle ERP

   Designed and developed a process to automate shipment interface. This process involved
    Designing and developing an interface to automate Drop Ship order shipment data received
       from vendors through web methods to oracle applications.
    Creating ASNs for regular PO’s and automating service approval process.

      Designed and Developed Copy Quote functionality
      Designed and Developed Credit Rebill functionality
      Customized Costing functionality
      Customized standard COGS, Costing and PO Account Generator workflows according to
       business requirements

Ultimate Electronics
    Played a major role in R11i implementation of Financials, Distribution, Inventory, CRM, and HRMS
     Implemented interfaces and wrote conversion scripts for some of Financials, CRM, Inventory and
       HRMS modules.
     Implemented user hooks to extend some of the application functionality
     Designed and developed custom forms and reports in Inventory, Service, Purchasing and
       Receivables to meet business need and requirements.
     Modified custom vendor programs and costing functionality.
     Extended standard functionality to implement business logic in order management, purchasing,
       project accounting and payables workflows.
     Involved with some of the integration issues and enhancements between Oracle ERP and
     Designed and developed custom approval process for Self service HR, Benefits and Payroll
     Modified SSHR framework 4.2 and new user registration of Self-service to implement custom
       functionality according to business need.
     Implemented Self Service personalization’s at Site and Responsibility level

   Designed and developed a two way interface between Oracle HRMS and IEX TotalView Workforce
   Management System.
    Interface between IEX TotalView and Oracle HRMS involves extracting agent data from IEX
       proprietary database using ODBC and Visual Basic.
    Interface between Oracle HRMS and IEX TotalView involves extracting employee data from
       Oracle HRMS into an XML file that can be imported into IEX TotalView using an import agent
       feature of IEX TotalView.
    Used VB and shell scripting to support some of the functionality

                               725 Parthenon Court, Lafayette, CO 80026
                                  (303) 517-0388 * fax (720) 596-5024
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Source One/Tri-State GT
    Developed and Customized Receivables Invoice Reports integrating Oracle Projects and
    Developed custom Purchasing reports and implemented custom application logic using

Application Modules: Order Management, Install Base, Service, Projects, Purchasing, Receivables,
Inventory, HRMS, IEX TotalView

Environment:          Oracle Applications V 11i, Oracle 8i/9i, Oracle Forms 6i, Oracle Reports 6i, Oracle
                      Workflow 2.5/2.6

 Nov’ 2000 -   Business Processes and Systems Support Level 3 Communications Inc.,             Architect/
 Nov’2001      Broomfield - CO                                                                 Team Lead

As a technical team-lead of Oracle Financials, Projects, Payroll, Purchasing, Oracle Self Service
Applications and Oracle Workflow, I was responsible for Production support and System enhancements.
In addition to being a team lead, I was also a developer on most of these modules. Following are some of
the system enhancement projects that I was responsible for development:
     FA Flexbuilder Upgrade to Oracle Workflow
     Self-Service PA Online Accrual Validation System
     Self-Service Item Master Add/Change application
     HR Manager Self-Service application

Environment:          Oracle Applications V.11.0.3, Oracle 8, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Discoverer
                      3.x, Oracle Workflow 2.0.3, Web Expenses, Self-Service Time entry, Self-Service
                      HR, OAS 4.0.8, Oracle Web Development.

 June 1998 -   Solbourne, Boulder, CO                                                       Sr. Application
 Oct’ 2000                                                                                  Consultant

As a Senior Technical consultant, I worked at different client sites as a programmer, analyst and team

Following are the list of Oracle application modules and firms I assisted in the implementation, upgrade
and/or customizations of Oracle applications:

Application Modules:
Oracle HRMS, Oracle Payroll, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts
Receivable, Fixed Assets, Order Entry, Oracle Projects, Oracle Time Management, Self-Service
Purchasing, Self-Service Time Entry, Self-Service Web Expenses, Self-Service Human Resources

  Level 3 Communications Inc.       ILE                       Teletech                      Navidec
  Ball Aerospace                    Novistar                  Amrion                        Graebel Movers
  City of North Las Vegas           Aurora Public Schools     Douglas Country Schools       City of Burbank
  Requisite Technology              Spectranetics             Benchmark                     Solbourne

                                725 Parthenon Court, Lafayette, CO 80026
                                   (303) 517-0388 * fax (720) 596-5024
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Level 3 Communications Inc.
    Involved with Design and Development of Performance Management System
    Assisted developers with Sharenet and Out perform Stock options program development
    Implemented Self-Service Human Resource customizations and workflow approval routings
    Implemented PO Requisition Approval Process in Self-Service Purchasing (4.0)
    Implemented multi-currency in Self-Service Purchasing (4.0)
    Modified Approval routing in Self-Service Time entry
    Developed security/audit system for help desk
    Developed a custom form to maintain PO Requisition approval listing
    Developed custom forms and reports per business requirements
    Assisted Functional team with TAR resolution

Requisite Technology
       Conversion of employee, assignment, address, salary, jobs, positions, elements and element links.
       Create Forward/Respond to LOV in workflow
       Human Resource Self-Service Approval routing customization
       Restricting person detail access in Self-Service Human Resources
       Customized Self-Service Purchasing distribution screen to create account segment LOVs.
       Installed ADE and created custom views
       Assisted DBA’s with workflow and notification mailer setups.

City of North Las Vegas
As a Technical Lead, I was involved in gap analysis and also responsible for estimates on various
interfaces, conversions, and custom reports. Following are some of the tasks I performed in addition to all
other responsibilities as technical teams lead.

   Developed a form in GL for Chart of Account Translation from Legacy system
   Developed Interface between Unisys and Oracle General Ledger for Journals
   Developed Applicant Interface between Scantron and Oracle HRMS
   Developed interface for Test scores between Scantron and Oracle HRMS
   Developed interface between Unisys Utility Billing System and AP Using invoice import
   Developed Vendor conversion program
   Modified OTM to include multiple batches using Time Hierarchy
   Wrote custom reports in HR/Payroll, OTM, GL and AP Reports
   Assisted functional team with TAR resolution
   Assisted DBA with workflow and Printer Setups, ADI and ADE installation
   Extracted employee and Statement of Earnings data from HR/ Payroll for third party check printing.
   Assisted Developer with Payroll Fast Formulas

Graebel Movers/ILE/Amrion/Aurora Public Schools

   Developed custom reports in accounts receivable, project accounting, order management, purchasing,
    HRMS and payroll to meet client requirements and business need
   Developed interface between Oracle Projects and Ceridian
   Developed interface between Legacy HR and Oracle HRMS

                                725 Parthenon Court, Lafayette, CO 80026
                                   (303) 517-0388 * fax (720) 596-5024
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     Provided Workflow training to Functional and Technical consultants
     Provided SQL/PLSQL training to the developers
     Provided Interface and Conversion training to the Developers
     Modified Extensions in Project Accounting

Environment:            Oracle Applications V.11.x, Oracle 8.x/7.x, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle
                        Discoverer 3.x, Oracle Workflow 2.x, Web Expenses, Self-Service Time entry, Self-
                        Service HR, OAS 3.0/4.8, Oracle Web Development Tools.

    Sep ‘1997 -   Genesys International Inc. White Plains, NY                                 Programmer/
    May 1998                                                                                  Analyst

As a programmer/Analyst of Genesys International Inc., NY, I worked as a consultant at Perot Systems in
Orlando, FL.
     As a Technical Lead for National Car Rental Emerald Club Application, I was responsible for
        Analysis, design, development and integration testing of the module.
     Oracle Designer/2000 was used to design and develop forms.
     Designer/2000 was also used to do reverse engineering and to maintain data dictionary.
     Developer/2000 was used to customize the forms that were generated using Designer/2000.

Environment: Oracle 7.3, Designer 2000, Developer 2000, Exceed, Citrix Servers.

    June 1996 -   Genesys International Corp.                                                 Programmer/
    Aug’1997                                                                                  Analyst

     Developed a customer interface for account receivable.
     Developed a custom Pro*C program to implement pricing into order entry module.
     Modified Receivables and Fixed Asset reports.
     Implemented custom GL reports on web using PL/SQL cartridge.
     Developed custom order-entry application with fulfillment functionality
     Developed customer management system using forms 4.5
     Integrated vertex software with custom order-entry application to calculate online sales tax and user
      tax at jurisdiction level.

Environment:            Oracle Applications 10.7SC, Oracle 7.x, Developer 2000, Designer 2000.


B.S. in Engineering, India.
Diploma in RDBMS, India.

References will be provided upon request.

                                  725 Parthenon Court, Lafayette, CO 80026
                                     (303) 517-0388 * fax (720) 596-5024
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