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									                                                                                                        Bulk Rate
                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                                                                                      Fillmore, UT
Millard County Courthouse                                                                             Permit No. 44
50 South Main                                                                                          Non-Profit
Fillmore, UT 84631

Other Contact Information:
Phone: 435-743-5412 or 435-864-1480
Fax: 435-743-4221 or 435-864-1488
E-mail: millardextension@usu.edu

Check us out on the web:

 Upcoming Events
     OCTOBER                                            •   9   Delta Craft Club 2:30 @ Ext. Office

     •   31 Fillmore Science Day @ Armory 9-3           •   14 Combined Teen Councils Christmas
                                                            Party with Special Needs @ 4:00 Fair Bldg.
                                                        •   15 Fillmore Craft Club 3:00 @ Armory
     •   2   Delta Teen Council @ 2:40 Ext. Office
                                                        Fillmore Teen Council Christmas Party TBA
     •   4   Delta Cooking Club 3:30 @ Ext. Office
     •   5   Fillmore Teen Council 3:00 @ Pod
                                                        HOT CHOCOLATE MUG CAKES
     •   12 Fillmore Teen Council 3:00 @ Pod
                                                        Bake your favorite chocolate cake batter in
     •   12 Fillmore Quilt Camp Committee Meeting
            at 10:00 Commission Room              Individual mugs for a warming winter dessert

     •   13 Region Ambassador Training/Beaver           Simply coat the insides of oven safe mugs with cooking
                                                        spray, then fill the mugs halfway with chocolate cake bat-
     •   18 Fillmore Cooking Club 3:00                  ter. German chocolate cake is lighter color and looks more
                                                        like hot cocoa.
     •   23 Delta Teen Council @ 2:40 Ext. Office
                                                        Follow the cupcake baking instructions on the cake mix
     •   26 Thanksgiving, Have a good Holiday           package. The cakes are done when a toothpick inserted into
                                                        the center of one comes out clean or with just a few crumbs.
     DECEMBER                                           Allow the cakes to cool for about 15 minutes.

     •   2   Delta Cooking Class 3:30 @ Ext. Office     Top each mug with a generous dollop of marshmallow
                                                        crème and serve with a spoon. One cake mix makes enough
     •   7 Fillmore Teen Council @ 5:30 Little Rock     batter for 12 mugs. If you want fewer than a dozen, bake
         School House for whole family                  the remaining batter in a small pan.
                              MILLARD COUNTY
                              4-H NEWSLETTER
                                                   November/Dec 2009
        Welcome New Agriculture/4-H Agent                                                                     GIFT IDEA
Trent Wilde is Millard County’s new Utah           school athletics-including football, basketball                         HOT
State University Extension Agriculture/4-H         and high school rodeo.                                                 COCOA
agent. Trent recently graduated from Utah State    As a new Extension agent, his first priority is to                      CONE
University with a Masters degree in Agricultural   assess the needs of the county-including agricul-
Systems Technology and a specialization in Ag-     tural needs, 4-H needs, and other program needs.      3/4 cup cocoa mix
ricultural Extension Education. He has worked      He will be holding meetings in the near future        2 (6x12”)cone-shaped cello-
with Utah State University Extension in Garfield   for each focus area and invites everyone to at-       phane bags (available at party
and Kane Counties for the last two years work-     tend to express their input and recommendations       stores)
ing on soil moisture monitoring and water qual-    for the future of Extension programs in the           2 clear rubber bands, pony-
ity projects.                                      county.                                               tail holders
Trent is a native of Summit County Utah. He        Trent is married to Paula and they have four          Scissors
grew up in the small community of Oakley           children - Derek (13), Michael (10), Anna (8)         1/4 cup mini choc. Chips
where his family owned and operated a small        and Emma (3).                                         3/4 cup mini marshmallows
alfalfa and dairy farm as well as a small beef     Trent is excited to be in Millard County and is       1 large red gumdrop
cattle operation.                                  looking forward to serving the needs of the peo-      Pour the cocoa mix into one
Trent was active in the 4-H horse program as a     ple in this area.                                     of the bags. Close the bag
youth, a member of FFA and was active in high                                                            with a clear rubber band,
                                                                                                         then trim the end of the bag
                   MILLARD COUNTY EXTENSION WEB SITE                                                     1 inch above the band. Place
Keep connected and updated on activities, events, and information with 4-H through the                   the cocoa-filled bag into the
Extension web site: extension.usu.edu/millard                                                            second bag and flatten its top
                                                                                                         so the end doesn’t stick up.
    TRY (TEENS REACHING YOUTH) PROGRAMS                                                                  Layer the choc. Chips and
                                                                                                         marshmallows, then top with
                                                                                                         the gumdrop. Secure the bag
Utah 4 -H has a new program that offers                Check out the exciting choices:                   with the other rubber band.
fun, hands-on learning taught by a TRY             ~Lotions & Potions
team. TRY (Teens Reaching Youth) is                ~Science Polooza
                                                   ~Fun, Food & Fitness
a team of 2-4 youth, with a coach , who            ~Robotics
have been trained to teach a group of at           Science Polooza. (Ages 9 & up)
least 15 for six hours during the year.            Call Kristine Camp 743-8006 to sign up               FUTURE NEWSLETTERS
The six hours of teaching can be done              The 1st Science Polooza will be all day from 9-3
                                                   on Halloween Day, Oct. 31 at the Armory in           If you would like to receive
over a period of time or all on one day.                                                                the 4-H newsletters by email
Millard County has several teams                   Lotions & Potions                                    instead of a hard copy in your
trained and ready to teach the youth the           Call CaraLee Wood 795-2636 to sign up                mail box, please email us at:
fun curriculum they have been taught by            Fun, Food & Fitness & Robotics                       millardextension@usu.edu
USU 4-H staff members.                             Call Extension Office 743-5412/864-1480 to
                                                   sign up.
                                                   Check out the Newsletter for more details.
                                                                      4-H Newsletter
Darlene Scott – 4-H Coorindanitor                                                                           Nov./Dec. 2009

             What is 4-H?
         4-H is a community of more than 6.5 million young peo-                      Volunteers and Parents
         ple across America learning leadership, citizenship and
         life skills.
         The 4-H community also includes 3,500 staff, 538,000                         The Heart of 4-H!
         volunteers and 60 million alumni. 4-Hers participate in      The greatness of 4-H is found within the power that
         fun, hands-on learning activities supported by the latest    volunteers and parents have to change the lives of
         research of land-grant universities that are focused on      youth. 4-H volunteer leaders and parents work with and
         three areas: healthy living, citizenship, and science,       support youth in their development of various skills,
         engineering and technology. Youth can experience 4-H         enabling them to reach their fullest potential and lead
         by becoming a member of a 4-H club, attending a 4-H          productive lives.
         camp, or joining after-school 4-H programs. 4-Hers can
         compete with their projects in contests at the local,
         state, regional or national levels and also attend confer-   A Parent’s Role in 4-H
         ences and events.                                       Your child needs your encouragement to get them
         Millard County 4-H needs more volunteers to help our    started in 4-H and to keep them involved in the pro-
         local youth with their various interests. If you have angram through their teen years. You can help if you:
         interest that you would like to teach to a 4-H club     • Share: Take interest, look, listen and offer suggestions,
         please contact the Extension Offices:                   but avoid the temptation to “take over” and do things your-
         743-5412 or 864-1480.                                   self.
         Being a 4-H Volunteer only takes a few hours of your    • Prepare: Help your child value having their projects,
         time each month and will make a world of difference in  duties, and presentations done right and on time.
         a child’s life.
                                                                 • Be There: Parents are part of 4-H, too. You are wel-
                                                                 come and very needed. Lend a hand where you can. Volun-
            What do the four H’s in 4-H stand for?               teer!
         Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four H's in 4-H, Care: Support your child’s participation and abide by the
         and they are the four values members work on through policies set by the 4-H Youth Development Program.
         fun and engaging programs.
         Head - Managing, Thinking Heart - Relating, Caring
         Hands - Giving, Working Health - Being, Living                          MAGIC REINDEER FOOD
         What is the 4-H pledge?                                       In a small Ziploc bag mix: 1/4 cup oatmeal1/4 cup sugar
         "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, My heart to            Sprinkle of red or green sugar crystals
         greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, and my           Attach the following poem:
         health to better living, for my club, my community, my                   Sprinkle on the lawn at night
         country, and my world."                                                  The moon will make it sparkle bright
                                                                                  As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                               This will guide them to your home.
                                                                                    CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES
          REMEMBER!!! 4-H awards night and                             1 can sweetened condensed milk
         the 4-H horse awards night will be held                       3/4 cup butter (4 1/2 tablespoons)
                                                                       3/4 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
         together on Thursday, October 29th.                           1 tablespoon vanilla extract
         7:00 p.m. @ Senior Citizen Center in                          On stove, melt butter on low heat. Add cocoa and
                                                                       stir. Let cool then add milk and vanilla. Chill 3-4
         Fillmore                                                      hours. Roll the cho. goop into little balls and then
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     into powdered sugar. Put on a plate. Chill and Serve.
                                                                               CLOVER BUDS
FILLMORE                                                     We would like to thank those who have volunteered to
~   Oct. 29——-6:45 Awards night Fillmore                     run a clover bud group. More information will be given
~   Oct. 31——-9:00-3:00 @ Pod, Science Palooza               in the near future as to when and where the clubs will
~   Nov. 5——–3:00 @ Pod,                                     meet.
~   Nov. 12——3:00 @ Pod, help with Christmas lights          We still need more volunteers to meet the needs of this
~   Dec. 7——--5:30 @ Rock School house                       program.
~   Dec.14——-4:00 @ Fair Bldg. Delta Special Needs Party
                                                             Consider becoming a Volunteer. YOU
~   Oct. 29——-6:45 Awards night Fillmore                     could make a difference!!!!!
~   Nov. 2-——-2:40 @ Ext. Office, Birthday Bags              If you have children younger than 8 and still in the
~   Nov. 23——2:40 @ Ext. Office, Dec. Tree                   2nd grade, you need to become active in the 4-H
~   Dec. 14——4:00 @ Fair Bldg. Special Needs Party           Clover Buds program.
                                                             Drop by the Extension Office and pick up the
                                                             curriculum for this excellent program and start
                                                             memories with your children
                                                             Remember, no previous experience is necessary, just the
                                                             desire to have fun and learn together as a club.
             4-H OPEN HOUSE A SUCCESS                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                              4-H TRY PROGRAM
                                                             Here is your chance to attend a club where you will
Fun was had by all who attended the 4-H open                 have hands-on learning by a team of 4 youth and a
house in Delta, October 7th and Fillmore October             coach that have been trained to teach you!!
8th during National 4-H week. Upcoming clubs, pro-           The four project areas are explained below:
jects, camps, and activities were on display. Crafts         Science Polooza:
were made, games played and refreshments en-                 If science is your style, you will LOVE the Science
joyed.                                                       Polooza club. You’ll discover the world of science
Door prizes were given throughout the days                   through awesome activities like making slime, monster
Thanks to all who attended and signed up to join             bubbles, C02 sandwiches, potato gun launchers, Men-
this years fun. We thank each of you who have reg-           tos volcanoes, and more! You don’t have to be a sci-
istered to become new volunteers to help with the            ence genius to enjoy this tract!
clover buds and clubs.                                       Robotics:
THANKS to a great community our youth are on                 Learn how to build and program robots using Lego
their way to a fun and successful 4-H year.                  Mindstorm kits. This club is awesome. You will learn
                                                             how to create a program that will instruct your robot to
                                                             complete the assigned challenges. There are theme-
                                                             based missions to make it even more fun.
                      4-H CLUBS                              Lotions & Potions:
There are lots of 4-H clubs and camps for the up-            If pampering is more your style than science and tech-
coming year. Sewing and quilt camps, ceramics,               nology, you may choose to attend the Lotions & Po-
crafts, rockets, just to name a few. Check out the pos-      tions club. You will learn how to make body lotion, lip
sibilities at the Extension Offices in Delta and Fillmore.   balm, bath salts, and other wonderful spa products.
            435-864-1480-435—864-5412                        They make GREAT gifts.
                                                             Fun, Food & Fitness
                                                             Learning to eat right and stay active has never been so
                                                             fun. The Recharge Fun, Food & Fitness club uses an
                                                             NFL theme to help you discover healthy eating and
               Re-Registration                               lifestyle habits. It is full of games, sports, food prepara-
        If you missed the 4-H open house
        you can still register for all the fun                                  PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB
                                                              Staring in January 2010, a 4-H photography club will be-
        activities and projects being planned
                                                              gin. Kathy Wilson will be the volunteer for this class. She
        for the 2009-2010 year. Start a new
                                                              will teach lots of fun tips on taking pictures and displaying
        neighborhood, family or community
                                                              them in an interesting way that can be displayed at the fair.
        club or join one already going.
         It just takes a few minutes to call or stop          COST: $4.00 for book plus cost of developing pictures.
        by the Extension Offices and you will be              AGE: 8 and older
        ready to roll. 743-5412 or 864-1480                   SUPPLIES: Digital camera if you have one. Can still be
                                                              in club if you don’t have one
                                                              Pre-registration (including $4.00) required by December

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