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PC Backup
Do your customers have business critical information saved on their PCs
and laptops? If they do and it isn’t comprehensively backed up then they
are at risk. However, this is a risk you could mitigate by reselling KC PC

      Over half of businesses who lose data in a disaster
                                                            Don’t let your customers
      never recover. Kingston Communications PC
      Backup is easy-to-use and ensures that in the
                                                            become a statistic
      event of a natural disaster, burglary, hard drive     There are 1.5 million reported incidents of theft in
      failure or in any other unforeseen circumstance,      the UK per annum with over 64,000 PCs reported
      your customers will be able to restore all of their   stolen every year.
      PC-based data to any computer that meets the
      minimum PC requirements and has a broadband           Why should your customers
                                                            use online backup?
      Why resell PC Backup from                             Below are some of the most common reasons
                                                            why people lose critical documents:
      Kingston Communications?
                                                                Hardware problem/failure – 56%
         Easy to sell
                                                                Human error (deleted or saved over) – 26%
         Recurring monthly revenue with excellent
         margins                                               Software corruption – 9%

         Low maintenance customer relationship                  Computer virus – 4%
         management post-sale                                   Natural disaster (fire/flood) – 2%
         Scope to upgrade your customers’ price plans           PC/laptop theft – 1%
         as their data grows

         Increase your average revenue per customer
         by selling backup as well as broadband
How can KC help?                                        What does KC PC Backup
Very few people remember that they should back          offer?
up their data. Our white label, online backup            Total peace of mind from scheduled automatic
service is simple to use and automatically backs          backups
up your customers’ documents when they log off
or shut down their PC, eliminating the issue of          Reduced potential disruption with immediate

backing up their data.                                   retrieval of files

                                                         Large storage space for a low monthly fee
Simply register your customers online, and they
                                                         Quick and easy to install software with no
will receive an email to download and install the
                                                         capital cost required
software. Their documents will be automatically
backed up everyday, stored on our PC Backup              Added flexibility to perform manual backup if
servers and can be restored at your customers’           required
request.                                                 Added security with a privacy policy and state-
                                                         of-the-art encryption facility
With KC’s generous 5GB and 20GB storage
allowances, losing files need not be a time
consuming, nerve-wrecking or daunting event for
                                                        PC requirements
your customers, ever again.                              Windows Operating System: ME / 2000 / 2003
                                                         / XP
Our PC Backup service was specifically designed
                                                         Memory: 256MB
with small businesses in mind, therefore it is as
time efficient and simple to use as possible, whilst      Disk Space: 130MB
still providing your customers with the functionality    Must be installed and used on PCs with a single
they need from PC Backup software. Other PC               user with administrator rights (admin user)
backup services do not offer the simplicity of
                                                         A broadband connection
performing an automated backup as a PC is
turned off, or the ease with which your customers
can select their files to be backed up.

                To find about Business KC PC Backup,
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 please call 0800 915please call 0800 channelpartners@kcom.com
              or visit www.kingstoncommunications.com
     or visit our website www.kingstoncommunciations.com/bcm

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