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									                          Bug Tracking Tools, Articles, Directories, etc.
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Advanced Defect Tracking
Designed for small and large software companies to simplify their feature development, bug tracking and helpdesk support.
(Borderwave Software)

Avensoft Bug Tracker Server
Web based bug tracking software. Uses an MS Access, MS SQL Server, or Oracle database on Win32, sets up as Web server. Users
go to this website to submit and keep track of bugs.

Web based bug tracking system and help desk solution for the company intranet. Features include email alerts, advanced re porting,
team management and custom fields.

A graphical bug reporting utility for GNOME. It allows users to easily make quality bug reports.

Bugopolis Bug Station
Easy to install and use standalone server appliances based on open source software.

Web based defect tracking system.

Web-based cross-platform bug tracking system supporting multiple projects, role-based access, automatic bug-assignment, file
attachement, e-mail notification, metric reports and workflow.

Bug tracking and CRM software enables customer-service agents to provide support via phone, Web, or email. Tracks customer

Defect Agent
Defect Agent is a defect tracking software for software development teams. (Inborne Technology Corporation)

Defect Manager
Web or Windows based bug tracking tool. (Tiera Software)

ExtraView Bug Tracker
Web-based bug tracking with Web API, command line and development workflow engine. (Sesame Technology)

Fast BugTrack
A web-based platform independent bug tracking system.

Web-based bug tracking system.

GNATS: GNU Bug Tracking System home page
A portable incident/bug report/help request-tracking system which runs on UNIX-like operating systems. It easily handles thousands of
problem reports, has been in wide use since the early 90s, and can do most of its operations over e-mail. Several front end interfaces
exist, including command line, emacs, and Tcl/Tk interfaces. There are also a number of Web (CGI) interfaces written in scripting
languages like Perl and Python.

IBM Rational ClearQuest
A defect and change tracking system that captures and manages all types of change requests throughout the development lifecyc le.

Web-based bug tracking, task management, and project management software from IC Soft, Inc.

Issue Organizer
Easy to use web-based bug tracking software. Pricing is not based on number of users. (Solid Graphics)

Configurable Windows software for tracking defects, bugs, helpdesk calls, and knowledge base articles.

J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application developed to make this process easier for development teams.

Browser-based bug, issue, task and defect tracking system, and project management software solution used for open source and
enterprise projects. (Atlassian Software Systems)

Legendsoft Spots
A web-based service order and defect tracking system for software development organizations and IT help desks.

MetaQuest Software, Inc. - Census
A customizable bug tracking tool. Includes VSS integration, notifications, workflow, reporting and change history.

Customizable workflow tool for bug tracking, quality assurance, help desks and call centers.

Issue management system with collaborative teamwork and integrated communication.

A Web-based tool for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, help desk, and automated support. By NetResults Corporation.

Bug tracking system for software project management, advanced features, easy setup, integrated network and web versions.

A tool for tracking bugs, issues, changes and new features involved in product development.

Web based solution that helps an organization to track, communicate, resolve and analyze defects in a software lifecycle, employing
the Review Based Model that follows the CMM principles.

Configuration management system providing process management, issue/problem tracking, version control, and release management .

RMTrack Bug Tracking
A web-based bug tracking, issue tracking, and defect tracking and management application. Downloadable. Free 30-day trial.

General purpose, scalable issue tracking software which comes with built-in templates for software defect tracking.

Software Planner
Manages all phases of the software lifecycle. It includes all the Defect Tracker features in addition to managing discussions,
appointments / to-do lists, project tasks and contacts. (Pragmatic Software Company, Inc.)

Bug tracking and defect management software for Windows. By Software with Brains, Inc.

TestTrack Pro
Bug and defect tracking software for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.(Seapine Software, Inc.)

Bugs and defects tracking software for small businesses to corporate enterprises for helpdesk, technical and customer support, and call
tracking. (Soffront Software)

Customizable bug and defect tracking software. (Sparta Systems, Inc.)

Visual Intercept
A bug-tracking system designed specifically for Microsoft tool users. (Elsinore Technologies, Inc.)

Free Tools

Offers free web-based software for project management, bug tracking and timesheet management.

BugTrack, simple free bug tracking system based on perl5 and any DBI compliant database.

An open source bug tracking system running on any web server allowing the execution of tdbengine binaries. It is dristributed unter the
terms of the GPL.

Bugs Online
A free (GPL) bug tracking system for use with Microsoft IIS, Access and ASP.

Opensource web-based bug tracker written using ASP.NET and C#.

Bug tracking used by the Mozilla projects. Inherently web-based, written in Perl, and uses MySQL as its database back-end. Open-
Source. Updates available via CVS.

Debian Bug Tracking Software
GPL'd Perl-5 scripts which maintain a database of problem reports. Input by email, listings via webserver.

A free bug tracking and managing tool, on the Web, supported by advertisements. Helps developers and testers to track and man age
bugs and features. Installation is not required.

Web based bug tracking system running on Windows, Linux, Unix as a CGI for Apache or other web server.

Open-source web-based issue/bug tracker, written in Python.

A web based bug tracking system, originally developed by the Samba Team to handle bug tracking, problem reports and queries, now
available under the GNU General Public License. Operates like a communal Web based email system - no database back end

Data stored in a SQL database, accessed by any Web browser which understands forms, tables, and cookies. By StoneKeep
consulting. Free for under 10 users.

php/MySQL/web based bugtracking system.

A web-based bug tracking system built in PHP.

A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces.

RT: Request Tracker
A free web and email-based bug tracking and trouble ticketing system. Features list, documentation screen shots, and download.

Free web-based bug tracking, ticketing and project resource tracking system. Designed to meet the requirements of most Information
Technology, Consulting and Engineering projects.

Trac is a web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system. It provides an interface to Subversion and an
integrated wiki.

Work Request, a distributed request/problem tracking system, written in Perl 5. Access by Web or email.

Issue Tracking

A customizable Issue and Bug tracking solution. It comes in both a Hosted model and a more traditional Enterprise model.

AT Project
An Eclipse plug-in which offers a powerful project management solution and support share information, plan activities, track
development bugs. [Freeware]

A bug reporting and tracking system. [Open source]

Defect tracking solution written entirely in Java. [Open source, Apache-style license]

Web-based bug/defect/issue/incident tracking software and change management system written in Java servlet (J2EE) and database
technologies. By WEBsina. [Shareware]

Java-based scalable and customizable bug tracking software. Supports workflow, PDF reports with charts, and multi-level security. By
GRAN Ltd. [Commercial]

Innovative, browser-based J2EE defect tracking and issue management tool. By Atlassian Software Systems. [Shareware]

Web based bug tracking system, written entirely in Java and utilizing servlet technology. By Tortuga Technologies. [Shareware]

Servlet-based issue tracker - replacement for Bugzilla. [Open Source, BSD-like]

Servlet-based issue tracking and project management software. Multi-level security, workflow, reports. [Shareware]

WorkRoll Bug Tracker
A web-based bug tracker, runs under any Servlets 2.2-compatible application server. No non-standard packages required; no database
required. Installation, configuration, day-to-day administration, and general use are fully web-based.

Directories (FYI)
Bug Tracking and Defect Tracking Resource Site
Comprehensive list of links on bug tracking and defect tracking tools, articles, sites, books, forums and other subjects rela ted to bug
tracking and defect tracking.

CM Crossroads
Change Tracking Resource Links.,com_directory/Itemid,87/Tools/Change_Tracking

Hallogram Bug Tracking Applications
Online store and directory of programs from different manufacturers.

Project Management & Bug Tracking for Linux
A survey and list of bug tracking, project management, trouble-ticketing, help-desk management, call management, scheduling and
software metrics tools for Linux, thorough enough to be useful for other OS's.

Software-Pointers - Directory of Defect Tracking Tools
Hand-picked links to defect tracking tools.

Articles (FYI)
ADTMag: TeamShare release foresees business use
About automated payroll giant ADP that replaced a home-brewed effort using Lotus Notes and other tools to do software defect tracking
and metrics. <small>(February 19, 2002)</small>

Bug Hunt: DevTrack vs. ClearQuest
Lowdown on two tools that track and measure the entire life of a development project. (Software Development Magazine)
<small>(October 1, 2001)</small>

Tracking Down a Defect Management Tool
How to select the right defect tracking solution for your business. ( <small>(July 1, 2001)</small>

ADTMag: Managing E-Business Changes
Five-step process on defect tracking and change management.(Application Development Trends) <small>(September 1, 2000)</small>

In Search of Defect Tracking Systems
How to find and implement the right system for your defect tracking needs. ( <small>(March 1, 2000)</small>

Tracking Bugs on the Web
A mushrooming bug population must be managed before it can be crushed. (Software Development Magazine) <small>(November 1,

ADTMag: Visual Intercept
Article discussing "Visual Intercept", a bug tracking and resolution tool. <small>(September 1, 1998)</small>


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