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     68        ADVENTURE

The Himalayan Adventure
Company & Responsible Travel
Adventure tourism continues to
grow worldwide and with that, so
does the accompanying pressures
and impacts on local environments
and communities in the places we
visit. We have seen at first hand
the effect tourism has on local
communities – both good and bad.
Being responsible and protecting
the environment does not mean a
compromise in quality or standards
of travel, if anything it requires just
a little more thought and care and
there are many admirable ex-
                                                   We currently have information on a number of projects with local charities in Nepal, where your
amples of how tourism can benefit                  help would be greatly appreciated, from working with young street children, to visiting a local
                                                   school, helping to construct an orphanage, working with local villagers to improve facilities or
and sustain the environment and                    helping protect and manage Nepal’s environment. Please contact us for more details.

indigenous peoples.

Through our approaches and activities we        Local Development                                  Volunteer for Change
aim to play an active role in the effort to     We strongly believe that travel and
minimize the negative impact of tourism                                                            Are you interested in spending some time
                                                tourism should benefit local communities
and to raise awareness of responsible                                                              during your trip to help out on a local
                                                and can be a powerful support and catalyst
approaches to tourism, with our own staff,                                                         development or conservation project in
                                                for change. The Himalayan Adventure
local counterparts, travellers and local                                                           Nepal? Whether you’d like to give your time
                                                Company supports local development in
people. We aim to provide environmentally                                                          and skills for a few hours, a few days, weeks
                                                Nepal in a number of ways with both
friendly trekking and adventures, including                                                        or longer you really can make a difference.
                                                management and staff involved in
arranging clean up treks, for example to        voluntary and other development work.
Everest Base Camp and ensuring our own          We employ local people and work with             Stanley, who sadly died in the Asian Tsunami
treks are environmentally friendly and our      local businesses. We pay fair and good           of 2004 and who we will always miss.
staff and clients aware of the importance of    wages and ensure that all our guides,
responsible travel. We support Tourism          porters and other staff have appropriate         We are particularly proud to support The
Concern and the International Porter            facilities and equipment. Their welfare is       Sahara Group and their valuable aims and
Protection Group. We believe that local         important to us and we work as a team.           activities. The Sahara Group work with
communities should benefit from tourism.
                                                                                                 underprivileged communities, including
We encourage travellers to learn about the      We donate a percentage of profits to specific    providing support and training for street
places they will visit and to show respect      charities and work with local communities        children and orphans, children and adults
and consideration for local cultures,           and businesses. So the money you pay for a       infected with HIV/AIDS, girls and women
traditions and landscapes. When you make a      memorable travel experience benefits local       affected by human trafficking, the destitute
booking with us we provide Responsible          communities. For every booking made we           elderly and poor rural communities. For more
Travel Guidelines and this is also a key part   also donate £10 to The Sahara Group in           information, to offer support or to volunteer to
of our pre-trip briefings held in Kathmandu.    Nepal, to help continue their valuable work      help on a project please visit their website at
For further information visit Tourism           with the most vulnerable in society. We or contact our office
Concern at and        dedicate this to the memory of our               for more information. We are committed to
The International Porter’s Protection Group     wonderful and much loved friends and fellow      continuing and increasing our support of
at                                 travellers Barbara McTaggart and Craig           Sahara and of local development generally.

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