Upgrading to Siebel 7: Challenges and Solutions
                                                       Program Track:             The Game Plan
                                                       Program duration:          39 Minutes
                                                       Program Categories: Architecture and
                                                       Infrastructure, Data Management, Business
                                                       Applications, IT Management, Customer
                                                       Relationship Management, eBusiness, Security and
Erico Cardelli                                         Privacy
Job Title
CTO                                                    Released:                  February 2003
                                                       Program Code:              200302001003

Program Description
Erico Cardelli, partner and chief technology officer at Active Technologies Inc., describes the benefits and
impact of upgrading to Siebel Systems' eBusiness Applications Suite, known as Siebel 7. In an interview,
Gary Wachowicz, senior practice manager at Siebel Systems, adds his insights and expert opinions on the
upgrading process. Cardelli begins the program by looking at some of the various strategic, business
process and technical challenges that are part of the process of upgrading from a Windows-based
application to this Web-based client. He then explains some of the new features you'll find in Siebel 7.
Central to this presentation is a step-by-step game plan that explains how to analyze the upgrade effort,
define ROI measurements, and plot your organization's upgrade path. In addition, Cardelli discusses why
it's important to gain executive sponsorship during the upgrade period and beyond. The program also
details how the upgrade process is likely to impact the IT department, with a focus on staffing and skills.
After watching this program, you'll understand the new features of Siebel 7.0 & 7.5, the benefits they
offer to the organization, and the challenges involved in their deployment. You'll also be equipped to
develop a successful upgrade path from previous versions of Siebel software to enhance your CRM

Viewers of the CD and online versions of the program can easily access white papers that include:
'Upgrading to Siebel 7'; and 'Secrets of CRM Success.' Web links include: 'Best Alternatives to Siebel
CRM'; 'SAP Steps Up War With Siebel'; 'Siebel Brings App Integration Technology to Forefront'; 'Siebel
Pushes Integration, Simplification and Cost-Savings'; 'Making CRM Fit'; 'Siebel Boosts CRM Product Line';
'Siebel Pledges Sales, Development Support for .NET'; and 'Siebel Touts Out-of-the-Box Integration.'

Program Topics
INTRODUCTION                            New Features in Siebel 7: New UI New Features in Siebel 7:
AGENDA                                  Paradigm                            Additional User Features
ADDITIONAL EXPERTISE                    Gary Wachowicz: The Value of        THE GAME PLAN(tm) FOR
FEATURED IN THIS PROGRAM                Siebel 7's New User Interface       IMPLEMENTING SIEBEL 7
PROGRAM ROI                             New Features in Siebel 7: Universal Implementing Siebel 7: Game
CHALLENGES TO THE ENTERPRISE            Application Network - UAN           Plan Step 1 - Analyze the
WHEN UPGRADING TO SIEBEL 7              New Features in Siebel 7: Global    Upgrade Effort
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges:            Support                             Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Integrating Enterprise Applications     New Features in Siebel 7: Unicode Plan Step 1 - Analyze the
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges:            Support                             Upgrade Effort: Technology
Leveraging Siebel's Thin Client         New Features in Siebel 7: Unicode Factors
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges: Thin       Support - Managing Language         Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Client or Thick Client?                 New Features in Siebel 7: Siebel    Plan Step 1 - Analyze the

Gary Wachowicz: Moving From a Thick     7.5 Is Multilingual                 Upgrade Effort: Business Factors
Client to a Thin Client                 Gary Wachowicz: Global Services Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges: Security   Offerings for Siebel 7              Plan Step 2 - Build a Solid Plan
and Siebel's Technical Architecture     Gary Wachowicz: Fixed Price         and Manage It Tightly
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges: The Key    Packages for Siebel 7               Implementing Siebel 7: Game
to Successful CRM Implementation        Gary Wachowicz: Siebel Solution Plan Step 3 - Define ROI and
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges:            Center                              Monitor Results
Technical Challenges                    New Features in Siebel 7: Siebel    Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges: Custom     Analytics                           Plan Step 4 - Define and
Code or Out-of-the-Box?                 New Features in Siebel 7:           Optimize Business Processes
Gary Wachowicz: Siebel 7.5 - Custom     Improved Vertical Industry          Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Code or Out-of-the-Box?                 Applications                        Plan Step 5 - Provide Strong
Siebel 7 Upgrade Challenges: Legacy     New Features in Siebel 7: Sales     Executive Sponsorship
Code Inventory                          Force Automation Enhancements Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Gary Wachowicz: The Migration of        New Features in Siebel 7: Quoting Plan Step 6 - Deploy in Phases to
Custom Code in Siebel 7.5               and Ordering Capabilities           Maintain Scope
Migrating Existing Applications to      New Features in Siebel 7:           Implementing Siebel 7: Game
Siebel 7                                Interactive Selling Suite           Plan Step 6 - Deploy in Phases:
Migrating Existing Applications to      New Features in Siebel 7: Incentive Who Gets Upgraded First?
Siebel 7: Point-to-Point Interfaces     Compensation                        HOW A SIEBEL 7 UPGRADE
Gary Wachowicz: Migrating Existing      New Features in Siebel 7:           CAN IMPACT THE
Applications to Siebel 7.5              Employee Relationship               ORGANIZATION
NEW FEATURES IN SIEBEL 7                Management - ERM                    Impact of a Siebel 7 Upgrade:
                                        New Features in Siebel 7: Call      Staffing and Maintenance
                                        Center Enhancements                 Impact of a Siebel 7 Upgrade:
                                        New Features in Siebel 7: Call      Developer Resources
                                        Center Enhancements - Universal Impact of a Siebel 7 Upgrade:
                                        Queuing                             Effect on the IT Department
                                                                            Gary Wachowicz: How Upgrading
                                                                            to Siebel 7 Impacts IT
                                                                            SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION
                                                                            ON UPGRADING TO SIEBEL 7
                                                                            OR 7.5

Erico Cardelli is co-founder and chief technology officer of Active Technologies, Inc., a training, consulting
and development firm that provides IT services for diverse companies. Previously, Erico served as IT and
security director at a dot-com startup, People I Know Communications. Prior to that, he was a senior
security consultant for Deloitte & Touche. Before joining Deloitte & Touche, Erico served as MIS manager
and network architect for another dot-com startup, Dynamics Direct (formerly Erico began
his career in the U.S. Navy as an avionics technician, plane captain, and search and rescue diver. His
clearance enabled him to learn network and computer security. He then served in various positions at
Computer Science Corp, Hughes Electronics, Earthlink, and, where he did ERP and database
consulting for Warner Lambert, Trane, Gillette, Borg-Warner Automotive, Southern Texas Power,
Technicolor, Toyota of North America and Siemens.

Gary Wachowicz
Gary Wachowicz is a Siebel certified consultant, and has been performing as the senior practice manager
for the Siebel Solution Center and the Siebel Global Upgrade Competency group. Mr. Wachowicz has more
than 20 years of professional IT and management experience, with the majority of his career devoted to
the development of rapid implementation methodologies and solutions for enterprise applications. He

holds a bachelor's degree from Saint Mary's College of California, an Executive Training Certification from
Babson College, and is affiliated with Stanford Information Technology Research Institute.


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