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Brad Willis chose his MAN truck
after popping into AV Truck Services
just to ‘have a look’ one day. After
seeing the truck and learning about
its features, Brad was sold!
Brad had no previous loyalty to any
truck brand in particular, so he was
very open to suggestions, but the
MAN just caught his eye.
So 18 months ago, Brad became
acquainted with his MAN TGA 430.
“It is just beautiful to drive,” says
Brad. “It’s so quiet and comfortable
– it’s just like sitting in my lounge
room chair, which is exactly what
you want when out on the road day

in day out.”
Brad says the running costs of his
MAN are reasonable too: “I tow
two trailers behind me as a sub-
contractor to the Damien Cole
                                         the needs
                                         of drivers
“I have found the power of the MAN

                                         & operators
to be great for my requirements. It
also has 40 horsepower more than
my previous truck, but doesn’t use
up any extra in fuel, which is ideal.”
Brad says the service he has
received from AV Trucks has been         Reliability and know how are the key
great, but since the sale, he hasn’t     drivers at AV Truck Services, a
had to make too many visits. “It’s       wholly-owned West Australian company
just had its regular services, but       with 25 years experience in the
that’s all,” says Brad.                  trucking industry.

“It has been so good – I have had        State distributors for MAN,
no problems and no reason to have        UD Trucks and Western Star
to use any backup service.               Trucks including parts,
                                         service and fabrication shop.
“The truck has never let me down
and I am very happy with it.”            The company’s success is based on
David Robinson sales manager at          understanding the needs of drivers and
AV Truck Services said the MAN           operators.
TGA on highway range of trucks
                                         Staff at AV Truck Services have a comprehensive
include the following features:
                                         knowledge of the products and with the
service intervals of up to 60,000
                                         company’s stable workforce, customers know
kilometres using synthetic engine
                                         they will get informative and consistent
oil; maintenance free springs and
                                         advice, service and support from our
bearings - no grease nipples except
                                         24/7 service and parts team.
on the turntable; disc brakes on all
axles programmed to wear evenly to
reduce downtime and a dash display
to manage operating information.
“Like Brad, more and more
operators are extremely happy with
their MAN trucks with the high
level of comfort and ride,” says
David. l

                                           485 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe WA 6104    08 9478 2299

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