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					Exams Officer
                                  January 2010
Welcome to the January edition of the Exams Officer
This issue will cover estimated entries, OPTEMS, BTEC updates, legacy A levels, the new GCSEs,
Onscreen results and replacement certificates.

Estimated entries                             •   Has been included in our database as         Inside this issue:
                                                  being a centre from which we should
Edexcel collect estimated                         expect actual entries.                       Page   1
entries for the January and
June 2010 examination series                  •   Has access to all relevant materials.
                                                                                               Estimated Entries
qualifications.                               •   Has timely access to any pre-release         Page   2
                                                  materials that may be required.              BTEC Registrations

Estimated entries should be submitted         •   Is given information about controlled
                                                                                               BTEC Update
via Edexcel Online.                               assessment meetings for teachers
                                                  involved with internal assessment.           Page   3
We do not require estimated entries for                                                        GCSE
each specification, but we do need advance    •   Has timely access to information about       A levels
information for particular subjects/papers,       your centre’s moderators.
                                                                                               GCE Awards
and these are the ones that will be listed
on the estimated entries screens on           •   Has the opportunity to test the new
Edexcel online.                                   GCSE 2010 unit codes and receive             Page   4
                                                  feedback about intended entries well         OPTEMS
Why you should submit estimated                   before actual entries are made.              Replacement Certificates
entries                                                                                        Onscreen results
The submission of estimated entries
                                              How to submit
is particularly important with the            estimated entries
introduction of the new GCSE 2009 units                                                    •   Select qualification e.g: (GCE)
for which we have no historic entry data.     When you log on to Edexcel Online you
                                                                                           •   To submit your estimated entries select
The estimated entries data you provide will   will see some information relating to
                                                                                               “candidates” from the left hand menu.
ensure that your centre:                      estimated entries on the welcome page:
                                                                                           •   From the menu which appears select
                                                                                               “estimated entries”.

                                                                                           •   You will then be asked to select the
                                                                                               session (January 2010 or June 2010
                                                                                               etc) for which you want to submit
                                                                                               estimated entries.
                                                                                           •   Once you have selected the session
                                                                                               you will be presented with a list of
                                                                                               specifications, against which you
                                                                                               can enter your estimated entries
                                                                                               figures. The codes which appear will
                                                                                               be identical to those quoted in the
                                                                                               Information Manual.
                                                                                                Exams Officer newsletter January 2010

BTEC Registrations                            website (www.edexcel.com).
                                              JCQ file formats may be obtained from the

A reminder of the two                         JCQ website:                                  JCQ supports the following activities:
methods that you may                          (www.jcq.org.uk).                             •     Provision of centre specific basedata
use when making your                                                                              (Edexcel to centre)
registrations.                                                                              •     Registration of learners
                                              EDIFACT supports the following activities:          (centre to Edexcel)
Edexcel Online
                                              •   Provision of centre-specific basedata     •     Email acknowledgement of file receipt
Edexcel Online is a web-based service             (Edexcel to centre)                             and processing (Edexcel to centre)
designed to make the administration and
access of learner information easier and      •   Registration of learners (centre to       •     Amendments to learner registration
faster. It allows you to make registrations       Edexcel)                                        data (centre to Edexcel)
within a few minutes and to receive
immediate confirmation of registration        •   Email acknowledgement of file receipt     •     Confirmation of learner overall grades
numbers.                                          and processing (Edexcel to centre)              (Edexcel to centre).

Making registrations by EDI (Electronic       •   Provision of registration numbers
Data Interchange)                                 (Edexcel to centre)                       Software suppliers and supported CMIS
There are two EDI formats which Edexcel       •   Reporting of learner unit grades
supports for BTEC registrations: EDIFACT          (centre to Edexcel)                       Please refer to the Edexcel website for a
and JCQ. EDIFACT file formats may be                                                        list of software packages that support BTEC
found under the ‘Requirements for Centre      •   Confirmation of learner unit and          EDI (www.edexcel.com). Advice on the
Management Information System                     overall grades (Edexcel to centre).       operation of a software package should be
(Centre MIS) Providers’ on the Edexcel                                                      sought from the software provider.

BTEC Update                                       unit. Most units in the revised Level 2   The new titles use the term “Diploma”
                                                  BTEC Firsts and Level 3 BTEC Nationals    quite a lot. Is this not confusing?
Re-titling of the Level 2                         are either 5 or 10 credits.
BTEC Firsts and Level 3 BTEC                                                                •     The Qualifications and Credit
                                              •   The Level 2 BTEC Diploma comprises              Framework determines that
Nationals                                         60 credits, the Level 2 BTEC Extended           qualifications of over 370 hours of
                                                  Certificate comprises 30 credits and            GLH (or over 37 credits) must be
•   The qualification regulator (Ofqual)
                                                  the Level 2 BTEC Certificate comprises          called Diplomas. By the level and size
    has created the new Qualifications
                                                  15 credits.                                     of qualification, in terms of credit, it is
    and Credit Framework (QCF), which
                                                                                                  possible to differentiate these.
    requires awarding bodies to conform to    •   The Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma
    new titling conventions.                      comprises 180 credits, the Level 3        Edexcel has produced guidance for the
                                                  BTEC Diploma comprises 120 credits,       purpose of promoting the revised QCF
•   Level 2 BTEC First Certificate are
                                                  the Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma       BTECs to potential learners. This can be
    now called Level 2 BTEC Extended
                                                  comprises 60 credits and the Level 3      obtained by contacting btec@edexcel.com
                                                  BTEC Certificate comprises 30 credits.    or phoning 0844 576 0026.

What about level 3?
                                              Will Guided Learning Hours (GLH) still        The specifications, once accredited and
•   Edexcel will continue using the           be used, and how do the credits relate        published, will be available on the Edexcel
    terms Level 2 BTEC Firsts and Level       to the current Guided Learning Hours?         website (www.edexcel.com). Sample
    3 BTEC Nationals for the revised                                                        qualification structures and units for
                                              •   Yes, GLH will continue to be shown
    QCF qualifications, because centres                                                     certain sectors can be found at
                                                  in the revised QCF BTEC Firsts and
    (yourselves), learners and others are                                                   http://www.edexcel.com/2010btecfirsts
    very familiar with the original BTEC                                                    and http://www.edexcel.com/
    qualifications.                           •   A 5 credit unit has approximately the     2010btecnationals.
                                                  same size as a 30 GLH unit and a 10
How many credits make up the revised              credit unit approximately 60 GLH.         Accreditation details – (e.g: accreditation
Levels 2 BTEC First and Level 3 BTEC                                                        dates, permitted age ranges for the
National qualifications and how many          •   GLH is the notional amount of time        qualifications etc) – are on the National
credits are there in each unit?                   used to measure the time a learner        Database of Accredited Qualifications – see
                                                  is in guided learning – that is, being    http://www.accreditedqualifications.org.
•   Each unit comprises credits. This             taught or under the supervision of a      uk/index.aspx.
    varies by the amount of GLH (Guided           teacher or member of staff. GLH is
    Learning Hours) needed to achieve a           used to allocate funding and resources.

                                                                                                                                      Page      2
                                                                                                                     Exams Officer newsletter January 2010

GCSE                                           another year of study to               2009/IGCSE 2009 and                    http://www.edexcel.
                                               undertake).                            GCSE legacy/IGCSE Legacy               com/quals/igcse/igcse09/
GCSE 2009/                                                                            examinations.                          Documents/IGCSE%20Trans
IGCSE 2009 and                                 They will be studying                                                         ition%20Model.xls
LEGACY GCSE/                                   the old (or legacy)                    The Transition Model for
LEGACY IGCSE                                   specifications. Examinations           GCSE is accessible via this            You will find the following
EXAMINATIONS                                   for these legacy                       link:                                  key of use:
                                               specifications are still
Though the new GCSE and                        available but for a limited            http://www.edexcel.com/                •   F/S Course = Full or
IGCSE specifications will                      period of time.                        notices/Documents/GCSE-                    Short Course
be taught from September                                                              Transition-Model-v60-DE.xls
2009 there will clearly still                  Tables (called the Transition                                                 •   A.M = Assessment
be pupils who began their                      Model) have been created               The Transition Model for                   Method
GCSEs in September 2008                        on the website; these show             IGCSE is accessible via this
(and who may still have                        the availability of the GCSE           link:

                                                                available in this series will be               New GCE 2008 specifications
A levels                                                        examined
                                                                                                               •     All AS and A2 units are available
General Certificate of                                     •    Coursework units are not available
Education - GCE                                                                                                •     Certification at both AS and A level
                                                           •    Certification is only possible at AS                 standard is possible
                                                                level in this series. It will not be
January 2010
                                                                possible for any student to obtain             •     A level, A level with AS level, and
Curriculum 2000 (Legacy) specifications                         an A level grade in any subject as a                 A level (double award) now include
                                                                result of examinations. Certification                grades with A*
•        Externally assessed A2 units are                       at A level standard is only possible
         available. This is the final re-sit                    in, and after, the June 2010
         opportunity for these A2 units                         examination series

•        Certification of AS and A level
         possible                                          June 2010

                                                           Curriculum 2000 (Legacy) specifications
GCE 2008 specifications
                                                           •    No units available
•        Those AS and A2 units that are
         shown in the specification as                     •    No certification possible

GCE Awards                                                 AND
                                                                                                              For a six-unit A level, a candidate must
                                                           •   Achieve 90% of the combined                    achieve at least 480 of the 600 total
Achieving A* grade                                             uniform mark total for the A2 units.           uniform marks and 270 of the 300
                                                                                                              combined uniform mark total for the
To be awarded a grade A* at GCE A                          For example:                                       A2 units.
level, a candidate must:
                                                           For a four-unit A level, a candidate must
•        Achieve a grade A overall for the A               achieve at least 320 of the 400 total
         level. This can also be described as              uniform marks and 180 of the 200
         achieving 80% of the total uniform                combined uniform mark total for the
         marks.                                            A2 units.

    Please note:

    i.    The above rules are applied to the best available result for each AS and A2 unit; for each unit, this best available result may be
          achieved at the first or subsequent sitting.

    ii. Grade A* is not available for AS qualifications.

                                                                                                                                                         Page   3
                                                                                                      Exams Officer newsletter January 2010

OPTEMS (Optical                      indicated on each form.
Teacher Examiner Mark                If OPTEMS forms are sent              Onscreen tests – Uploading Results
Sheets) are used by                  to incorrect destinations we
centres to record the                will have to contact you for          We like to ensure that           The centre has not uploaded
marks each candidate                 the marks of candidates. This         all of your onscreen             the results from their Enterprise
has obtained on a                    will delay the processing of          testing results are              SiteManager (ESM) software.
particular coursework                coursework marks, and may             successfully sent                Results should be uploaded by
unit (or controlled                  put at risk the publication of        back to us. There are            the centre as soon as the tests
coursework)                          candidate results for those units.    three main scenarios             are completed.
                                                                           that may stop your
OPTEMS are optically read            OPTEMS are dispatched on a            results being sent               Centres may have installed a
forms so it is important that the    number of occasions which             to us correctly. You             copy of their ESM onto a second
instructions for the completion      means you should not expect to        can check that your              workstation in error, meaning
of these forms are followed.         receive all of them in one go.        software is operating            that two tests are downloaded.
                                                                           correctly by running             If one is marked as No Show
There are deadlines for the          Coursework marks can also             system tests. Our                then the correct result may be
submission of completed              be submitted through Edexcel          Onscreen Technical               lost.
OPTEMS forms. These deadlines        Online; you do not have to use        Support team can
are shown in the Key Dates           OPTEMS forms.                         schedule these and               Connectivity problems or
section of the Information                                                 assist you with any              incorrect installation may
Manual (Section 2) and on the        If you have queries about             queries that you have.           prevent ESM from uploading the
Key Dates Calendar.                  missing OPTEMS please contact         Please contact them              results.
                                     us via the following email            on 0844 576 0024
Please ensure that you despatch      address:                              (option 1).
OPTEMS forms to the address          Coursework@edexcel.com.

Replacement                                        A replacement certificate will be issued.      The website also contains guidance on

Certificates                                       There is a fee £35 per qualification for
                                                   this service.
                                                                                                  how to complete the application forms.

When requesting a                                                                                 There are various reasons why a
replacement certificate                            Please be aware that once a request            certificate may not have been issued:
please consider the following                      for a re-placement certificate has been
points                                             received it may take up to 3 weeks before      •    The cash-in may have not been
                                                   you receive the certificate. This is because        supplied at the time when the
If the certificate was issued within the           certificates are not printed in-house but           candidate was eligible for an award. A
previous three years:                              are produced by a specialist printing               cash-in can be added at a later stage
                                                   company.                                            but the date on the certificate will be
Inform the Service Operations                                                                          determined by when the cash-in is
Department of any changes to the                   If the certificate WAS ISSUED OVER                  added.
candidate’s details since the original             THREE YEARS AGO:
certificate was issued.                                                                           •    The candidate may have received an
                                                   Replacement certificates are not issued,            unclassified grade in all the subjects
Provide the candidate and qualification            but a Certifying Statement of Results can           taken. Certificates are not issued
details. These should include:                     be provided. There is a fee for this service        under these circumstances.
                                                   (£35 per qualification).
a. centre number                                                                                  •    Candidate sat the qualification at
                                                   The student should complete the                     another Awarding Body (AQA/ OCR/
b. candidate number at the time of the             application form which can be found on              WJEC/ CCEA/ SQA/ City & Guilds)
   exam                                            the Edexcel website via these URLs:
                                                                                                  •    Questions about certificates and
c. UCI number (when the candidate                  For vocational qualifications –                     certifying statements of results
   number is not known)                            http://www.edexcel.com/iwantto/Pages/               should be directed to the Service
                                                   Replace-voc-cert-students.aspx                      Operations Department.
For re-graded candidates a letter stating
that the grade has been amended should             For academic qualifications -
be sent along with the certificate.                http://www.edexcel.com/iwantto/Pages/

                                                                                                                                           Page   4

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