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IT Bright - Company profile
Who is IT Bright                                                  A perfect management team with dedicated and skilled
                                                               developers. IT Bright is growing… and growing fast. Of
   High morality and business ethics lead the founders to      course in a responsible way and today IT Bright reached a
join their efforts and starting IT-Bright activities, based    point where we are able to accept customer-based devel-
on their good, solid and reliable reputation. IT-Bright        opment again.
is based on more than 40 years of relevant combined
                                                                    When you need CRM software, adapted to your spe-
                                                                cific company needs, high-end web technology design
                                                                for customer communication, serious database develop-
                                                                ment or any other specific customer based software, IT
                                                                Bright is the company you need. You will be directly in
                                                                contact with the architects, designers and developers of

                                                                                                                                 Efficiency, Experience and Ethics in software development
                                                                your software: short lines, to make sure you are in con-
                                                                trol and your information is not filtered. You will have
                                                                your solutions fast and they will be good, solid and reli-
                                                                able with an open architecture so add-ons in the future
                                                                will be no problem. As you can see IT Bright is as flex-
                                                                ible as you want us to be : where our competitors stop,
                                                                we will go on and accomplish what we promise.
                                                                    IT Bright is the answer to your software desires,
                                                                IT Bright is there to make your work easier and more


                                                                    K. Ramakrishnan, founder of Mercury Software Sup-
                                                                ports and having years of experience in responsible
                                                                                                                                                                                                  IT Bright pvt. Ltd

                                                                team-management where relationship, trust and an eye
experience in software development, team building and
                                                               for talent are key.
team-management, as well as National and International
                                                                  Hans Verrijcken, founder and CEO of Coteng N.V., a
project management. The Indian office and development
                                                               profitable software company with international offices and
centre is located in Chennai (Madras), the fourth-largest
                                                               customers worldwide.
city in India, capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and one of
the three cities in ‘the IT golden triangle’. The main
goal of the founders was to bridge the communication and
cultural gap between European/American companies and
Indian software developers and experts.

  IT Bright - Company Profile                                                                      April 2001 I 01
                                                                         Key products and services
     K. Ramakrishnan R a m a k r i s h n a n @ I t B r i g h t . c o m
     Hans Verrijcken                    • Software Analysis and design
     Information                                 • Experienced software development for all Windows
 Main activities                                                                   -- NT-Services, COM, DCOM and ActiveX, ISAPI
                                                                                   CGI development
     Development of high quality PC-based Technical, communica-                    -- Multiple communication protocols include servers and
 tion and database software in LAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet                     clients for ea. SNMP, SMTP, HTTP(S), FTP, XML etc.
 environments                                                                      -- Development environments include MSVC++, Visual
                                                                                   studio .NET, Delphi 1-6, Java, MS-SQL, Oracle, ...

                                                                                            • Support & service, ranging from simple
                                                                                            e-mail support to 24-hour, 7/7 telephone- and
                                                                                            even on-site assistance.

                                                                                             Primary market

                                                                                                Software companies that want to out-
                                                                                             source part of their development, larger cor-
                                                                                             porations and multinationals that require a
                                                                                             reliable partner for specific project develop-
                                                                                             ment and follow-up.

                                                                                             Major accounts
                                                                                             and end-users/customers

                                                                            IT-Bright has practical implementations of their software run-
                                                                         ning with some major Telcos, Banks and shipping companies in

 IT Bright pvt. Ltd
 102/1 North Avenue
 Tel. : +91-44-2220.90.79
 Fax : +91-44-2220.07.62
                                                                                            IT Bright
 Bank of India : Account Nr. 1360

April 2001 I 02                                                                                  IT Bright - Company Profile

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