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Outlook and Thoughts on the CRM                                      What's New on
Marketplace for 2009                                                 ISM's Website

By John Chan                                                         New Listing of ISM
At ISM, we are keeping track of the current state of the CRM
marketplace and potential changes within this marketplace that       1. ISM-Pivotal-Microsoft
will provide a major impact on CRM. As we approach a new             Webinar: The Value of
year, ISM remains cautiously optimistic about the state of the       CRM: Building a Business
CRM marketplace for 2009.                                            Case to Achieve True ROI

The long-term prospects of the CRM marketplace continue to           February 18, 2009 - 11
be bright as the Gartner Group predicts that the CRM market          AM PST/2 PM EST
will continue to have a positive growth rate, considering the
slowing economy. The CRM market is poised for a “healthy             2. The Growing Impact of
growth” rate through 2012 when CRM software revenue is               Social Media on Your
forecasted to reach a whopping $13.3 billion. There are several      Customer Relationships
reasons for this market growth, according to Gartner research
director Sharon Mertz. "The composition of the worldwide             February 24, 2009
CRM market is evolving as vendors continue to extend
regionally, increase penetration within existing accounts and        3. Tips for Negotiating/Re-
gain new clients, offer flexible deployment models, and              Negotiating the Best Deal
continue to develop the channel" she explained.                      with Your CRM Vendor

However with the ongoing worldwide recession, 2009 will be a         March 24, 2009
trying year for the CRM industry. CRM vendors will be more
challenged by their clients to provide clear and specific data
                                                                     4. User Adoption:
about the business value their CRM solutions can provide for
                                                                     Securing this Critical
the company. CRM professionals cannot afford failed CRM
                                                                     Success Factor Once and
projects, particularly in down markets when business survival
                                                                     For All!
may be at stake. In 2009, "risk-proofing" CRM projects will
near the top of the priority list for CRM professionals. CRM
professionals will have to sharpen their negotiating skills to get   April 21, 2009
more value from their vendor relationships in the coming year.
During 2008, companies also began looking for ways to cut            5. CRM Implementation
costs on technology and become more customer-centric as the          Excellence: Coming In On
U.S. economy went into a recession, which made on-demand             Time & Under Budget
CRM applications and Web 2.0 tools popular choices for those
looking to invest in CRM.                                            May 19, 2009

In today’s economic downturn, ISM sees companies currently           For more information,
using or considering implementing a CRM solution as having           please check out ISM's
an excellent opportunity to utilize the benefits of CRM as a         Website:
means of growing their business and maximizing good        
relationships with their clients and prospects. According to         or contact Tracey Hoston
research conducted by business professors at Penn State and         (301) 656-8448
the University of Texas, well-run companies should not during
a period of an economic recession, cut back on their marketing      ________________
efforts, but rather increase their marketing spending to achieve
superior business performance both in the short and long term.      _____
 Businesses can find that an effective CRM approach will give
them with an important competitive advantage during
recessionary conditions. An effective CRM approach will             Current ISM CRM
assist a company with its many benefits such as providing the
company with a deeper understanding of its customer/prospect        Discounts/Offers
base, filtering strong and weak leads, keeping clients informed
of the company’s products/services, increasing customer             1. ISM offers an
satisfaction and mostly importantly increasing the “close” rates    opportunity for a free 1/2
in its percentage of business orders. The saying “It is cheaper     hour conference call with
to keep a customer than acquire a new one” is valid during          ISM's President, Barton
difficult economic times. Furthermore, AMI Research has             Goldenberg to discuss any
found that companies that employ CRM have higher revenues           desired CRM and CRM-
per employee than those that do not, about $306,618 compared        related issues.
to $229,025.

The noted CRM blogger, Chris Bucholtz believes that during
the current recession, the CRM sector will not be hit as hard as
other sectors. A Gartner survey shows that CRM is in the top
three concerns of more than two-thirds of the 250 major
technology-savvy corporations surveyed. Bucholtz
additionally suspects that CRM spending will hold its own at
small companies simply because many have not yet
implemented a CRM solution. He states that an economic
downturn is a great time for companies to focus on service,
marketing and improved processes. With fewer dollars
available, winning the competition for these dollars very           To schedule a free
important and this is a rosy scenario for the CRM industry.         conference call with
                                                                    Barton, please contact
ISM is currently in the midst of reviewing numerous CRM             Tracey Hoston at (301)
applications for the 2009 ISM Top 15 CRM software awards.           656-8448 or
What we have seen is continuing innovation in CRM         
applications, particularly in Web 2.0, mobility and user-
generated content. Prominent CRM vendors such as SAP,               2. All registrants of ISM's
Oracle,, NetSuite and Maximizer have                 February 24, 2009
introduced new Web 2.0, mobility and user-generated content         Webinar: The Growing
in their latest versions of their software. ISM will evaluate the   Impact of Social Media on
new function in these and other CRM software applications and       Your Customer
include our assessments in our Top 15 CRM software reviews          Relationships, can receive
to be released in early 2009.                                       a 50% discount off the
                                                                    purchase price of Barton
John Chan serves as the ISM software testing lab director and       Goldenberg's book: CRM
is responsible for software testing and defining the evaluation     In Real Time.
criteria for The Guide to CRM Automation. He holds an MBA
with a concentration in marketing from Georgetown University
and a BA with honors from Colgate University.

You can contact John at:

                                                                    ISM will be sending
                                                                    additional information on
                                                                    this 50% book discount in
                                                                a future Webinar
                                                                registration email for our
                                                                February 24, 2009

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