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					Sample Memo Requesting Employer Support
Please note: This information is provided is only an example to assist you in developing your own
proposal for requesting to attend the CPA’s 2010 Conference & Trade Show.

To: Insert Supervisor Name and Title

Date: Insert Date

From: Insert Your Name and Title

Re: The Canadian Payroll Association’s 2010 Conference & Trade Show

I am writing to request financial support to attend the Canadian Payroll Association’s (CPA’s) 28th Annual
Conference & Trade Show, being held in Toronto, Ontario, from July 6 - 9, 2010.

The CPA’s Annual Conference and Trade Show offers over 50 high-quality education sessions,
professional keynote speakers, and the largest payroll product and service trade show in the country, as
well as the opportunity to network with 700 payroll professionals, subject matter experts, government
representatives, and product and service providers.

The education sessions cover managing and running efficient, effective and compliant payroll processes.
Session topics include Legislation & Compliance, Managing Payroll & e-Payroll, Compliance HR &
Payroll, Senior Management and Personal & Professional Development. I see value in attending these
sessions: [insert names and descriptions of topics relevant to your organization and its mission, goals,
strategic business plan, etc.]

The knowledge and skills I gain through the education programming and the people who I meet through
the networking opportunities will be of great benefit to [insert organization name]. This experience will
help me perform my job more effectively and the resources that I gather can be shared with my
colleagues, as all CPA full-conference delegates receive online access to all the education session
handouts. A copy of the conference brochure is attached for your review.

The cost of registration is $   plus taxes [insert amount applicable] and includes all education
sessions, the trade show and most meal and refreshment breaks. Travel and accommodations are extra.

The CPA is the national association representing employers’ payroll interests since 1978. With over
14,000 members, the Association the CPA influences the operational, compliance and technology
policies and processes of payroll service bureaus, software providers, hundreds of thousands of small,
medium and large employers, as well as federal and provincial tax authorities. Payroll is a mission-critical
function for all organizations. Canada’s 1.5 million employers annually pay $730 billion in wages and
benefits, $230 billion to the federal and provincial governments and over $80 billion in health and
retirement benefits and produce over 30 million T4s and RL-1s—all while complying with over 185
legislative acts and regulations.

As the source of payroll education and advocacy, the CPA delivers certification, professional
development programs, and products and services that enable payroll practitioners to enhance
operations, meet new legislative requirements and utilize emerging technologies.

Thank you for considering my attendance at this important conference.


[Insert your signature]