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									Mothers Day

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Go to any garden for a walk and look for small children playing. Keep

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Go to any garden for a walk and look for small children playing. Keep
watching. After some time, you will always find a small kid hitting
himself/herself somewhere and cry loudly. Suddenly the mother will appear
and take the child in her lap. After some time the child will go back to
his /her game. That is mother for you. Always there to protect her

Some time back scientists carried out an experiment and found out that
infants sleep better if they listen to the recordings of the sounds of
their mother's womb The kid stayed there totally unaware of the world for
nine months. The kid stayed there in total protection and cared for. No
worries and no tension. Children carry the memories of those days in
their early days and look for the mother whenever left alone. It is
enough for them to know that mother is around. When ever the mother is
missing, they raise hell. No toys or any other attraction can make them
quite, because their first need is mother.

Those of us, who have forgotten about the sacrifices our mother has done
to bring us up, should ask the mother to tell something about our
childhood. She will open her memory box and tell you so many things about
this and that you will wonder how she could ever manage to raise you and
your siblings up. You may not remember most of your childhood, but the
mother remembers because you are her child. For a mother her children are
dearest to her. They are an extension of her personality.

So many women sacrifice all their education, career and everything else
to raise their children properly. They care for their children at every
moment. One day the nest becomes empty of her children as one after other
the children begin moving out. Imagine the condition of the mother who is
left with nothing but the memories. The empty rooms and the memories.
Even after all this, she does not complain. She wants the best for her
children and is always ready to give whatever she has for that.

Please never forget to remember your mother on Mother's Day. Why not make
everyday Mother's Day? For your mother, every day was Children's Day,
isn't it? You can make a lovely selection of expressing thanks to your
Mother with ecards from ecard websites. Wish your mother on Mother's Day
and make her happy.

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