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									Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

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The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to buy gifts.
If you’re a little light on funds, following are ideas for inexpensive
Christmas gifts.

inexpensive christmas gift ideas, writing journals

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The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to buy gifts.
If you’re a little light on funds, following are ideas for inexpensive
Christmas gifts.

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

It is easy to blow your budget and run up credit cards when shopping for
Christmas gifts. To avoid this, here’s a list of inexpensive Christmas
gift ideas.

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Just because you aren’t “bucks up” during the holidays, it doesn’t mean
you can’t give great Christmas gifts. Here are just a few inexpensive
Christmas gift ideas. If you’re interested in seeing them, just search
for the given name on your search engine of choice.

1. One Head Bar Butler – This swanky device is a great gift for people
with bars in their homes or at least bottles of booze! The Bar Butler
mounts on a wall or table and holds a bottle upside down. The bottle fits
into a simply tap system. Turn on the tap and it will dispense exactly
1.5 ounces of the beverage of choice. Great for adults and college
students! The One Head Bar Butler can be found online for as low as
$14.99 and is a one of a kind gift.

2. Solar Sunflower Stake – A really good gift for homeowners, the Solar
Sunflower Stake goes in the yard in whatever strategic position you wish.
During the day, it appears as a small set of sunflowers. As evening sets,
the sunflowers light up using solar power charges accumulated from the
sun hitting the leaves during the day. Costing as low as $14.99, this is
one of the top notch inexpensive Christmas gift ideas.

3. Slam Dunk Hamper – A great gift for parents to give kids. Parents want
kids to keep their room clean. Kids, of course, couldn’t care less. To
work out this long running war between the two, the Slam Dunk Hamper has
been developed by the United Nations. Just kidding, but it does make both
kids and parents happy. The Slam Dunk Hamper hangs from the back of a
bedroom door. Kids roll up and shoot their dirty clothes into the hamper.
You just pull it off the wall when it is time to do laundry. Another
inexpensive Christmas gift idea, the hamper will run you a whopping $9.99

4. Nomad Writing Journals – If you’re buying for a person that loves the
outdoors or to travel, Nomad Writing Journals make great gifts. These
journals are tailored to activities such as travel, fly fishing, bird
watching, backpacking, camping, rock climbing and so on. They come with
or without a case and provide writing space as well as cues for writing
down important information. A great keepsake for family members to
preserve their travel and outdoor experiences. The journals cost as low
as $9 without waterproof case and $25 with case.

When you’re low on funds during the holidays, the secret is to buy unique
things for people. Hopefully, the above list will give you a head start
on inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for 2005.

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