Email Memo Template Sample Subj Line I am Are you Sample Body Dear company employee or first name Have you taken a moment to re register in I by vps11289


									                                Email Memo Template

Sample Subj. Line:        I am. Are you?

Sample Body:

Dear {company employee or first name},

Have you taken a moment to re-register in Illinois’ new organ/tissue donor registry? As a
Donate Life Illinois Workplace Partner, we are striving to remind employees to re-register as
part of our commitment to saving lives. Please take a moment, visit the link below and
register. Be sure to type in {company name} in the last field on the registry form so that we
can get credit for your commitment to helping save lives. It only takes 30 seconds.

I am registered in Illinois’ new registry, are you?


XXX (CEO, Executive or HR Director)

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