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									Gift Giving Guide For Guys

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The gift you give her, whether perfect or not, if chosen thoughtfully
will send the message that you cared enough to make the effort. Following
these guidelines will help you put a smile on her face this holiday

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Holiday gift shopping for your sweetheart can seem to be a difficult
task, and many men put it off until Christmas Eve because of this.
Knowing a few basics about the art of selecting a gift for a woman can
help make your shopping trip more successful, and less stressful.
Following are some hints about how to find the perfect holiday gift for
your sweetheart.

Choose Something Just For Her

The first tip is this: never buy her a gift that you would like to
receive. You probably would not make the mistake of thinking she wants a
new John Deere tractor. But you may think that home electronics items
like TVs and stereos are fabulous gifts. A new plasma TV is probably not
on her gift list. But if a TV, or even a tractor, does happen to be on
her list, be sure to buy the one she wants, not the one you think she
should have.

Avoid Housekeeping Aids

Another pearl of wisdom: never buy your sweetheart a household appliance,
or something to make housework easier. She almost certainly will not be
pleased. She may decide to clean house -- by getting rid of your items.
This prohibition includes cleaning products, like that extra large
container of laundry soap that finally went on sale. A new, high-tech
vacuum cleaner might be something she wants, but not as a Christmas gift
from her sweetie.

Keep It Personal

Another clue to remember when searching for the perfect holiday gift for
your special someone -- a Chia Pet, or a house plant, is not a romantic
gift. Your sister might like to receive a house plant from you, but it is
probably safe to say that your sweetheart will be expecting something a
little more personal.
Lingerie and nightwear can be a great holiday gift idea for that someone
special. But avoid the flannels and the granny panties. That type of gift
sends the message that you do not find her desirable. Buy her the sexy
stuff if you're leaning towards a gift of lingerie.

Don't Cut Corners

Jewelry can be the perfect gift for the woman you love for Christmas, but
there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid. Always remember that an
imitation diamond does not cut it, either figuratively or literally.
Imagine the embarrassment she will feel when she tests her new ring in
front of her friends by trying to cut glass with it. Such a scene could
have dire consequences for your relationship. Buy the real thing.

Don't Trust Your Fashion Sense

For many men, clothing often seems the ideal gift, especially when the
women in their lives love clothes. If you are thinking about clothing for
your special someone, please reconsider. While many men think they have a
good sense of women's fashions, in reality few do. If you give her
clothes, she may act appreciative, but don't ever expect to see her wear

Take A Hint

Although it may seem obvious, one of the most important gift-giving clues
is: listen. Many women drop detailed hints about what they want. If you
pay attention, she will probably tell you exactly what to buy for her.
You can never disappoint her by giving her something she wants.

Presentation: Part Of The Gift

Never underestimate the power of presentation. Beautiful paper, nice
boxes, and bows that sparkle can set the stage, and increase your
sweetheart's anticipation of your gift. Duct tape is never acceptable,
and plastic grocery bags do not make good gift bags. If you hire someone
skilled to wrap that perfect gift, you give your sweetheart the gift of
beauty in presentation, in addition to the gift within.

Your Love Shows Through

That "perfect" holiday gift may be something elusive, and always just out
of reach. The gift you give her, whether perfect or not, if chosen
thoughtfully will send the message that you cared enough to make the
effort. Figuring out the perfect holiday gift for your special someone
can be difficult. But following the above guidelines will help you put a
smile on her face this holiday season.

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