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Learn the power of manifesting your dreams.


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Imagine yourself as a deep sea diver, a ballroom dancer, a professional
athlete, a famous artist, or whatever you can’t imagine. “No, that is
not me”, your timid little voice inside your head escapes into your
conscious thoughts. Take a moment to reflect on how many times per day
your mind rejects what your imagination dreams up. It then may dawn on
you as no surprise that many of us live our daily lives with self-
limiting behaviors. When we come to realize that it is our own self-
limiting thoughts that are creating and constraining our realities, which
are keeping us from embodying our imagination, we then can start to take
action and move from a restrictive mindset to one where manifesting our
goals and dreams is second nature.

Seeing with new eyes, thinking with positive life-affirming thoughts, one
can begin to make the shift to a manifesting mindset. Manifesting is
defined as a product of change brought through the direction of
consciousness. When one can start thinking with this awareness in mind,
one can take an active role in accepting their imagination as a catalyst
for truly realizing their dreams.

Isn’t this empowering? Replacing your negative emotions with positive
ones is the first step in manifesting the life you desire. One surefire
way of replacing negative emotions is to start by writing down positive
affirmations. For instance, one can change a self-limiting thought of,
“I’ll never be a good public speaker” to “I am someone who speaks in
public with ease and joy, someone who the world wants to hear.” Or, one
can change the limiting belief that, “I will never make enough money to
meet all my needs and feel secure”, to “the universe supports me,
provides for me, and is safe.”

Start coming up with positive affirmations to replace old thought
patterns. Write them on a piece of paper and post it where you can see
it during the day. This way, you can continually remind yourself of
these new thought patterns. These new beliefs will start permeating your
mind and body, and you will be well on your way to creating a manifesting
mindset in which you can create what you imagine.

Another way to practice replacing your old thought patterns with new ones
is to say your affirmations out loud in front of a mirror. This
technique makes you face yourself, and saying your affirmations out loud
usually brings a greater emotional response to them as they start to
sound true.

So, start today with changing your old self-limiting thoughts to positive
life-affirming ones. You have nothing to lose, but your old limitations.
Try it! It is truly easier than you can imagine.

Wishing you Happiness!
David Molina