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					                    Make a Chair prototype
                                                                            with	David	Upfill-Brown
                                                                                                            $2500       GST	included

                                                                                                8	November	-	3	December	2010

 Images	above:	Left	-	Amatory	Chair,	laminated	cherry	&	leather,	by	the	tutor.	Right	David	Upfill-Brown	

 Chair making is one of the most challenging aspects of furniture making, but with learning founded on the
 following, it will no longer be a mystery:
 •           The evolution and status of the chair
 •	          Structural	concerns
 •	          Ergonomics	–	the	relationship	of	the	chair	to	the	human	form
 •	          Relevant	materials	and	processes
 •	          Repetition	–	production	
 •	          Basic	upholstery
 •	          Design	and	prototyping
 The tutor, David Upfill-Brown is an experienced chair designer and maker. He has made a wide range of
 chairs, from stools to dining chairs, from sculptural to ceremonial chairs, and has been commissioned to make
 speaker’s	chairs	for	the	Australian	Parliament.		For	David,	chair	making	is	the	favourite	type	of	furniture	design.
 Students will need some prior knowledge of furniture making, a set of hand tools, enthusiasm and an open
 mind.		This	will	be	a	full	and	fun	four	weeks	with	the	fulfillment	of	either	taking	home	a	completed	chair	or	having	
 developed a design for production as a personal dining set or for the market at large.
 Tuition is from 9 - 5 each day but the workshop will be open longer for those who wish to continue
 working.	 	 	 The	 course	 fee	 is	 $2500	 (includes	 GST).	 	 Payment	 of	 a	 non refundable deposit of $500 (full
 balance	 due	 September	 1st)	 and	 the	 completion	 of	 an	 enrolment	 form	 are	 essential	 to	 book	 a	 position.	        	
 Enrolment	 forms	 are	 available	 at:	 or	 by	 phoning	 Sturt	 Gallery	 on	
 48602083.	 	 This	 course	 will	 be	 held	 in	 the	 Part-time	 Wood	 Workshop	 at	 Sturt.	 	 Tea	 and	 coffee	 are	 provided.	
 Students	bring	their	own	lunch	or	order	from	Sturt	Café	(open	Wednesday	to	Sunday).		Detailed	information	
 about the course and the tutor are available overleaf.


                                                                                                       Waverley	Pde,		Mittagong	NSW

	SHORT	COURSES                                                                                                        Ph 02 4860 2080
                       Make a Chair prototype
                                                              with	David	Upfill-Brown
                                                                                     $2500       GST	included

                                                                           8	November	-	3	December	2010

 The program for this four week course is as follows:
 Week one                   The evolution of the chair
 																								   Structure	and	ergonomics
                            Materials, processes and production
 																								   Basic	upholstery	(drop-in	seats	and	backs)
 																								   Design	and	drawing	–	ideas	and	how	to	develop	your	own
                            Modeling to scale and full scale mock-ups
 Week two                   Mocking-up your chair
 Week	three					            Developing	your	chair
 Week four                  Finishing and upholstering your chair and review.

 Tutor David Upfill-Brown

 David	Upfill-Brown	graduated	from	Parnham,	UK	in	1981	and	then	moved	to	Canberra	where	he	established	
 his	reputation	as	a	designer	and	maker	of	fine	furniture,	working	on	commission	for	domestic	and	architectural	
 clients. Commissions include work for the parliaments of Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands and
 the	Solomon	Islands.	David	has	an	equally	strong	background	in	teaching	and	served	as	Academic	Director	
 and	Principal	of	the	Australian	School	of	Fine	Furniture	in	Tasmania	til	2004	and	then	as	Instructor	at	the	Center	
 for	Furniture	Craftsmanship	in	Maine,	USA.
  David	Upfill-Brown	returned		to	Australia	in	2009.


                                                                                Waverley	Pde	Mittagong	NSW

	SHORT	COURSES                                                                               Ph 02 4860 2080

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