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					                                                                     arc Osteoarthritis Cohort Questionnaire

The Arthritis Research Campaign (arc) is compiling an Inventory of Datasets to hold summary
details of Osteoarthritis cohorts that have been used in studies sponsored by arc or other
sources. We would be grateful if you could answer the following questions about the
Osteoarthritis patient cohort used in your study.

Please complete all the questions and email the completed form to

1. Who is the primary contact for the cohort?

2. Please give the contact’s email address:

3. What is the brief working title of the project?

4. Please enter the approximate recruitment start and end dates (mm/yyyy):

        Start:            End (leave blank if ongoing):

5. How many subjects are (or are planned to be) in the cohort?

6. Which of the sources listed best describes the source of the subjects?

GP attendees

7. Please state any special selection characteristics, if any, of the cohort e.g. twin study, recruits to clinical trial?

8. What is the main site or sites of osteoarthritis of the patients in the cohort?


9. What was the main inclusion definition of osteoarthritis for entry to the cohort?

Radiographs alone

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                                                                   arc Osteoarthritis Cohort Questionnaire

10. Which of the following baseline data were collected?

    Current pain     WOMAC: pain         WOMAC: stiff       WOMAC: Function      Heberden’s nodes      AUSCAN

11. Were X-rays taken of the following joints?

    Hip     Knee     Hand

12. Were any of the followings samples collected?

    Serum      DNA      Synovial fluid      Tissue     Urine

13. Was any other imaging used?

    Yes     No     If yes please specify:

14. Were the patients followed-up and if so for how long?

    Yes     No     If yes please specify: Minimum (years)           Maximum (years)

15. What outcomes were measured at least once?

    Pain     Function     Radiograph

16. What was the source of study funding?

    Arthritis Research Campaign      Other       If other please specify

17. Please provide one publication that best summarises the methods used to characterise the cohort:

18. Please give any further comments here:

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