Using NC WiseOwl Databases by vps11289


									                                    Using NC WiseOwl Databases
                                     Due: Nov. 12 (A) and 13 (B)
                                           12 points total

NC WiseOwl offers a variety of resources, including access to different information
databases and an online encyclopedia. From these databases, you can access
magazine, journal and newspaper articles.

Go to
Click on High School Zone
Click on the Student Research Link on the left side

1. Nine types of sources are shown in the center with checked boxes. List the nine
   sources here:

2. Twelve broad topics are listed on the left to search by. List them here:

3. Search for obesity in the find field at the top of the page and press the orange search
   button. How many search results are returned?

4. There are search terms listed on the left you could use to narrow your search. List
   them here:

5. Search for obesity AND soda. Copy and paste an article citation from the results.

6. Click on the link for the citation you listed in number 5. At the top of the screen, you
   will see four different options for what you can do with your article. What are they?

   Go back to the NC WiseOwl High School Zone
   Click on InfoTrac Student. You are now in a completely different database.

7. Search for obesity. There are five tabs of different sources shown. List them:

8. How many results came back under the magazine tab?

9. Click on the Books source tab. Click on this citation:
       Title: Weight guidelines for adults.(Health)
       Pub: World Almanac and Book of Facts

Copy and paste the paragraph that details childhood and adolescent obesity rates.

10. Click on the magazine tab again. In the left tool bar, add the word soda to refine your
results. How many results are now listed in the magazine tab?

          Copying another student’s work will result in a zero on the assignment and a written referral.

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