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                               REPORT TO THE BOARD

Report Author       Tarek Iskander

Lead Director       Sarah Cottingham / Susanna Masters

Contact Details     tarek.iskander@lambethpct.nhs.uk

Date of Meeting     13th March 2008

                    (APOH) CONSULTATION
                                     Item for Decision

The Board is asked to:

   1. Approve the enclosed letter from Lambeth PCT in response to the Picture of Health


The PCT has an opportunity to respond to the A Picture of Health (APOH) public
consultation (closing date of 7 April 08). APOH proposals were reviewed by the
Commissioning Development Committee. In light of that discussion, this paper suggests
Lambeth PCT’s response to the Consultation.

Resource Implications:               None
Public & User Involvement:           N/A
Staff Involvement:                   Response reviewed by Commissioning Development
                                      Committee and Senior Management Team?
Equality & Diversity and             N/A
Health Inequalities
Related Standard for Better           N/A
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The PCT has an opportunity to respond to the A Picture of Health (APOH) public
consultation (closing date of 7 April 08). A paper was submitted to the Commissioning
Development Committee that outlined:
       A summary of the ‘Case for Change’ outlined in the consultation document
       An outline of the changes proposed under each of the 3 options that are
          presented in the consultation document
       An assessment on the potential impact of the 3 options on Lambeth (primarily the
          impact on activity at King’s hospital, one of our main acute providers), based on
          the Picture of Health Business Case as well as the King’s response to the
          assumptions in the business case
       A suggested Lambeth PCT response to the consultation in light of the above

This paper can be accessed at www.lambethpct.nhs.uk/Your PCT/How the PCT is run/PCT
Board/Board 2008/Thursday 13 March 2008

Following discussion at the Commissioning Development Committee, a proposed response
to the APOH consultation is attached for Board approval.

The PCT will explore with Southwark PCT, whether a joint response from both PCTs would
be desirable, based on the content approved by Lambeth PCT’s Board.
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                                              Chief Executive’s office
                                              2nd Floor
                                              1 Lower Marsh
                                              London SE1 7NT
                                              Tel: 020 7716 7101
                                              Email: kevin.barton@lambethpct.nhs.uk

xx March 2008

A Picture of Health
Centre for Health Management
Tanaka Business School
Imperial College

     Lambeth PCT Response to A Picture of Health (APOH) Public Consultation

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the A Picture of Health (APOH) public
consultation. Our feedback is based on the APOH Consultation Document, the Pre-
Consultation Business Case as well as ongoing dialogue with the consulting PCTs, local
partner organisations and the central project team.

Lambeth PCT understands and fully supports the Case for Change outlined by APOH -
and therefore wishes to assist other PCTs to ensure the necessary improvements to patient
care do happen. We are particularly aware of the case for change in some major service
       i)    Maternity and Paediatrics
       ii)   Planned Surgery
       iii)  Emergency care

The main impact of the proposals on Lambeth, is the potential transfer of activity to the
organisations that make up the proposed future South London Academic Health Science
Centre: Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT), King’s College Hospital NHS
Foundation Trust (KCH), South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), and
King’s College London (KCL).

The PCT has reviewed the methodology in the Business Case and accepts that the
modelling is as robust as it can be at this stage. The PCT is also reassured that refining of
the modelling work is ongoing and wishes to be involved in this. Specifically, the PCT
wishes to assist further sensitivity analysis of the model assumptions to ensure the final
projections of the impact on King’s College Hospital, in particular, are as robust as possible
– since this is where the largest new activity flows are likely to emerge.
                                                                                      ENC L

The PCT would not rule any of the proposed options at this stage. However, given the
above, the PCT supports the SRO’s ranking of the options outlined in the Business Case
i.e. Option 1 is ranked first and Option 2 ranked second. Though it is clear Option 3 would
deliver clinical benefits, Lambeth PCT agrees with the view that this option can only be
realistically achieved by using one of the other options as a transition point.

Lambeth PCT would like to work with other South East London organisations to ensure an
effective transition to whatever options or structures need to be put in place. In addition, we
are keen to make certain that whatever plans are enacted are in line with the outcome of
the Healthcare for London consultation.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Barton
Chief Executive


Simon Robbins
Senior Responsible Owner
A Picture of Health

Helen Cameron
Programme Director
A Picture of Health

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