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					       DESCRIPTION & TARGET AUDIENCE                                       SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM                             VISITING SYMPOSIUM GUEST SPEAKERS
The purpose of this symposium is to provide Clinicians,
Researchers, and Pediatric Care Providers an overview of                 Wednesday March 10th, 2010
                                                                                                                      Giulio Cosso received his MD degree from the
how genetic research is having a direct impact on child
health.                                                                       AMPHITHEATRE                            University of Rome La Sapienza in 1977. Following
                    OBJECTIVES                                            Albert Children’s Hospital                  this, he was a CNR Fellow at the Institute of
                                                                                                                      Histology of La Sapienza University of Rome then
      To understand how advances in genetics affect                                                                  the USPHS Fogarthy Fellow at the Wistar Institute
       child health from diagnosis to treatment             7:30–8:15       Registration & Breakfast
                                                            8:15–8:30       Welcome and Introduction                  of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been
      To review current concepts of how genes regulate
       the development of the nervous system                8:30–9:30       Paediatric Grand Rounds                   professor of Histology at the Department of Biology
      To highlight how genetic research can impact                         (Grant Gall Lecture)                      at University of Milan since 2005. He has directed
       bedside patient care                                                 Dr. Eric Hoffman                          the stem cells and muscular dystrophies unit since
      To introduce emerging ethical issues in the era of                   Drug Development in Duchenne Dystrophy:   2002.
       modern genetics                                                      Exon Skipping and Non-Hormonal Steroids
                                                            9:30-10:00      Dr. Carol Schuurmans                      Eric Hoffman earned his Ph.D. in Genetics at
      LOCATION and CONTACT INFORMATION                                      Genetic Regulation of Nervous System      Johns Hopkins University in 1986 and then pursued
                                                                            Development in the Embryo                 post-doctoral training at Boston Children’s Hospital
The Sixteenth Annual Child Health Research Symposium        10:00-10:30     Dr. Harvey Sarnat                         working on Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene and
will take place in the Fourth Floor Auditorium, Alberta                     Genetic Regulation of Nervous System      protein identification. He then established an
Children’s Hospital.                                                        Development in Human Disease
                                                            10:30-10:45     Refreshment Break
                                                                                                                      independent laboratory at the University of
          REGISTRATION INFORMATION                          10:45–11:15     Dr. Michel Innes                          Pittsburgh where he worked on muscular
                                                                            Clinical Phenotypes of Genetic Diseases   dystrophies, ion channel disorders, and other
To attend in person: contact                                                of Nervous System Development             neurological conditions. In 1999, he moved to                      11:15-11:45     Dr. Murray Potter                         Washington DC to establish the Research Center
or at 403 955 2966                                                          Targeting Drugs to the Nervous System     for Genetic Medicine Research at Children’s
                                                            11:45- 12:15    Dr. Ian Mitchell                          National Medical Center.
This session is being offered by Telehealth                                 Novel Treatments: Can We Balance
(Videoconference).                                                          Enthusiasm and Caution?                   Jeffry A. Medin received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry
                                                            12:15-12:30     Panel Discussion                          from the University of Kentucky and later worked at
To attend by Telehealth and request a Telehealth
                                                            12:30-1:30      Lunch                                     the National Institutes of Health studying gene
connection for your location: Outside of AHS- Calgary
                                                            1:30-2:30       Dr. Giulio Cossu                          transcription, gene therapy and lysosomal storage
Health, please contact your local Telehealth Coordinator.
                                                                            Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy       diseases. In 2001 Dr. Medin moved to Toronto
Within AHS - Calgary Health, submit an online Telehealth
Booking request to the Alberta Health Services Telehealth   2:30-3:30       Dr. Jeff Medin                            where is currently a Senior Scientist at the Ontario
Department, or email:                                                       Gene Therapy for Lysosomal Storage        Cancer Institute and a Professor in the Department                                 Disorders
                                                            3:30-3:45       Refreshment Break
                                                                                                                      of Medical Biophysics and the Institute of Medical
                                                            3:45-4:35       Speaker TBA                               Sciences at the University of Toronto.
Visit the Southern Alberta Child & Youth Education
Calendar at Click on Education Calendar,                      From Discovery to Treatment: The
                                                                            Clinical Impact of Modern Genetics        Murray Potter graduated from medical school from
then Professional Opportunities - Telehealth. Posters,
learning objectives, handouts and evaluations will be       4:35-4:45       Dr. Jean Mah & Dr. Aneal Khan             the University of Manitoba in 1995 and specialized
posted as they come available, and can be printed for                       Novel Genetically Engineered              in Medical Biochemistry and Biochemical Genetics.
distribution and individual use.                                            Treatments in Patients at Alberta         He current heads the Biochemical Genetics
                                                                            Children’s Hospital                       laboratory and Metabolic service at McMaster
Additional information is available at:                     4:45-5:00       Panel Discussion                          Children’s Hospital. Dr. Potter’s research focuses on                                         5:00-5:05       Closing Remarks                           brain-targeted protein therapies delivered using
                                                                                                                      microencapuslated cells.
The symposium has received MOCERT (Maintenance
of Certification) accreditation from the Royal College
of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
                                                                             PAYMENT INFORMATON:                          SIXTEENTH ANNUAL
                  REGISTRATION FORM
                                                                            METHODS FOR PAYMENT:                        CHILD HEALTH RESEARCH
                                                                            CASH/PERSONAL CHEQUE
________________________________                                        PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO:                       FROM DISCOVERY TO
CITY           PROV         POSTAL CODE
                                                                           ALBERTA HEALTH SERVICES                            THERAPY – MODERN
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                                                                                                                                   March 10th, 2010
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I request lunch [ ] Yes                                        Card #                                                   DEPARTMENTS OF PEDIATRICS, MEDICAL GENETICS,
                [ ] No                                                                                                          THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY
                                                                                                                             AND ALBERTA CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.
Nutrition Breaks and Lunch provided to all Registered          Expiry Date: ____________________
                                                               Amount: _________
              Registration Fee
             Trainees: No Fee
   Physicians, Staff & General Public: $40
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             GRANTS PROVIDED BY:                               Please note: This item will appear on your Credit Card
                                                               statement as: Alberta Health Services                            Department of Medical Genetics

                                                                        PLEASE MAIL REGISTRATION TO:
                                                                        CHILD HEALTH RESEARCH OFFICE
                                                                         ALBERTA CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
                                                                          2888 SHAGANAPPI TRAIL NW
                                                                            CALGARY, AB T3B 6A8
                                                                              FAX TO (403) 955-9111