Treat People As If They Were What They Ought To Be, You Will Help by asafwewe


Treat People As If They Were What They Ought To Be, You Will Help

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	                                                                                      February 2009

     "Treat People As If They Were What They Ought To Be,
You Will Help Them To Become What They Are Capable Of Being."
                                                                                  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749
England                                                       What Can We Learn” and “Can We Predict the
We have a regular column in the Local Cranfield               Future”. All Three have been uploaded onto the BtM
paper and this is one recent piece of feedback.               Site.
Dear Mr Hunter, I am so glad that one of my colleagues        There was a good article on the BNET Blogs from
lives in Cranfield as i would have probably never heard of    Jeffrey Pfeffer called “When Will We Ever Learn?” in
you. It is nice to read the articles that you post and so
refreshing to hear that someone has actually thought
                                                              which he points his acute perception towards
about where the problems lie. I find it hard to stop being    incentive schemes. The article got considerable
the local freedom fighter but i would like to congratulate    support but still it lacked the edge that would tell the
you (even though some 5 odd years late) that you have         audience what to do instead. We cut and pasted our
seen the light and now have become the light house            usual reply. “Rewards never work, try instead
keeper in this turbulent sea of business. Wow.                changing the way you behave towards your
      th                                                      employees.”
On 20 Jan we went to speak at a joint meeting of
the Warrington CIPD and CMI. There were about                 We started reading Alfie Kohn’s book “Punished by
130 people booked to attend, in the event about 85            Rewards”and hope to publish a review in the
turned up which was just as well as there were only           fullness of time, in the meantime if you are involved
ninety seats. We talked about how by changing the             in or asked to advise about reward schemes then
way that managers listened to people they can                 this book seems to be a great place to back up the
change the way that they felt about what they did,            assertion “Don’t Do It!”
and by changing the way they felt about what they
did they could change the way that they performed.            We came across a request for advice about
Treat people as if they are valuable and that is what         installing a Learning Management System. The
they will become.                                             response we posted seems to have jostled a few
The topic struck a chord with a lot of the audience           perspectives so we have reproduced it here.
                                                               If your training is not producing added value to your bottom
who were asking very specific questions about how             line then what is the point of tracking it.
they could practically implement the sort of changes          All you are doing is measuring the exact rate that the training
that produced the results that we showed them. We             department is haemorrhaging money out of the company.
hope they got enough ideas to make the changes                If your training is adding value then measure the value it is
they wanted to see.                                           adding. When we train for the sake of training we are destroying
                                                              the organisation we are supposed to be supporting.
We took the opportunity while on the way to                   Think carefully about why you need this software and if the
Warrington to visit Pete Simon and Steve Bownass              reason turns out to be that your boss told you to get it, go ahead.
at AMBIT to review the progress of the Hopscotch
Video and the marketing that we are doing. We                 We had a request for a review copy of BtM from
decided to put the video on the AMBIT and BtM sites           Thailand. Gary Dale Cearley, an American living and
as a progressive streaming video. This means that             working in Bangkok has been sent a copy for review,
visitors to either site will be able to click the link and    we are looking forward to finding out what he thinks
view the video in its entirety for the first time. In         of the book.
addition we agreed to release a version of the                            BtM Website - Number of Hits per Month -
promotional video that was made at the Birmingham                                         2008/09
Motorcycle Museum extolling the virtues of
Hopscotch. This promotional video will be circulated
as widely as possible to generate interest in                     9000
Hopscotch, including posting it on as many external               8000
sites as possible, U Tube etc.                                    7000
We already have some candidates but if anyone on                  6000
this distribution can suggest places to send the                  5000

promotional video to increase its visibility please let           4000

us know.                                                          3000
This week we completed the third in the “Credit
Crunch Trilogy” of Articles. “Why Did It Happen”,                        Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May June   Jul   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec   jan

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