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Microsoft Office 2007 SP1 is now available to Edinburgh Napier University staff for optional
installation on their own staff PCs running the standard Edinburgh Napier University Windows XP
desktop service.

Before you install MS Office 2007 please ensure that you read the information in the MS Office
2007 section of the C&IT Services staff intranet pages. To find out about:
    Compatibility with earlier versions of Office.
    The benefits of upgrading to Office 2007 including details of the added features and

You will need to have local administrator rights to your PC before you are able to run the upgrade
(if you are using your own office PC this should have been assigned when your PC was imaged).
If you do experience problems downloading the software to your office PC please contact the
C&IT Support Desk by telephoning ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line or email

Minimum system requirements for Office 2007:

Processor:              500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
Memory:                 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
Hard disk:              2 gigabyte (GB) free space
Display:                1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
Operating system:       Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server 2003 with
                        SP1, or later operating system

The applications included in this Office 2007 install are:

       Word 2007
       Excel 2007
       PowerPoint 2007
       Publisher 2007
       Project 2007
       Access 2007
       Outlook 2007
       InfoPath 2007
       OneNote 2007
       Expression Web 1.0 (replacement for FrontPage)
       Integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
       Integrated Electronic Forms and Information Rights Management (IRM) Capabilities.

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MS Office – Installing on your Office PC
Before you install Office 2007 please be aware of the following:

    1.      If installing on a PC where a previous version of Office has been used, Office settings
            held in your user profile will be migrated. This includes such things as Custom
            Dictionaries, window layouts and Outlook Mail Profile.

    2.      Files created within an Office 2007 application are by default saved in a new XML
            format and cannot be opened by previous Office versions (However, if the Office 2007
            compatibility tool kit is installed, as is on all Edinburgh Napier University Rev 6 PCs,
            users can open, edit and save Office 2007 XML format files using Office 2003).

    3.      Files created with previous versions of Office can be opened and edited by Office 2007
            and are by default saved back in their original Office format. Alternatively, once opened,
            the option exists to save them in the new XML format.

Installing Office 2007 on your office PC:

The Office 2007 install works as an install/upgrade. Any existing versions of Office, Outlook and
FrontPage are removed and replaced with Office 2007 versions. The compatibility pack for Office
2007 will also be removed. If you have any Office 2007 viewer programs on your PC you should
remove these prior to installing Office 2007.

The installation process can take up to 30 minutes however may take a little longer on older

After first ensuring that no Office applications are running:

        Click Start
        Select All Programs
        Highlight Core
        Highlight Install Extras
        Highlight Office 2007
        Click Install/Upgrade Office to Office 2007.

         A screen will appear showing the progress of each part of the installation process:

        Restart the PC when prompted.

If you need further help and support please contact the C&IT Support Desk by telephoning ext
3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line or email c&

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MS Office – Installing on your Office PC

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