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					Rebecca Triplett

Professor Welsh

HLTH 202 002

Monday, September 10 th

       “Roll up your sleeves. It’s your turn to help guard against cervical cancer,” reads the top

line of the advertisement. The ad is found in U-turn magazine, a publication provided by Barnes

and Nobles and supplied to freshmen all over the United States. This ad relates to one of the

Healthy People 2010 objectives, immunization, the goal of which is to “Prevent disease,

disability, and death from infectious diseases, including vaccine-preventable diseases.” The

advertisement certainly meets these qualifications, because it is touting Gardasil, a vaccine that

prevents the contraction of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), a virus that can cause genital warts,

lesions, and cervical cancer.

       The Gardasil advertisement is one that can be viewed easily from a public health

perspective. The ad (or, more essentially, the vaccine itself), is geared toward creating a

healthier, higher-quality, prolonged life for the public by aiming to prevent disease. Being in a

magazine that is given out freely to all incoming college freshmen assures that the advertisement

is widely available to the public (specifically those in the age group of the ones most likely to

need the vaccine), and the information on the back of the ad helps to educate the public on not

only the vaccine, but the nature and consequences of HPV. The advertisement also indicates a

high level of organization, providing both a phone number and a web address so that potential

recipients can find out even more information, should they so desire it.

      Sources:
           o Healthy People 2010 Website: “Immunization”
           o Uturn: A Barnes and Nobles Student Magazine, Freshman Orientation 2007

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