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     Earn & Learn
                                    at the Engineering
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       What’s it all about?
       British Gas wants to see more black and minority ethnic young
       men and women joining their Engineering Academy as apprentices.
       At the Academy you will earn and gain a recognised qualification
       (NVQ Level 3). Once you’ve completed your training, you will be
       ready to start your career as a British Gas engineer.

       Engineering is a great career for people who enjoy hands-on,
       practical work in a high-tech environment. Being an engineer can
       also be fun if you enjoy being out and about meeting customers
       from many different backgrounds.

       At the Academy you will receive good benefits and have the opportunity
       to work flexible hours that fit in with your lifestyle. You will receive a
       vehicle, toolkit and uniform in your first week and once you
       successfully complete your apprenticeship, you’ll receive a DVD
       laptop and a mobile phone!
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       My experience
       Harmeet Padam is currently an apprentice at the British Gas
       Engineering Academy. This is his story:
       "The other apprentices are people just like me. We all want the same
       thing: to pass our course and become technical engineers. From
       there, I could become a senior engineer and maybe even a manager.
       The ability to pass on what I’ve learned to others is important to me.
       As long as I get the chance to do that I’ll be a happy man."
       "I’ve learned quite a lot of the skills and techniques now, and so it’s
       down to me to perfect them in the workshop. That’s the best part -
       really putting it into practice, diagnosing and repairing breakdowns
       and having a laugh while we’re dong it."
       "My Dad was well chuffed when I was accepted into British Gas, and
       my subsequent training with the Engineering Academy. He’s a big one
       for getting a ‘hands-on’ trade, so he thinks I’ve got it sorted."
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                   Your questions answered about
                    British Gas apprenticeships
                         Q: How long is the training?
                         A: To achieve your NVQ Level 3 will take
                         approximately one year.

                     Q: How old do I need to be?
                   A: You should be 17-23 years old to be
                an apprentice. If you are over 23, you can
         train to become a service fitter.

                 Q: How much money do I get when I start?
                   A: You will start on an annual salary of
                     £12,500 – on successfully completing your
                      apprenticeship and becoming an engineer, you could
                       earn £25,000 – 28,000.

                            Q: What qualification will I gain?
                            A: You will get a NVQ Level 3 in Gas Services,
                           Installation or Maintenance.
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                         Q: What is needed for entry?
                          A: You will need 4 GCSEs at Grade C or above
                           (Maths and Science will give you an advantage).
                            You can also gain entry with a relevant NVQ
                            (Minimum level 2) in engineering or plumbing.

                             Q: What else do I need?
                            A: Just bags of enthusiasm and the ability
                          to communicate with people from different

       Your qualifications explained
        NVQ Level 1           Foundation GNVQ              GCSE Grades D-G

        NVQ Level 2**         Intermediate GNVQ            GCSE Grades A*-C
                              Advanced Extension           GCE & VCE AS
        NVQ Level 3
                              Award                        and A Level
       **An NVQ Level 2 (or equivalent) is the minimum requirement for
       entry to the Engineering Academy.

       GCE    General Certificate of Education
       GCSE   General Certificate of Secondary Education
       GNVQ   General National Vocational Qualification
       NVQ    National Vocational Qualification
       VCE    Vocational Certificate of Education

       So how do I apply?
       The way to apply is online:
        Go to the section ‘Recruitment Process’, and click on the heading
       ‘Join Us’. The application instructions are simple and this is the
       quickest and easiest way to apply!
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                    Produced by BTEG in association with British Gas

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                                          Front Page:
                                        Andrew Mutuma
                               British Gas Engineering Academy

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