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Think back to a teacher who impacted your life. What did he or she do to make your learning
experience engaging and meaningful? How did that teacher elicit a new awareness for

For most people, teachers who motivate and encourage learners to discover and explore new
knowledge and skills make the greatest impact. Even though an organization may have a
management-supported program, eager learners and the best materials, if the class is not
delivered in a way that opens participants to new knowledge and reinforces learning, the
program’s effectiveness is dramatically decreased. A skilled learning facilitator is critical to
changing behavior.

Train-the-Trainer (TTT) is an intensive, customizable 2½ day class that teaches the
competencies required to accelerate understanding, raise retention and achieve buy-in whether
you are training, coaching, presenting or leading meetings. During this course, you will acquire
tools and techniques that increase learner comprehension, participation and retention.

The focus of this class is on facilitation skills. Learn what master facilitators do to deliver a
participant-centered experience by creating a positive learning climate, leading content-driven
activities, motivating learners, dealing with difficult participants and much more.

Learn How To
Apply a repertoire of learning activities: openers (6), closers (3), energizers (6)
Demonstrate a bias for activities and flip charts instead of PowerPoint
Practice facilitating review and reflection on learning
Demonstrate a focus on active, measurable learning objectives
Recognize and adapt to learning styles and prior knowledge
Identify conflict and difficult students early and adapt
Choose when to instruct or facilitate based on the learning objectives and participant needs
Create a positive learning environment

Who Should Attend
Subject Matter Experts (SME) who want to become facilitators of learning; instructors or trainers
interested in delivering participant-centered learning experiences; novice facilitators and team
leaders responsible for producing results with people.

Life Cycle Institute • 4360 Corporate Road • Charleston, SC 29405 • 800-556-9589 • •   1

Scheduling & Pricing
April 6-8, 2010 (Charleston, SC)
August 17-19, 2010 (Charleston, SC)

Each course includes a comprehensive active learning manual, morning and afternoon
refreshments, lunch, and the use of a fully equipped e-business center. Class hours are 8:00am
to 4:00pm Tuesday through Thursday. All students completing a class at the Life Cycle Institute
will receive a certificate of completion awarding CEU’s.

Cost: $2,195                CEU’s: 2.1
Location: Life Cycle Engineering, 4360 Corporate Road, Charleston, SC 29405-7445

Registration: 800-556-9589 • •

Life Cycle Institute
Be prepared to be an active learner. When you invest in training with the Life Cycle Institute,
you will gain knowledge and learn skills that you will be able to apply immediately. Our courses
are designed to teach by doing. Your training with the Life Cycle Institute is different because
we offer:

    •   Facilitators who practice what they teach and teach what they practice
    •   Course content that is constantly updated with the latest proven tools and methods
    •   Adult learning methods that minimize lecture and emphasize learning by doing
    •   Classrooms that are specifically designed to facilitate learning

Private Classes and Custom Development
Your training needs are unique. Unique needs may require customized, on-site training. Learn
from Institute Learning Consultants – on your site – at a time convenient for you – tailored for
your needs. For more information please contact us at 800-556-9589 or

Life Cycle Institute • 4360 Corporate Road • Charleston, SC 29405 • 800-556-9589 • •   2

Delivery Team

                        Tara Denton, Learning Consultant
                        Tara has designed and delivered learning solutions since 2001. Tara
                        specializes in building learning products that meet business objectives,
                        facilitating training programs and coaching others to deliver participant-
                        centered experiences. Tara’s learning products have been named a finalist
                        in training product competitions. Her flexibility allows her to work on a
                        range of projects, from consulting a Fortune 500 company on an internal
                        certification program to designing and delivering live online courses. Tara
                        has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the College of Charleston.

                        Scott Franklin, Learning Consultant
                        With over 20 years experience in organizational design, change
                        management, and delivering sustainable improvements, Scott is a well-
                        respected authority on organizational change, specializing in the leadership
                        responsibilities of change management. Scott brings specific expertise in
                        the areas of creating a combined learning organization in parallel with a
                        strengths-based organization, while simultaneously creating a culture of
                        execution. Scott is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former
                        nuclear-trained submarine officer.

                        Bill Wilder, Director of Life Cycle Institute
                        Bill holds a Masters of Education degree from East Tennessee State
                        University and a Bachelors of Science in Human Resources. In 2006, Bill
                        joined Life Cycle Engineering to create the Life Cycle Institute, an
                        organization that delivers learning that produces results for clients. During
                        25 years with AT&T in sales, marketing and product development Bill
                        created the national competency certification programs, developed a sales
                        candidate assessment process and several training programs. Bill has
                        worked with the Department of Education and the Library of Congress to
                        incorporate active, participant centered learning principles in the public

Life Cycle Institute • 4360 Corporate Road • Charleston, SC 29405 • 800-556-9589 • •   3

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