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Dual Language Picture Books in Farsi

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									Dual Language Picture Books in Farsi and English
Title                                      Author

Samira's Eid                               Aktar, Nasreen
Ali Baba and the forty thieves             Attard, Enebor
Alfie's Angels                             Barkow, Henrietta
Buri and the marrow                        Barkow, Henrietta
Don't cry, Sly!                            Barkow, Henrietta
That’s my Mum                              Barkow, Henrietta
The buskers of Bremen                      Barkow, Henrietta
Ellie's secret diary                       Barkow, Henrietta
Little red hen and the grains of wheat     Barkow, Henrietta
The giant turnip                           Barkow, Henrietta
Pandora's Box                              Barkow, Henrietta
The Pied Piper                             Barkow, Henrietta
The three billy goats gruff                Barkow, Henrietta
Handa's surprise                           Browne, Eileen
Flash bang wheee!                          Clark, Karen
Goldilocks and the three bears             Clynes, Kate
Not again, Red Riding Hood                 Clynes, Kate
What shall we do with the boo hoo baby?    Cowell, Cressida
What is peace?                             Damon, Emma
Floppy in the dark                         Genechten, Guido Van
Floppy's friends                           Genechten, Guido Van
Jill & the beanstalk                       Gregory, Manju
Chameleon swims                            Hambleton, Laura
Chameleon races                            Hambleton, Laura
Wheels on the bus                          Kubler, Annie
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?   Martin, Bill Jr
Splash!                                    McDonnell, Flora
Lima's red hot chilli                      Mills, David
Mei Ling's hiccups                         Mills, David
Wibbly wobbly tooth                        Mills, David
My daddy is a giant                        Norac, Carl
Welcome to the world baby!                 Robert, Na'ima bint
Journey through Islamic art                Robert, Na'ima bint
The swirling Hijaab                        Robert, Na'ima bint
Milet Picture Dictionary                   Turhan, Sedat
Milet mini picture dictionary              Turhan, Sedat
Hare and the tortoise                      Ward, Helen

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