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									    Train Communications Systems 2008:
    The WiFi on trains conference
    The market for WiFi services on trains is about to leave the station!

    With laptop-toting passengers increasingly demanding on-board, internet access and with a growing
    number of cost-saving applications now associated with WiFi connections on trains, it appears nothing
    can stop this new market.
       The third annual BWCS Train Communications Systems conference will once again gather the leading
    train operators from around the world to explain their successes and failures in this vital new sector. The
    pioneering operators who have introduced continuous, real-time, high-speed internet connectivity on
    trains will be there to report on how they have done it, how WiFi is affecting passenger numbers and
    how some are using it to save millions in maintenance costs.
       Book your place now (online order form at to join the discussion on how
    these services can deliver real benefits for passengers and train operators alike. Discover how companies
    are beginning to harness these services to enhance customer service delivery and make their train
    services safer, more secure and above all more profitable.0BWCS

    What they said about Train Communications 2007

    ”From business models to technology, this is the conference          truly global representation made it an enriching event.
    that train operators need to attend to get the complete              Paul Diercks, Smart Connection, NS Rail
    wireless networking picture”
    Jim Allison, Principal Planner, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers        “The third annual Train Communications System Conference in
    Authority, US                                                        London is a great opportunity for train operators to meet,
                                                                         exchange ideas and collaborate in establishing global train-based
    ”The well composed Train Communications conference 2007              communications standards for the future.”
    gave a good overview over the train communications market            Guy Faulkner, Senior Advisor, Strategic Alliances, VIA Rail,
    with its opportunities in technology and business. Thank you         Canada
    for a great conference!”
    Martin Bystrom, Head of Rolling Stock, A-Train AB (Arlanda
                                                                           BWCS has worked with all the major players in this new market to
                                                                           make Train Communications Systems 2008 a success. Over two days,
    “The conference gave a great opportunity to get acquainted             a combination of interactive workshops, panel sessions, presentations
    with a challenging group of companies all facing similar               and networking sessions will explore the commercial and technical
    initiatives in enriching public transport. This greatly benefitted     issues arising from the deployment of these services around the
    our own view and, hence, our own development path. The                 world. For all companies with even the remotest interest in this
                                                                           dynamic sector, this is once again the event to attend in 2008.

                                                                           Train Communications 2008 will be held in central London on 11th
                                                                           and 12th of June 2008. Please be advised that places are limited and
                                                                           that delegate places are selling out fast. Please book now by filling in
                                                                           the booking form on the back of this brochure or online at
      Among the companies presenting at Train
      Communications 2008 will be:                                         Train Communications Systems 2008 will provide a great networking
                                                                           opportunity and there are still one or two sponsorship opportunities
              National Express                                             Please contact
              Chicago Transit Authority
              WiFi Railnet (US)                                            The venue:
              Parsons Corporation                                          The London Marriott Hotel, Kensington
              REN FE                                                       Located close to Central London in the heart of Kensington, the
              Acorde Technologies                                          London Marriott Hotel Kensington is the most contemporary of
              Lloyd’s Register Rail                                        hotels in London, a combination of superb, vibrant facilities and
              Deutsche Bahn                                                modern design with a stunning 7-storey atrium lobby.
              Nokia Siemens Networks
                                                                           Contact details:
              Red-M                                                        Booking individual bedrooms:       0800 221 222
              Mobility@Rail (Singapore)                                    Booking 10 or more rooms:          0207 012 7514
              Nomad Digital                                                From outside the UK:               +44 207 012 7514
              Thalys International                               

Conference Programme

Day 1 (June 11th)                                                    Alternative solutions in areas of poor cellular              Roll out of WiFi on Trains Since 2006 – Current
                                                                     coverage.                                                    Status and Future Plans
8:50     Registration and Coffee                                     Steve Leach, CTO, Red-M                                      Adding values - services and solutions for the
                                                                                                                                  near future
9:15     Welcome Speech from Graham Wilde,                  3:00     Speed Networking                                             Improving and accelerating internal operational
         CEO, BWCS Ltd                                                                                                            processes.
                                                            3:30     How WiFi on Stations can add coverage                        Dr Werner Clas, Deutsche Bahn
Session One: Making the Business Case for a                          along the line and help add cost-saving
WiFi on Trains Service – Helping Train                               applications for train operators                    11:00     Coffee
Operators Cut Costs                                                  Using the station as a high speed hub.
                                                                     Extending coverage out of the station.              1 1 : 1 5 Another New Service: WiFi on Trains in
9:30     Using Wireless Services to Help                             Station to station and trackside as a means of                Denmark
         Operators Cut Costs                                         delivering high speed communications cost-                    Business Model
         Moving Beyond the 80/20 Rule                                effectively.                                                  Implementation Plans
         Business Application Case Study - National                  Mark Collin, Cityspace                                        Results of Pilot Programme So Far
         Express East Coast                                                                                                        Kenneth Hansen, DSB Commercial
         Operational Application Case Study                 3:55     Providing WiFi access across mass
         Making the Leap to Smarter Trains                           transit environments                                1 1 : 4 5 WiFi Services in Fast Speed Trains: the
         Peter Kingsland, Managing Director, Icomera                 A Case Study from the San Francisco Trials                    Thalys User Experience
         UK                                                          Cooper G. Lee, Founder and CEO and Michael                    First results of WiFi services implemented in
                                                                     E Cromar, Chief Financial Officer, WiFi Rail Inc              Thalys trains across Europe. Key lessons from
1 0 : 0 0 WiFi hotspots onboard trains: a                                                                                          an implementation side to the end users side.
          doomed technical and business case?               4:25     Delivering WiFi Services on Long-                             Stephane Savary,Thalys, and Alain De Cort,
          Key learnings from successes &                             Distance High-Speed Trains – the true                         Nokia Siemens Networks
          failures                                                   story from Spain
           Wi-Fi connectivity onboard trains has followed            Train Operator needs and requirements.              1 2 : 1 5 Panel Session: What can operators and
          a very slow deployment timeline - only a                   SOTM for High Speed Train environment.                        suppliers do to accelerate the deploy-
          handful of deployments (SJ in Sweden) have                 SOTM tests in High Speed Trains.                              ment of WiFi on train services
          more than 100 trains equipped                              Trials preparation.
          What are the technical and economic                        Quantitative and qualitative results.               12:45 Lunch - Sponsored by Nomad Digital
          bottlenecks to roll-out?                                   Acorde Technologies, Spain
          Xavier Aubry, Appear Networks                                                                                  Session Four: Success Stories for WiFi on
                                                            5:00     Panel Session: What are the most                    Trains Services – the View from Round the
1 0 : 3 0 The new generation of Broadband                            important requirements for Train                    World
          Radio Train to Track Communication                         Operators Considering a WiFi on
          Solution for Rail Transport Systems                        Trains Service?                                     2:00     WiFi on SJ Trains – Four Years down
          Jaime Abad, Business Development Manager,                                                                               the Line
          InfoGlobal, Spain                                 5:30     End of Proceedings and Closing                               Thomas Oberlander, Project Manager, WiFi on
                                                                     Remarks, Graham Wilde, BWCS                                  Trains, SJ Trains, Sweden
11:00-11.15       Coffee
                                                            5:45     Cocktails, Sponsored by 21Net                       2:30     Balance is the Key Consideration
1 1 : 1 5 Using 21st Century Communications                                                                                       Our Experience says so
          Solutions to Enhance Railway Opera-                                                                                      Keith A Dunbar, Snr V.President, Parsons
                                                            Day 2 (June 12th)                                                     Corporation
          Future Wireless Applications for Train
          Operators                                         Presentations and Exhibition Demonstrations                  3:00     Coffee
          Ines Clenjans and Martin Lordan, Nokia
          Siemens Networks                                  8:45     Registration and Coffee                             3:15     The Evolution of Train Communica-
                                                                                                                                  tions Systems
1 1 : 4 5 Using Wireless Services to Help                   9:15     Welcome by BWCS                                              Market developments over the last 12 months
          Operators Cut Costs                                                                                                     - Case Studies.
          Peter Boom, Senior Consultant, Lloyds             Session Three: Expanding and Speeding up the                          Evolving business models.
          Register Rail                                     Deployment of WiFi on Trains                                          Jay Saw, Nomad Digital

1 2 : 1 5 Cost and Performance of Satellite                 9:30     Chance Favours the prepared mind:                   3:45     Moovera: Moving from Buses to Trains
          Technologies Providing Broadband                           Notes from a Mobility@Rail Advisor                           Jim Baker, CEO Moovera
          Internet in a Multi-Train Environment                      Why are we talking about Mobility
          Henry Hyde Thomson, Director, 21Net                        Transformation @ Rail?                              4:15     WiFi on Trains – Successes around the
                                                                     Overview Best Practices: "Multi-service, Multi-              World
1 2 : 4 5 Lunch                                                      operator"                                                    Vincent Ma, Head of Transportation, Colubris
                                                                     Recommendation #1: "Not Invented Here?
Session Two: What Every Train Operator                               Turn vendors into partners"                         4:45     Panel Session: What are the common
Should Know Before Launching a WiFi on                               Recommendation #2: "Forget Rail, Focus on                    factors shared by successful WiFi on
Trains Service                                                       the ServCo"                                                  Trains services
                                                                     Recommendation #3: "Telcos: Friend or Foe?"
2:00     How Train Operators Can Judge What                          Your Vision: Rail as the new mobile operators       5:20     Conclusions and closing remarks,
         They Are Being Offered?                                     How to make this a reality? 4-Step Approach                  BWCS
         Levels of service and how to enforce them.                  Pieter Zylstra, Mobility@Rail, Singapore
         To charge or not to charge?
         True cost of implementation.                       1 0 : 0 0 Mobility with TGV
         Coverage – black spots and black holes.                      The train operator’s point of view : priority to
         Ian Beeby, CEO, Peak Intelligence (Ian has                   quality of service and client’s expectations.
         been part of a team advising a UK operator on                Marketing target and content of the service.
         its current procurement)                                     The technical solutions adopted.
                                                                      Conclusion : driving both “time to market” and
2:30     Evaluating the use of cellular networks                      “innovation”.
         as backhaul for Wi-Fi service on trains                      SNCF
         Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of using
         cellular networks as a backhaul technology.        1 0 : 3 0 WiFi on Trains – Closing the Gap
         Evaluating if there is sufficient coverage over              Internet in Trains and Stations - the present
         a route using measurements.
         Implications of any coverage holes.
                                                                      offering at Deutsche Bahn

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