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									Case Study No: 2

                                   Train 2000
                                   Awarded PROWESS Flagship
                                   status October 2003
                                   “We are continually improving the way
                                   we work and we provide services by
                                   incorporating new ideas, information
                                   and methods”
Phyllis Brighouse
                                   Organisation:           Train 2000 Ltd (Limited by guarantee)
                                   Founded:                1996
                                   Area of Operation:      Merseyside
                                   Contact:                Tel: 0151 236 6601

                                   Train 2000’s mission is to provide enterprise and employment
                                   services for women and influence policy in order to improve the
                                   economic position of all women. The founding members felt that
Toywa Newton
                                   the existing support provision failed to meet the specific needs of
                                   women seeking self-employment as it was mainly inappropriate
                                   and inaccessible. They aim to provide an integrated and holistic
                                   gender friendly service.

                                   Key Activities:
                                   •        POWER Programme (Promoting Opportunities for Women in
                                            Enterprise and Regeneration)
                                   •        Advice for women thinking about starting a business, those
                                            developing a business and women who are developing an
                                            existing business.
                                   •        Jobs, Education and Training advice
                                   •        Welfare rights advice
                                   •        Personal development training
                                   •        Power loan fund
                                   •        Consultancy
                                   •        Develop local, regional, national and international
                                   •        Consultancy
                                   •        Influence government policy and strategy on women and
The UK wide gateway to local
women-friendly business support.   •        Share success stories
Train 2000
                                                                                     Client Case Study

                                                                                     Queenie Ibia

An Inclusive Approach: One of Train 2000’s core values is to be an inclusive
organisation which recognises the needs of individual women and reaches and
respects the needs of disadvantaged and underrepresented women. Services are
widely accessible through a range of initiatives. Training courses are free to all
women living in the Merseyside area and are held in central community
buildings. All clients are offered childcare and other dependent care costs and a
subsistence allowance of £10 per day (including travel costs). Train 2000 have an
effective outreach programme, regularly visiting and talking to groups of
potential clients and providing information sessions to referral agencies.

A Client Focussed Service: Train 2000 regularly receive positive feedback on
their services from clients. One remarked, “I didn’t know where to start, Train
2000 has shown me how to put my ideas into action in an organised and
structured way”. Another said, “The atmosphere in the training group was
important, I found it useful to share experiences and anxieties. The tutors were     Queenie Ibia established her
accessible and supportive”. Train 2000 are always keen to promote their clients’     African/Caribbean restaurant in
businesses and to celebrate their success. The website includes an extensive list    Liverpool in August 2000. For her
of case studies and the organisation has been very successful in generating          it was the culmination of a dream
media coverage for their clients.                                                    she had held on to for over
                                                                                     20 years.
A Commitment to Equality: Currently all of Train 2000’s staff are women, as
are all their clients, as this is the target market of the organisation. To ensure   In 1999 she resolved to realise her
that all groups are aware of their services, Train 2000 develop close working        ambition to open a restaurant
relationships with key people within particular communities, for example the         serving authentic West African food.
Chair of the Sudanese Women’s Committee. Train 2000 believes this personal           She encountered great difficulty in
contact is vital and that targeted marketing by itself is not enough.                the start up phase of her business
Disaggregated statistics are by gender and disadvantaged groups; 100% of             but, with the help of Train 2000,
clients are women, 26% are lone parents, 40% are women returning to work,            she found her current premises,
20% are from ethnic minority groups and 8% are disabled women.                       raised a funding package of
                                                                                     £24,000 and opened for business
Ensuring Quality: Train 2000 is recognised as one of the leading women’s             in August 2000.
enterprise development organisations in the UK. A holistic approach ensures a        Five years on, Queenie continues to
comprehensive quality service is offered to all clients. POWER (Promoting            receive ongoing support from Train
Opportunities for Women in Enterprise) has been running since December 2001.         2000 and is trading profitably.
The programme is divided into four strands with services for: women considering      She has established an excellent
self-employment, women ready to start their own business, women who are              reputation for serving authentic
already in business and women who are part of, or managers of, community or          African food and remains the only
social enterprises.                                                                  African restaurant in the city.
People at different stages of starting or developing a business need various
levels of support and advice. Some women contact Train 2000 just wanting
someone to talk to about various career options or to see what help is available
to develop skills and education. When someone is ready to start a business, Train
2000 can offer more in-depth training, taking clients through each stage of
becoming self-employed. Women already running a business can take courses in
higher skills for business and management. Managers of social enterprises can
access personal development training. In addition to these services, Train 2000
also run the POWER Loan – a fund targeted specifically at women setting up or
developing a business. Train 2000 see between 1200–1500 women a year, some
of whom may just be making a single enquiry. Substantial advice and training is
given to approximately 700 women each year, many of whom go on to start
their own enterprises, making a significant contribution to the Merseyside

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