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									                                                                                                    February 3, 2009

                                        UBC/AC Pass Product
                               Instructions for Completing a JV to Pay

As these passes have been prepaid by the university, a different format of payment is required for processing.
Travellers will be requested to fill out a Journal Voucher using the below identified steps.

        Section 1 What a traveller needs to make a reservation
        Section 2 Completing a Travel Journal Voucher
        Section 3 Changes and Cancellations
        Section 4 Group Travel
        Section 5 Sample of a Completed JV

Section 1 What the traveller needs to make a reservation:

    Once the travel agent has identified that the Pass is the best option for travel, the traveller must provide:
        their Aeroplan number ( passenger name must match the name on the Aeroplan file) – if the traveller does
           not have an Aeroplan number they can register immediately at
        Country of residence must be in Canada
        A Journal voucher number (see below)
        A Speedchart (the program/grant account to be charged)
        The JV is to be partially filled out – name of passenger – purpose of trip –along with the cost and faxed or
           e-mailed to the agent (Please indicate the name of the agent with whom you are dealing i.e. Sue, Marilyn
        The agency will complete the reservation. You will receive an electronic ticket.
        Finalize the JV and forward to Accounts Payable for processing. ( A copy of the ticket must
           accompany the JV)

Section 2 Completing a Travel Journal Voucher

        What is a Journal Voucher (JV)?
               A journal voucher the form designed to transfer funds between UBC departments. As UBC has
               purchased the Air Canada passes – funds must be transferred from the account to be debited for travel
               and credit the account used to pay for the bulk purchase. The JV has been modified to incorporate
               information required for travel by UBC Policy #83 on Travel and Related Expenses.

        Using a UBC/Air Canada Corporate Pass Journal Voucher Template
         Download & print the template from the travel website
         Obtain a JV number from the Accounts Payable website or use a
           Number from a pink JV and attach to the template.
         Use one (1) JV per traveller. ( for Group travel, of 10 or more passengers please see section on Group

CF/sar [3cb7e6be-870b-484a-91ca-5c42ae8edad2.doc]
                                                                                                      February 3, 2009

Complete the JV with the information as noted below:

            The JV Source Code is ACP
            Complete the originating department PG (Speedchart) and the account to be debited*(charged)
            The PG and account to be credited is always JCFP 131500
            The amount to be debited and credited should be the same
            Identify the Purpose of the Trip, dates and duration
            Provide the traveller’s Signature and printed name**
            Obtain the signature of one authority level higher and their printed name
            Employee ID must filled out in alternate vendor box **
            A copy of the ticket must be filed with the JV (the ticket will not show a price)
            Provide home country address for non-residents to issue a T4ANR
            Completed JV to be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing.

    * The JV amount will be the total debited to the PG including the GST.
    ** Please indicate if the traveller is a non UBC employee.

    Please note Departments entering their own JVs are reminded to enter them in the Accounts Payable Journal
    Voucher to capture the alternative vendor.

       Travellers are to keep a copy of their receipt (and boarding pass if travelling on a research account where this is
        a requirement) and submit them for account reconciliation

Section 3 Changes and Cancellations

        Changes on all Tango Plus Passes:
        A fee of $50 plus GST along with the price of the new ticket will be charged for every segment that is
        changed. Change fees will be charged to a credit card.

        Cancellations: :
        A fee of $50 plus GST per segment will be charge on all Tango Plus passes. Cancellations fees will be
        charged to a credit card.

        1. If the JV has not been processed through the Financial Services system – cancel the JV.

        2. If the JV has been processed through the Financial Services System – do up a JV reversing the
           charges – along with a reference to JV it was paid on and the processing date. Forward this JV to
           Connie Fabro, UBC Travel Manager c/o Supply Management, 1st Floor, GSAB

CF/sar [3cb7e6be-870b-484a-91ca-5c42ae8edad2.doc]
                                                                                           February 3, 2009

Section 4 Group Travel Using the Air Canada Flight Passes

    When booking group travel using the Air Canada Flight Passes you may use one Journal Voucher for the
    group providing:

       You first notify the Travel Manager of the group, the organizer and the Journal voucher number.
       The travel must be booked and controlled through one agent at either of the UBC contracted Travel
        Agencies (Uniglobe Vision Travel or North South Travel)
       You must provide the agency with the names and Aeroplan numbers of all participants.
       Once all the bookings have been made and the group finalized the Journal Voucher must be
        completely filled out and reconciled with the following information.
           1. A list of travellers with their destinations and the amount of the individual ticket
           2. The total amount of travel must of course equal the amount on the JV
           3. If the travellers are UBC faculty or staff – employee id numbers and signatures are required.
           4. The Purpose of the Trip and the dates
           5. Signature of one authority level higher –this person should not be included in the group.
           6. Copies of the airline tickets

       Once complete forward this JV directly to the Travel Manager

       Changes and Cancellations on Tango Plus are $50 plus GST per segment. This fee is charged directly
        to a credit card.

For further information, please contact the UBC Travel Manager. Connie Fabro at or

CF/sar [3cb7e6be-870b-484a-91ca-5c42ae8edad2.doc]
                                                                                                                                                                            February 3, 2009

Section 5 Sample of a Completed JV

                                                                  * Process the JV in the FMS AP system either              JV NUMBER                                      12345
                The University of British Columbia
                                                                  through Finance or with in your department                (can be obtained on
                JOURNAL VOUCHER
                UBC/Air Canada Corporate Pass
Ledger Group               Source              Travel Agents Name
                                                                            i.e. Sue or Marilyn
ACTUALS                    JV ACP
PURPOSE AND DESTINATION OF THE TRIP                                                                                         From                   To                      Number of Days

                                                        SCTM Toronto                                                        May 01/08              May 05/08                                               5

* Speed Chart       Account                    Fund               Dept ID (Org)    * Program           * Project / Grant    Charge (Dr.)           Credit (Cr.)            Alternate
                                                                                                       (PG)                                                                Vendor/Employee ID

  PG to be debited                  621000                                                                                                  $630                                                891011
         JCFP                       131500                                                             32F70735                                                     $630

                                                                                                                             $           630.00     $          630.00
                                                                                                                                                                           Total charges must agree with
                                                                                                                              Total Charges          Total Credits         total credits

Direct Queries To                              Phone                               Department                               Email Address

Connie                                         2.5878                              Supply Management              

Signature of Traveller                         Print Name                          Date (mm/dd/yyyy)                        Journal ID #
                                                                                                         DATA ENTRY
                                               Paris Hilton                        4/4/2008                                 Entered By                                     Journal date (mm/dd/yyyy)
                                                                                                          USE ONLY

Direct Supervisor's Approval                   Print Name                          Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

                                                                                                       * Use One (1) Journal Voucher per traveller
                                               George Smith                        4/4/2008            * Enter a JV number from Financial Services website
Authorization Signature                        Print Name/Title                    Date (mm/dd/yyyy)   * Complete Required Information, attach a copy of E ticket
                                               Rocky Balboa                        4/4/2008            * Provide home country address for non-resident to issue a T4ANR
                                                                                                       * Fax a Copy of the JV to either North South 604-736-6513 or Vision 2000 604-688-2981
                                                                                                       faxed copies are for information only - JV must be processed at UBC

Q/Travel/ACpass/JV instructions revised.doc

CF/sar [3cb7e6be-870b-484a-91ca-5c42ae8edad2.doc]

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