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					                                                 Go-to-Market Support
Business Challenge
One on the reasons many IT Management deployments fail to meet customer
expectations and have significant cost overruns is that the RFI, RFQ or RFT (RFx) used
to select the solution did not ask the right questions. The questions that were needed
to ensure the solution selected met the business’s requirements, and that the solution
was economical to deploy and support over time.

Vendors’ tendency to use the same terms to describe different technologies across
vastly dissimilar products is a common cause of misunderstanding, making it difficult
for many customers to separate fact and functionality from marketing hype.

The assistance of subject matter experts in the preparation and review of RFx
documents, plus the assistance of specialist IT Management experts in Proof of
Concepts (POC) ensure the solutions selected perform as required, greatly increasing
the chances of a successful IT Management deployment.

Business Need
•   Expert advice from experienced analysts who can help business’s make informed
    decisions regarding product selection.
•   Ensuring business’s know what they are asking for.
•   Assistance in the preparation of RFx documents to ensure there are no loopholes
    and that they unambiguously state the business’s requirements.
•   A detailed specification which business’s can go to market with, ensuring vendors
    understand exactly what is being asked for.
•   Ensuring the resulting solution will be cost effective to operate and maintain, i.e. a low cost of ownership.
•   Understanding how the various IT Management technologies in the market actually work and how they
    apply to specific environments.
•   Delivery of detailed Proof of Concepts to ensure the solutions selected will be suitable for their role.

    InTotality’s independent, multi-vendor expertise enables customers to
                   identify the right solution for their business

Our Solution
•   InTotality’s Go-to-Market Support Service provides the skills and knowledge required to develop effective
    RFI, RFQ and RFT documents, ensuring that the right questions are asked and there is an understanding
    of what is being asked.
•    InTotality can also assist in the evaluation and selection of suitable solutions, as well as in the supervision
    and management of deployment activities.
•   InTotality can provide RFx documents aligned to business requirements based on our document library, as
    well as providing scoring and POC structures to accurately assess the suitability of products to your
•   InTotality’s independent, multi-vendor expertise enables customers to identify the right solution for their
•   InTotality’s subject matter experts have provided these services to a range of organisations, including
    many Global Top 100 companies, in many different vertical markets.
Key Features & Benefits
•     InTotality’s subject matter experts have expertise and technical skills in a wide range of technologies.
•     InTotality’s proven RFx Intellectual Property ensures the right questions are asked, to enable an
      understanding of the suitability of a given technology to a specific environment.
•     InTotality are experts in the design and conduct of Proof of Concepts, allowing customers to gain practical
      experience in the strengths and weaknesses of systems under evaluation.
•     InTotality’s subject matter experts have an in depth understanding of the various licensing systems used
      by vendors; this allows us to advise customers on the suitability of offered licenses and the potential for
      overruns or unexpected fees.
•     InTotality delivers superior independent expertise backed by deep engineering capabilities, allowing us to
      accurately assess deployment plans and quotations, ensuring they are realistic and achievable.

•     The information required to ask the right questions, ensuring vendors accurately understand your needs.
•     Detailed RFx documents, allowing customers to go to market with confidence.
•     Subject matter experts to assist in the evaluation of responses, who have superior vendor independent
      expertise backed by deep engineering capabilities.
•     A clear understanding of what is being offered by vendors and how it aligns to business requirements.
•     A Proof of Concept methodology aligned to business requirements to ensure the selected solutions deliver
      as promised.
•     A detailed review of financials ensuring that the software licensing, maintenance and deployment costs
      are inline with industry norms.

Areas of Expertise
•     Application Management           •   Desktop Management               •   Service Management (ITSM/ITIL)
•     Availability Management          •   Network Management               •   Service and Business Impact
•     Capacity Management              •   Problem Management               •   Storage Management
•     Configuration Management         •   Security Management              •   Systems Management
      (CMDB)                           •   Service Desk                     •   Virtualisation
Return on Investment
InTotality provides the expert advice and support our customers need to ensure the successful design and
deployment of IT Management Solutions to mitigate risk and protect their investment. InTotality’s Go-to-
Market service provides businesses with the knowledge and RFx documentation required to minimise the risk
of selecting an unsuitable solution, as well as ensuring that the best possible value for money is obtained by
understanding licensing and cost of ownership.

InTotality’s Go-to-Market support is generally cost neutral, with the savings in licensing and cost of ownership
significantly greater than the cost of the service. InTotality’s Expert Advice, mitigates risk by enabling
confident acquisition and deployment of complex IT Management solutions.

Contact InTotality
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    Australia HQ           3/400 Ocean View Road, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257              Phone +61 2 4344 5416

    Other Offices          Melbourne, Canberra & Brisbane

    Asia HQ                36th Floor, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 50088        Phone +60 3 2615 0003

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